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Thank you so much for all the updates, Brygun! I'm having a blast with BAC.

1) As BAC has grown to be quite large and uses file management methods when reporting it will help debug if you can mention which of the files you think the error relates too. Coming back after a while its a delay when I try to figure which_is_it.txt file that needs the check.

If there's a github repo for BAC then I'm delighted to report future bugs and improvements as pull-requests. :)

Many thanks again!

~ T

Bug reports / Re: Zoom in/out/in/out
« on: March 18, 2019, 10:07:18 AM »
Anyone else, does this happen to you or can you reproduce?

About 60 hours in, on Linux, with auto-zoom to homestead enabled. I've never hit any repeated keystroke bugs, although being Linux I imagine there's different things happening at the SDL/driver level.

Suggestions / Quality of Life Improvements
« on: March 18, 2019, 09:51:09 AM »
Hey Sami!

Thank you for an incredible game! I'm about 60 hours in, and loving it. While I do have some suggestions, they're mostly on the quality-of-life side of things.

This is a bit of a grab-bag, but if any of them prove to be useful, I'm honoured!


  • Have cords for smoking/drying be 'used up', the same way bark for tanning works. Otherwise, have each cord hold at most 10 food items (as opposed to the first cord holding 19).
  • When displaying inventory for selecting an item, only display items that can be selected for that task. For example, when setting a net, only display nets.
  • A 'move until interesting' command. I often find myself walking in straight lines a lot, and my pinky wears out. Being able to move in a direction until the character spots an animal, the player hits escape, or another event that would normally interrupt crafting would be superb. (Suggested hotkey: Alt-8)
  • A 'sort inventory' key. Keep the categories, but allow them all to be sorted alphabetically, by weight, by freshness, or (if fancy) by type (meats, fish, herbs, vegetables, etc).
  • Assigning hotkeys to items. Setting my bow to '1', arrows to '2', and paddle to '3' means I can type 'w1' to grab my bow, 'w2' to ready an arrow, and 'w3' when it's time to go rafting. This would be a big saver on inventory time.
  • A 'find' hotkey for inventory selection, so I can search for 'spoiled' or 'blunt' or other strings. (Suggested hotkey: '/')
  • I know already discussed elsewhere, but wear on tools would be fantastic, so this is me adding a +1 to that. Having to go travelling to find a new axe, or having my 'good knife' that's only used for skinning is something I'd relish.
  • Wear on tools depends upon quality. High quality tools wear out slower.
  • Indoor cellars
  • Ability to keep the music on the title screen (I really like the music!), but remove it from the in-game map, armour view, etc.
  • Birds (grouse, mostly) sometimes seem to fly in place. This seems odd.
  • Animals don't seem to be especially afraid of dogs. A fox snuck into my dog pen and ate their food!
  • A 'gate' item that costs more than a fence, and acts like a fence to animals, but can be moved through by humans without a climbing check.

Thanks again for a magnificent game!

~ T

Mod Releases / Re: Faatal's Lightweight BAC fork v1.0 (BAC v047)
« on: March 18, 2019, 07:33:37 AM »
Just wanted to say thank you for this! I've been slowly tweaking BAC for my own playstyle as well, and having a list of changes that you've found useful has been great for me potentially making further tweaks to my own. :)

Reporting in another bug! In cookery_glossary.txt the baked whole fish recipe, pea soup, vegie soup, and possibly other recipes have no cooking time, resulting in them being ready immediately at the end of the preparation stage. Adding \60\ (or another appropriate time) should fix this.

Many thanks again!

~ T

Just reporting in a bug with obtaining backstraps. I have a "largely cut small elk carcass (skinned)", but the recipe (in boneworking) refuses to accept it. I expect this is because it calls for '*elk * carcass', which means there always must be two spaces (along with an optional word) between 'elk' and 'carcass', due to there being a space on either side of the second wildcard.

Changing the recipe to use '*elk* carcass*' causes it to process fine.

Stag and Reindeer appear to have the same behaviour.

Thanks again for an awesome mod!

~ T

First time on the forums, and just wanted to say a huge thank you for BAC! I got into URW recently and BAC has really fleshed it out for me. Thank you all for such incredible work!

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