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I looked at "flora_mushrooms.txt" and it refers to TILEGFX ex:

.Black ear mushroom.        (3)  :110:    [mushroom]

I looked in the game truegfx and i cann't find a ex:shr-blkear anywhere.

Mushrooms are vanilla so i don't know why there not showing up in game maybe i messed something up with my backup when i was installing mods. Or maybe its cause a older character had a higher herblore than my current.

EDIT: found them in truetile nevermind :-[

So is there a mushroom truetile in the mod or in vanilla?

Here's that Flax truetile if it wasn't already added:

EDIT: looking through the truetiles and truegfx i can't find mushrooms. I swear when i first started playing i saw them, back before i started using this mod. I think i was using the sufficiency mod, looking through it I can't find the tile.

I noticed That flax is in the mod but there's no tile. There is one in caethan's sufficiency mod, I added it in. See if i can find it in the game. My herblore skill is 26%.

Also i ran into fluffy mushrooms but they look the same as any other plant. I can't find a tile in the mod for it. Going to see if i can find one from another mod or are they vanilla, i can't find a tile.

I forgot about my cleaned, in the process of de-hairing squirrel skin and its rotten now. Can it be used for anything?

There might be an error\type-o with "short quarter log" here are the 3 requirements:

- Quarter log
- Axe
- Can be used as a board

Can i make a stone hammer with a fine stone axe? It's all i have. My timbercraft is 25% (novice)

I need a axe haft. To make a haft it says I "need split birch trunk. I couldn't find how to make a split birch trunk anywhere. I thought it might mean "split a trunk into boards", which i can't do with a fine stone axe because it says it will take too long. In the code for a axe haft it mentions "short quarter log". When i try to make this log it has as a craft requirement "can be used as a board," that i can't meet. I tried making " radial boards" but they can't be used to make axe haft.

EDIT 1: looking in the code for "short quarter log it has "{Rock} [ground] +'Can be used as a board'". Do i need a rock or to be on plain ground tile to make them?

EDIT 2: I grabbed a rock and i was able to make a axe haft, than eventually a stone hammer. Maybe i was standing on a log tile or I wasn't on a plain ground tile, before. 


Mod Releases / Re: BAC Mod = Brygun and Community Mod
« on: December 29, 2018, 12:31:10 AM »
Signatus asked: "By the way, is a birch-bark lace supposed to be the standard way to get birch-bark?"

From my experience... yes. Scratched my head for a bit trying to figure the way to get it. "Strip" might be a better word. Doesn't really matter though, unless the code needs it.

Mod Releases / Re: BAC Mod = Brygun and Community Mod
« on: December 27, 2018, 06:19:39 AM »
Looking at "B_B Dec 2018" there's more tiles. They seemed light in current version. Also, I remember I had a GFX tile from that sufficiency mod, not sure if i was using it or not.

Mod Releases / Re: BAC Mod = Brygun and Community Mod
« on: December 27, 2018, 06:01:52 AM »
Oh ya... my mistake. It was in a different spot!

Are roads and wells included in this?I added tiles from caethan's sufficiency mod so I wasn't missing any using Signatus's version.

Mod Releases / Re: BAC Mod = Brygun and Community Mod
« on: December 27, 2018, 05:55:16 AM »
Fucking A bud, your the champ Brygun!!! Thanks Signatus for the support!!!

Looks like there's doubles of items in barkware and i can't find a stone axe. All i can find so far.

Things are organized differently here and there as well as different keys for various things but its nothing I can't get used to it, I'am sure things have to be different because of the added stuff.

Are you guys using any other graphic mods besides "Jaredonians Character Models + Distinct Tribes v3"

Mod Releases / Re: Brygun's Added Items
« on: December 27, 2018, 02:17:24 AM »
Oh... I've been using Signatus's file that he uploaded and its missing from the diy_zz_brygunadd.txt. I'am going to replace it with diy_Brygunadd.txt from BAC mod v003. Hopefully it dosn't mess anything up. I'am waiting for the next update that adds Signatus stuff before switching to BAC.

I'am quite enjoying my time with the game. Went through 3 characters very quickly before my current. I did the game course\task that gives you the free fishing rod, key to survival. I'am able to sustain myself now.

EDIT 1: It's there now haven't used it yet though!

EDIT 2: Looks like there is changes to stuff in some of the menu's, not a big deal still just doing basic unadvanced stuff. As Signatus mentioned, and looking through the files, he had stuff organized differently, so some stuff might be wonky. I'll be good till I switch over.   

Mod Releases / Re: Brygun's Added Items
« on: December 27, 2018, 01:01:07 AM »
How do i make fish cuts, can't find it in the menus, I've just been roasting them? Is it the preservation recipes?

Mod Releases / Re: Brygun's Added Items
« on: December 24, 2018, 11:58:18 PM »
Sounds good looking forward to it!!!

Mod Releases / Re: Brygun's Added Items
« on: December 23, 2018, 04:23:24 AM »
What if there was a way to use multiple straight logs underneath to roll the bout out to the water, like a conveyor belt with no belt just rollers.

I watched this video about viking bouts. It's about longships but it has info about pre longship building and clinkers. May or may not be useful.

There's one part where there's a diagram showing the stages. The building starts on land than moves closer each stage eventually ending up in the water for the final stage where it would be the heaviest. These bouts are probably bigger than what you are after, not really one man jobs. Could a NPC be hired to help?

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