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Gameplay questions / Re: Broad Knife vrs Hunting Knife
« on: April 05, 2019, 08:53:02 AM »
UrW uses the "first" item of "equal" quality for a job, so if you shift the knives in your inventory (e.g. by dropping and picking up) I'd expect the broad knife to be used for skinning and the hunting knife for butchering, i.e. a broad knife is the preferred tool for skinning, while butchering only cares for knife quality, but not type (possibly with the exception of a stone knife, which may be deemed unsuitable for the task, and tends to be of a horrible quality anyway).

I suspect a hunting knife is a better weapon than a broad knife (although I wouldn't chose to use a knife for fighting).

It can also be noted that the Fishing Knife has no preferred use at all currently (it would presumably be used for cleaning fish, but that task is currently abstracted away in the game, which sort of results in the lack of fish cuts).

General Discussion / Re: Sheep killed a glutton?
« on: April 04, 2019, 03:54:21 PM »
I know you can train combat skills by throwing (except dodge...), but I don't do that (nor do I fire arrows at the ground as training, using Nerps as pin cushions instead, and blunt arrows at captured animals), because it's a self imposed restriction. On the other hand I set and reset a snare trap while waiting for fatigue to go away before skinning an animal (I've never claimed to be consistent...).

I don't train against wolves and bears because they're simply too dangerous. I assume it would be possible to use Njerps if you checked that they didn't have too dangerous weapons beforehand, though.

I suspect the distance at which you can zoom out depends on whether you're in the same world tile or not.

I don't expect a released elk to be more or less prone to attack than one you've chased to exhaustion: most of the time will be spent trying to get away. but if you build a fence around the trap so the only way out is through you, once you release it it will probably attack reasonably often.

Without knowing, I suspect the corruption is localized to that stack of items. It doesn't seem like your items are particularly important, while in my case it was my entire set of provisions for the journey that was destryoed.

General Discussion / Re: Sheep killed a glutton?
« on: April 03, 2019, 08:22:53 AM »
And I bet the wounded character wasn't up to the maximum protection level in clothing/armor...
Most of the times my character gets injured I've forgotten to put on the max protection gear.
I don't think fatigue affects the impact of a hit, just the likelihood of a strike connecting.

I've had a somewhat similar experience a fair while ago (before the magic rework). My character was on a raft traveling down the coast. While sleeping one night, all dried and smoked meat (multiple stacks) were all spoiled, and some containers of something had been spawned as well (I don't remember if it was seeds or grain, but something along that line). There's probably still a bug report about it on the old forum.
I worked around that problem by reverting to a backup save before the trip was started (a few game days earlier).

General Discussion / Re: Sheep killed a glutton?
« on: April 02, 2019, 12:56:48 AM »
The technique I use against reindeer and elk is to chase it around until it's exhausted, and then walk around to stand in front of it until it attacks, but it's a fair bit of work do do it. The ideal is to manage to herd it into a pocket in between trees where the only way out is through the player: that can give a lot of training. It's also possible to order a dog to stay to block an exit, but the bugger moves away anyway after a while.
That kind of training gets really tedious when the skill level gets high, though, and I tend to give up after about 600 attacks (at which time the character is hungry).
Attacks to aggravate the animal is counter productive in the sense that it tends to fall unconscious. Also note that these attacks are *not* aggro attacks, so dogs don't react to it.
Of course, when performing that kind of training top level protection is needed for the occasional attack that hits.
Also note that trapped animals are more dangerous, ironically, because they typically aren't exhausted, and thus don't suffer from huge fatigue penalties.

General Discussion / Re: Sheep killed a glutton?
« on: March 30, 2019, 10:17:15 PM »
I've had a dog killed by a wild reindeer, and it's possible to get hurt as well as to get dodge and/or shield training by getting reindeer and elks to attack (since there are no wild sheep I haven't tried that training method with sheep).

Development News / Re: Who let the dogs into the wild...
« on: March 30, 2019, 06:07:38 PM »
Nice. What happens when you hire those characters? Do you get the dog's abilities as a bonus, and, if so, to what extent (ordering it around, getting it to carry items, etc.)?

It would be a shame if dog ownership prevented characters from being hired.

Gameplay questions / Re: Spoiler quest question don't understand quest
« on: March 30, 2019, 06:03:03 PM »
One of the Heath tiles within the circle that have a Coniferous one East of it, yes.
There are usually two or 3 snares lying about in different locations within the tile (but not necessarily close to the border). There are also some bird feathers around the snares. They can be tricky to find, although Heath is a reasonable terrain type (I don't like to search for anything in tiles with a lot of spruce in them due to the low visibility).

Either you've missed that particular tile, or you've checked it but not where the there are snares. Make sure you search when the visibility is good.

General Discussion / Re: Question about farming barley
« on: March 29, 2019, 10:39:55 PM »
The sprouting you see immediately is a feedback that you've planted seeds, but it may take some time before they sprout "naturally", in before that they'll be gone. If you plant seeds late the sprouted crop remains and continue from there. It's basically a matter of whether "planting time" happens before "sprouting time" or not.

Bug reports / Re: The Snakes of Winter!
« on: March 28, 2019, 10:12:39 AM »
The snakes in the real version of Finland hibernate through winter, but the ones in the Unreal versions do not care about the cold (and the bears don't hibernate either).

This is more a case of an element missing in the simulation than a bug.

Suggestions / Re: Fix Robbers
« on: March 27, 2019, 10:17:30 PM »
I consider the auto loss to be a bug, rather than something that should be a suggestion. If you're properly knocked out (e.g. through a bit of "reinforcement" when out, I don't think there's any need for a rope.

It can also be noted that the auto loss description isn't correct: I had a character with a low pain threshold who was knocked out by a lucky arrow in a fight, woke up, went to pick up spare gear, returned to the tile where the fight took place, zoomed in, and the fight resumed. It seemed everyone (henchmen, dog, and robbers) were frozen in place during my character's travels (not very far, as the homestead was just a few kilometers away), The resumed fight was won, by the way...
Thus, your robber most probably didn't kill everyone, just took advantage of a momentary lapse of observation to perform a few impossible feats of stealth.

General Discussion / Re: Njeperz, who are they and why?
« on: March 27, 2019, 05:46:39 PM »
- Red is a commonly used "danger" and "enemy" color. There definitely shouldn't be any Communist association, given that this is a much much later "invention".
- The Njerps are loosely based on various slavic peoples east/southeast of Finland. The game needs an enemy to spice things up, and the choices would basically have been people from the east or people from the west. The choice fell on the eastern ones, with the traders coming from Scandinavia (despite their Gothic, rather than Scandinavian, sounding names).
- The UrW time frame is loosely during the 800-1200 era.
- The peoples of UrW are the peoples of Finland, not merely the Saami: those are represented by the norther tribes. The UrW map is sort of a map of Finland, with the southern coastline matching the coastline in the south, the western and northern shorelines corresponds to the western coastline (the northern waters does not represent the arctic sea), while the land connection to Scandinavia is absent. You could also consider it a map projection artifact, with the land bridge connecting to the "eastern" side of the map.

Not bugs / Re: Fences deconstructing themselves?
« on: March 26, 2019, 02:46:12 PM »
Bears can smash fences, so it's likely the bear did so, in which case it's working as intended. Bears are the only animals that can smash fences (Njerps can probably deconstruct them, but as they can simply climb fences they don't bother deconstructing them), but the other predators can bypass them either by running through them (lynx and smaller) or (I assume) jump over (wolf). I suspect wolves only jump fences to get at prey, and that both bears and wolves pass though (trapped) openings in the fence rather than go through the extra effort of dealing with the fence itself.

General Discussion / Re: What your heaviest kill so far ?
« on: March 21, 2019, 12:04:16 AM »
I whack animals with the shaft of my javelin (or northern spear if it's winter and I'm not dealing with a trapped animal), constantly aiming for the head. It takes quite some time to whack an unconscious elk on the head before it finally dies, so it provides a fair bit of training, and it seems that melee aimed hits against unconscious targets never miss. That obviously isn't the case when defending against an aggressive predator (or human), where I want the period of danger to be as short as possible. Once I reach 100% in Spear (which will take a long time) I'll switch to another weapon type for "training" combat.

I generally engage robbers and Njerps with the bow, although robber quests involves dealing with hirelings and trying to keep them alive in the mess that's called battle, so it often starts with a kill of one robber with the bow, followed by a frantic attempt to engage the buggers with the spear, as it tends to be hard to get clear shots (and I make very sure no hirelings have any missile weapons).

It may well be that the small knife preference is indeed a mod one.

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