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Suggestions / Re: How come I can burn down forests while it's raining?
« on: January 24, 2019, 06:14:11 PM »
Just wan to point out that a clearing in the middle of the forest is easier to find and navigate to than walking aimlessly through the forest. This could be a way to easily spot your farm without setting traps. I don't any other specific use for it at the moment, but a tile bereft of trees shouldn't get the benefits and flora of a grove or coniferous forest.

Sami people have been using harpoons for thousands of years, certainly before middle ages. And they used (and still use) to hunt walruses and whales, apart from seals. The people in UrW are based on Sami, so I don't see a reason other than technical to not implement it.

OBJECTION! *points finger*

The harpoon was central to the whale fisheries of the world. Harpoons have been used for at least a thousand years to capture whales and large fish. The Basques of 900 A.D. were among the earliest whalers. Their word arpoi, meaning to fasten or hold, became arpon in Spanish, and harpoon, or harping iron, in English.

As I mentioned before, harpoons evolved off the ango/javelin, which appeared around the iron age and roman empire. If the earliest whalers were in 900 CE that makes it even harder for people in Finland to have that technological improvement. It was also really inefficient, and was based on fastening the whale to the boat.

As for the Sami being the inspiration, I believe that only applies to the northern tribes. The driik are very obviously based around Finns proper, who were the most commercial and "advanced" peoples there, often in contact with Scandinavia. Hence the "hillforts" made of big rocks

That being said, I couldn't really find any info on the Sami using harpoons. Also, aren't seals relatively easy to run after when in land?

The ango has the biggest attack bonus of all the weapons. Maybe it gets stuck and slows enemies down? I've never used one so I wouldn't know

Suggestions / Re: Universal size in URW
« on: January 24, 2019, 05:17:06 PM »
It could be a bad thing if it gets too much in the way. For instance, would it be even possible for an owly to use a kaumo's shirt? What about the other way around? Being loose is very different from being shorter than expected. The kaumo would be squeezed while the owly could just tie a belt or use it as a dress, lol.

Maybe you'd get a small penalty for wearing clothes that are too big, and a bugger penalty for using small clothes? Also how would elasticity of material factor into this? Surely leather is hard but wool and linen can atretch and fit a bit.

Modding / Re: Tag for Nettle and Linen only?
« on: January 24, 2019, 05:04:49 AM »
Nope. Unfortunately there is no "this or the other" mechanism in recipe modding unless they share a name. For instance, {* linen} will accept both Hemp linen and Flax linen. You can't specify the XOR (exclusive or) on the ingredients, so something like Cotton linen would also be accepted.

Some of the vanilla interactions are hardcoded, though, so not all "cloth" will be accepted there as [Cloth], and there is no way to define new tags.

It would be cool if we could define some of those categories, even if we had to be verbose about what it applies to.

Note that Tin is already in the recipes I included before. It's rarer than copper, but when found it is more densely populated. You only need 0.125 lbs of Tin for each lb of Bronze, though.

Had a quick look at links in the BAC thread on the copper.

If you havent thought of it yet...

Suggest copper making be about pouring so using clay to simulate the mold. Clay is already in BAC.

Bronze likewise might use clay molds. Copper + Tin + heat + mold

Weapons could require whetstones and maybe hammers to improve the edge

That's a good idea! I was also wondering why there is no crucible for the iron recipes... How can I (s)melt iron without a container? Is my fireplace covered in iron plating by now? Clay seems like a good material for both a mould and a crucible

Modding / Re: Torch with no light?
« on: January 24, 2019, 04:53:32 AM »
Are you asking if an item based on a torch is "lightable"? I tested the following code and both seemed lightable by [a]pplying them:

Code: [Select]
.Test torch. "Torch" [effort:0] [phys:hands] *COMMON* /1/ [noquality]

.Test item. "Torch" [effort:0] [phys:hands] *COMMON* /1/ [noquality]

I'm guessing we could perhaps check on the CONSTANT.OBJ file which value it is assigning to the torches and see if it can be extended to other items. To apply them you'll need fire, though

Mod Releases / Re: Making salt out of sea water
« on: January 24, 2019, 04:45:23 AM »
For now I guess we'll have to make a salty iceberg plant that grows on the sea-shore with symbiosis with water. When we can mod creatures in, we'll just make it an aquatic creature roaming the sea  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Suggestions / Re: How come I can burn down forests while it's raining?
« on: January 24, 2019, 04:43:26 AM »
Fires can definitely rage in the rain. I believe the California fires weren't stopped by the rain. There was a wildfire in Canada a few years ago, I think, which took years to put out. If big enough, a bit of rainwater won't be enough to kill it. I think rain does affect how long the fires stay lit, but I'm not sure about that.

I think I read somewhere that you might be able to deforest a tile until it becomes Ground, but again, I might be wrong. I'm willing to bet it's just hardcoded.

I noticed that your diy_Boneworking has knife handle parts but I can't see anything that uses them - all the knives seem to use a branch for the handles.

   - Shane

It's used only by the Northern knife

Suggestions / Re: Snake venom arrows
« on: January 24, 2019, 03:50:08 AM »
Can we have the option to make poison arrows? Perhaps we can use snake venom for this.

Except not really. The only venomous snake in Finland is the viper. That means you'd first have to capture one ALIVE and milk it for the deadly poison. Then you'd have to store the venom (it apparently needs about -20°C in one hour after collection) or make use of it right away. I'd say that's undoable

However, people around the world, mostly jungle dwellers, have made it from various other things, including plants. This could be done, but I'm unsure of what could in fact be used. We could always mod in a new plant, but maybe they didn't poison their arrows for a reason...

It would make a great anti-bear and anti-njerpez weapon.
After getting hit, muscle paralysis would gradually set in. Would that be too difficult to code though?

I don't think the issue is being difficult to code, since you can already suffer from mild disease and poisonous shrooms. Would a poisoned tip act that fast on a wound?

Reason for asking is that currently, after getting 3 or 4 arrows into Njerpez or bears (they were running at full speed mind u) they still are able to close the distance. There must be some way to even the playing field for small puny owl tribe players who cannot melee.

You want to stop a charging human or bear with poison rather than the arrows themselves? Wouldn't adrenaline be enough for them to ignore its effects for enough seconds to get to you anyway?

There's a pretty simple way of evening it: aim for the head. You can poke various arrows through a human or bear without actually threatening their life or making them drop dead. Why would an arrow in a shoulder or in a bear's back stop them? Headshots just win

If I were a tiny owl tribesman in real life going against large prey, I'd definitely use any tools available to my advantage.

You'd still be tiny and subject to the enemy's charge into melee regardless of your tools. It's pointless to fatally poison a bear if it can kick your face in before dropping dead.

I think it's not too OP, becos snakes are rare. Thus venomous arrows would be powerful but difficult to obtain.

Being OP would totally depend on the implementation, usefulness, speed of the venom, etc. I'd probably rarely use it due to barely seeing any snakes at all

One last thing, why is it that after you throw javelins or shoot arrows into humans, they can use them against u? There shld be a bleeding effect when they pull them out at least?

You can also do the same, so it balances it out? But a chance of starting to bleed when removing the object is one option. Keep in mind that arrows that hit seem to count as being carried.

Mod Releases / Re: Making salt out of sea water
« on: January 23, 2019, 11:21:52 PM »
At that point it's more like farming :)

It does seem absolutely impractical, even if we ignored the rain. Unless there is some other method that I'm missing:

Salt was made on Ice sea in the Middle-Ages. I suppose it was a luxury item in Iron-Age and people used herbs from nature to replace it or / and increase preservation.

But what does "made on ice sea" mean? Would it be possible to mine highly saline ice chunks? Lol

And today I clue in that maybe Kkarlson was suggesting we use slender trunk on the stone hammer

I kinda had the feeling it was because it's called an AXE haft. I guess it does make sense to have stone hammer/axe/adze all take the same ingredients because they are pretty much just a piece of wood + stone + rope.

Bug reports / Re: Persistent injury effect on speed?
« on: January 23, 2019, 11:12:49 PM »
Are you sure nothing changed? Was the 8kmh not running, rather than walk? Have you tried becoming naked and dropping everything to see if you hit 8kmh?

Mod Releases / Re: Making salt out of sea water
« on: January 22, 2019, 10:23:32 PM »
This is a possible inclusion for the BAC, if Signatus will agree.

Id like to hear a bit of feedback on the work vs price/utility.

My own character Novrus is stuck in his quest to get a bag of salt.

Which also raises the question...

Is the player made salt something that be used to satisfy the "Salt from the coast" quest?

I don't mind, this is also quite simple.

As for work vs. Utility/price, it takes time to boil and you'll need several days and pounds of water to make a few pounds of salt. It might be unbalanced, so some testing might be in order, but seems like using it as a trade commodity is way too laborious. Coastal characters should be able to at least get some, if only to occasionally salt some food. This requires at least a bit of preparation due to it drying for 5 days

The main limiting factor for inland characters is the sea-water gathering and then the time wasted boiling, which might not be adequate at the moment.

Since the final product inherits the salt item, it should work if you have enough of it to clear the quest. Is 1 lb enough? Do you need a full 20 lbs in a bag? Does the quest look for the trading of the salt?

Salt is intended to be a rare/expensive import. However as someone who has modded the dead.. more than once. I support most any thoughtful use of things that can be done in the game.

Sami Maaranen

 Mar 07, 2017 #7
To me both the price and salt being only imported good are quite good and reasonable and I don't see the changes coming anytime soon. Although, if we find historical reference to salt having been far less valued during the period then it's gotta be tweaked.

Baltic sea salinity doesn't really encourage to salt production and I think majority of the salt was brought in Finland from central europe, eg. Germany. And I have a hunch of reading that during iron-age salt was in turn imported to central europe all the way from Africa.

Salt is a luxurity mostly for coastal southern tribes, and not necessary (or affordable) at all for everyone.
- Sami, UnReal World creator,

This could be a good day to utilize your squirrels hides.

Last opinion I remember from Sami on the topic.

I think it's definitely a luxury, and it seems that making the salt-making realistic only proves it: it takes too much effort for little gain. If you needed 500 lbs of leather, it would probably be easier to trade it around rather than collecting it yourself piece by piece, right? You can still hunt for 500 lbs of leather, it'll just take much more time and effort. Same here, especially considering you're playing a lone settler with no division of labour.

Large-scale salt-mining is not an option unless we mod in some kind of laborious process at the shore, which would yield more salt after some months maybe. Would it be worth it, relevant or realistic? I'm not sure

We could always make the test and ask someone in the Baltic nations to try and boil 6 lbs of sea water and measure the salt's weight and time taken :)

Modding / Re: Improving Fennec's random plant generator
« on: January 22, 2019, 05:34:55 PM »
I forgot a coiple of things:

Making of psychoactive mixtures and others could make use of the *shamanic* name tag, or simply specific herbs . The ingredients could be obscured by the description tag so that you'll have to find out the correct mix somehow.

The same vould apply to making medicines.

Themed names might be avoided to prevent detection of effects by association. If all "X's eye" "shamanic X" are always psychedelic or stimulant, you could realize the other plants have similar effects from the name alone.

While plant types could have similar attributes, this seems too much. The idea is for you to use herblore or have to experiment to understand them.

Edit:: as an addendum to the nettle stuff, threadable plants could just be used with {Fibrous *}. That wouldn't really reveal anything about the effects and it can be processed in a single recipe.

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