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Containers, like bags The game has fixed number of different items you can carry, even if thous items all weight 0.1lbs. That means you could max out your items with bunch of small, light items and only 1 of each (feathers, herbes, dif. quality arrows, etc), making your total carry weight is like 30lbs or less. Thous items in real life you could put in your coat pocket.
Would recommend bags or similar containers for them, makeable from leather and fur with tying equipment and using a blade like knife (best would be fisherman´s knife for its thin long blade) and/or buyable from people and settlements.
The bags should work like other conatiners (skins, pots, mugs), that when you put something in it the weight increases, also the max weight it can hold should be low.
The player could use them with "a" button for apply and then new window would open (like for pots, skins, mugs) giving the option to put stuff into it (opens your inventory screen to choose items) or take stuff out (opens the bag to take stuff out).
Also a buildable containers would be nice, like some boxes (made from boards and tying equipment, using a blade for carving) to put stuff into so your house won´t look like a crows nest, usable like packing on animals with "p" to pack and "G" to get.

May 29, 2017, 01:32:22 PM
Confirmation before eating unknown items! I would really love to see the game ask for confirmation before I eat that "quaint mushroom" that I've been carrying around to boost my Herblore skill. It asks for confirmation before I try to climb something, and eating unfamiliar herbs or mushrooms is *way* more dangerous!

I managed to survive the Deadly Poisoning this time, but next time I might not be so lucky  :-\

June 05, 2017, 06:49:26 PM