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Gameplay questions / badger behavior/spawns
« on: July 19, 2017, 07:09:20 AM »
the wiki says badgers are shy and run from humans- bt they also visit the settlement. my question is, how common are badgers? i am taking to believing quite common actually.

ive seen some awful strange badgers in my time; random sleepy badgers particularly on open mires just standing out in the open waiting to be clubbed and chased, and also curious nosey badgers repeatedly raiding the shelter looking for food. must be that RNG- just like when wolves decide to start battling when their outnumbered 10-1 or when stags getting chased turn the other way and fight your dogs or run back past. its funny when they start playing games with your settlement looking for berries and then leaving only when you get hostile.

given that badgers lay tracks upon a given trapping site if you stay active, it shouldnt be impossible to lay some traps for them. but my question is just how common are they? i read elsewhere for every tile, depending on the area youll have a badger, a couple foxes, and so on. it seems like those small game animals with expensive furs take real skill getting. even if you ride around on skis in winter around mires/lakes you never seem to run into them in the open. its only when they migrate that it feels like you run into them crossing a mire or something but always so far from your trapsite. it also seems to take a high trapping skill- catching them with small deadfalls seems near impossible unless your trapping is high (im assuming above 75). i only catch htem in big deadfalls which at  the moment are uneconomical to setup.

my question it, just how common are badgers? beavers, ermines etc? has anyone had consistent luck in getting them or one species? ive yet to catch a herd of beaver, or badgers, bagging them all,

if some regions favour particular anaimals (ie seals in south). does it follow then that certain terrain configuartions favour animals; ie Bears in Caves, and then, maybe pole cats and beavers on islands in between rivers. wouldnt we see certain species thriving in certain environments because of natural protections and opportunities. or maybe they lay low wherever they are. how common are badgers?

Off-topic / Re: What do you like to cook in real life?
« on: June 09, 2017, 05:06:39 AM »
i will eat anything that is easy and convenient; cutting down time spent in cooking, cleaning and monitoring all feature prominently in what i eat. however i have moved into a place by myself now apart from my parents so im having to plan out my meals and recipes a bit more... generally i keep the fridge stocked with plenty of fruit, vegetables and healthy ingredients. then i keep a pantry full of carbs (like pasta, rice, noodles) and i also buy convenience foods which dont take preparation (muesli bars, cookies, chocolate, fruit).

ill probably make 1 or 2 sauces a week, like bolognese or a curried mince, or maybe (havent done it for a while) soup. ill eat mainly 2 minute noodles with added meat and frozen vegetables, and eat fruit. as for snack foods; ill rely on the packaged stuff, but mainly eat toasted cheese and ham/tomato, and ill eat plenty of fruit as snack.

i keep as little excess packaged food as possible, and try to rely on wholesome food. and i drink loads of coffee =)

basically i take noodles and frozen vegetables, cook them both in the microwave (seperately, in glass dish), take a tin of sardines. when noodles ready add flavouring, then sardines and drained vegetables, and thats a meal in 5 minutes..  ;D ;D ;D

Gameplay questions / Re: How do animals scent bait? distances?
« on: May 30, 2017, 04:26:53 PM »
i found this information, from Sami himself, posted a while back on the old forums...


Sami Maaranen   Posted: Jan 27 2015, 04:55 PM

Topic:  Changes In Trapping Related Animal Spawning

"I have good and fearsome news for you. Trapping related animal spawning will be changed into more delicate (and/or realistic and hardcore) approach. I'll be reporting results of new trapping tests later on, but now just gather your courage and read on.

What won't be changed is that your TRAPPING skill determines the success of constructing and setting traps. Badly set or badly made traps may scare off animals, fail to keep them properly trapped or simply don't appear attractive enough for animals to enter them. These are the common trapping rules.

What will be changed is that the current straightforward animal spawning mechanism is removed and attractiveness of traps is replaced with a new and more delicate system.

As straightforward animal spawning is removed, the harsh simplicity of trapping goes as follows:

If there are animals at the area they may enter your traps depending on how succesfully these traps are set or constructed. If there aren't animals at the area your traps will remain empty. However, if there weren't animals at the area today, the situation may not be the same after couple of days. Traditional method of relying on the same traps at chosen trapping grounds for a longer period of time and checking them out on a regular basis is still valid and suitable trapping method.

BUT there will also be a new mechanism which improves propability of catching animals with traps:

* Even if animals at the area wouldn't be actually hungry, properly baited and succesfully set traps may attract them beyond regular feeding needs.

* Succesfully set traps may trigger additional animal population checks for appropriate animals

This is different from straightforward animal spawning and works more like an increased propability of new animal populations to be created at the area. This mechanism follows the rules of general animal population creation, so commonness and relative number of animals and their natural habitats are carefully taken into account. Therefore, if the trapped area is not suitable for certain animals or if animal populations are on a good natural level already, no trap can cause extra population probability.

It will take more patience, more careful consideration and knowledge of animals natural habitats to cope with the new way of trapping. Setting traps at areas where you have actually noticed marks of wildlife will be most effective - but seemingly random trap placement may still prove succesfull. Yes, there will be less catches with traps but it will be far more rewarding when it happens.

These are future improvements, not effective in current version 3.20p1."

well , there u go. for anyone interested in my searchings... im not sure if that sstill the case, but there it is

Gameplay questions / Re: How do animals scent bait? distances?
« on: May 28, 2017, 08:06:35 PM »
so far ive been able to use spoiled meat to attract mainly foxes; havent encountered a wolf pack in my active hunting yet to lure them into a trap setup...

i had a funny arctic fox hanging around my settlement, evidently trying to pilfer meat from my cellar (i normally also have heaps of rotten meat laying around in case wolves start to trawl my area,, but im waiting till  get some livestock in order to use them as bait for larger predators).

as for my scent experiments ive been unable to make much headway. no wolves have come . im starting to stockpile smaller animals and trying to catch hares, my hope is that i can lynxes and foxes for fur. ive found quite a few badgers also and caught my first one giving me a valuable fur. once i get my turnip store from my old base back, 2.5 days journey, ill expand my trap fence setups-- ive figured out where they are migrating to and from, and have a hunting route through large marshland, all i need to do is turnip bait from deadfalls and i should get much more product off of it if ive calculated correctly. at the moment my hunting route changes; when im at my base im mainly checking my trap fences, and expanding on them as well as smoking and tanning whatever ive caught. all my fox traps have been useless, and small game birds are no longer coming in. i plan on moving area soon and establishing some more bases where i cna trap rabbits, and also be ont he lookout for lynxes, bears and the like. a turnip rabbit setup encompassing rocky mountains and hills could hopefully bring in more fox/hare hides, and ill stil have my trap fences. im pretty confident ill be able to catch more badgers and stuff, and with my dog it will be even easier. i look forward to making a move to a new area to find new trapping opportunities; im currently eyeing a few places, including a coastal marshland enclosed by pine mire and a couple of lichenous pine forests where im sure to find badgers and hares and squirrels.

i think ure right with that suppply/demand thing. it seems to me that some locations are just bad business for certain traps. especially if your not aware that a lynx has been all through their killing everything; thats why i think middle of heathland forests are good to catch badgers; whether or not u can get them is a different question. always go into local mode, and try to make ure way through two or three sectors in a spot you think theres traffic; if u see tracks you can work out the best trapping strategy, maybe theyll run into your fence.

note: one thing that disappointed me; i went back to my old base 2.5 days away, expecting all the traps to be triggered and rotten carcasses and tracks all around them, but when i got back everything was intact; my stash fof turnips and dried meat had been unmolested, and a trap had just been triggered getting me a willow carcass. i was away form that base for like 2 seasons; all of winter and most of summer, and then i get back and it seems no animals have been anywhere near it despite a huge localized setup of traps.. does anyone know what does this? as i was expecting the animals moving through even at so far away to be going about their business. does it only apply to aniamls within the localized region? in favour of saving computing power. i was expecting animal AI to be operating at least in a place i was exploring. i dunno, ill see what else comes up, but not sure why that happened. then again ti could really of been a dead area, but the wya it seemed it felt as though when i reentered the area the site was triggered again. i might stay for a week or so, then head back, and see the level of traps in my other base; that would confirm the localization/activity thing, or it could be that i was in that area; so it remains active for a period of time before going inactive. i dunno. anyone help me on this idea?

Gameplay questions / How do animals scent bait? distances?
« on: May 26, 2017, 04:36:14 PM »
ive been doing some experimenting with traps and baits, and im wondering How animal scent mechanics work, if they even exist. Do different animals have different distances between a trap and them before they start going to it, and is it a RNG type thing?

for example, would laying a whole lot of rotten meat on a hilltop, or through a forest, eventually attract wolves. I know that eagleowls and ravens always go for rotten meat, particularly if its up high. but would foxes/wolves eventually do likewise? considering scent is their strongest sense? just curious, as ive never caught any wolves yet.

does anyone know how this works? i also remember reading that the players tracks will detract animals so that could give reason for avoiding certain trap sites, as one would retrieve fish nets.



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