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Re: No harpoons? Unique ranged hunting weapons in finnish culture? I'm 150% sure that harpoons for whales/seals have been in use by seafaring cultures for very long. What I don't know is whether harpoons were used in Iron Age Finland.

As for Signatus' reply, you are aware that the ango doesn't come with *rope* right? How can something be a harpoon if it doesn't have rope attached?

@ bert preast, you can use dogs to run the reindeer to exhaustion before lassoing? It would be fun to be Klaus and gather your own reindeer tribe. All you would be missing are short helpers with pointy ears...

January 17, 2019, 01:17:06 AM
How exactly to make elk leather Tried to search the forum for an answer, but to no avail.

How exactly do I make elk leather (or bear/reindeer etc)?
Is dehairing once enough?


January 18, 2019, 11:16:22 AM
Bait not req for fishing? Really? 1) Are fishing rods in iron age historically accurate? What kind of string did they use? Would visible string still result in successful enticement of fish?

2) why issit bait is not req to catch fish when using fishing rod?

3) using nets w/o bait shld result in lower yields...

4) using branches and twigs, we shld be able to make primitive coned shaped fish traps. This is a simple low cost way to do passive fishing, should make it easier to survive the early game. Its relatively straightforward and only req hands to weave. Of course, bait such as berries must be used.

February 02, 2019, 06:34:13 AM
Super Mario... Why can't the chracter or animals jump?

The character should be able to jump across small bodies of water (with a running start) in pursuit of prey, rather than going the long way round, to save time. Jumping would also help to avoid getting wet and cold.

Some of the smarter or stronger animals like lynxes should be able to jump across small bodies of water or certain traps. This would make hunting more challenging. Currently, you just need to chase prey into mires and you are almost guaranteed success because they don't jump across water. Something is wrong with how easy hunting is now.

If jumping is too difficult to code then nvm.


February 19, 2019, 01:53:56 AM
Re: How to survive (maybe) wolves Easy peasy way to take down wolves.

Make sure the terrain is open mire or pine mire with lots of water bodies.
Ensure you have at least 20 arrows or similar projectiles. You should make sure that your skill is enough to shoot consistently at an object about 7 small tiles away.
Make sure you zoom in when the wolves are in the *adjacent* world tile.

Hide, and move in the direction you last saw the wolves.
Check that there are at most 4 or 5 wolves.

Choose the terrain such that there is a wide body of water, at least 5 tiles deep, between you and the wolves. There should be nothing behind you since you approached from one direction. Fire off to aggro the wolves; usually one or two will aggro you while the rest will hang back.

Wait until the first wolf is at the water edge or in the water, then fire at the body. As the water will slow it down, make sure you get to fire at least 3 arrows to severely injure your first wolf.

Judge the situation. Is there only one wolf near you? If so, keep trying to take down the 1st wolf. If there are too many, retreat and shoot those near the front. Aim to injure as many of them as possible. You are not afraid of them when their movement is as slow was you.

Also, if you have javelins, javelin those that are within 3 tiles, because javelins are heavy and weigh them down.

Your big problem is running out of ammo. So try to lure one or two away, kill them, retrieve your projectiles, and then recover your strength. Be mindful that aggroed wolves can suddenly retreat, while those that ran away can suddenly aggro.

Anyway, have fun with your shooting gallery. If you win, wolf pelts are quite valuable. If not...

February 25, 2019, 01:47:03 AM
Re: What are some good early game barter items? If you want to kill njerps, do take note:
1) Ensure the njerp doesn't have arrows.
2) Have at least 7 javelins, and at least 50 in spears.
3) Don't bring non combat items. Drop them before zooming in
4) Kite the njerp! If you miss from two tiles away, and the njerp is closing in, wield the javelin and keep retreating.

March 09, 2019, 05:38:34 AM