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Suggestions / Re: Mod related suggestion
« on: August 06, 2018, 10:41:57 PM »
 Thank you Privateer, btw, loved your bees and mead mod, because there is no culture that doesn't have alchoolic beverage of some sort. (They say that the spirits like mead)

 I've tested it on v3.51, unfortunatelly it's not working. :-\

 Not only with ranged, but with melee aswell... The size, height and speed of an creature affects you likely to hit. I could constat that after fighting an big forest reindeer which would dodge all my arrows untill he got fatigated and making an testing character with 98% spear skill who couldn't land a single hit on a kid. (got killed by a kid with a stone, what a shame.) Other things that also affect your skills is your condition. Starving, tired and fatigated characters have a very low change to hit (maybe even thristy)... All that affects your dodge skill aswell, so, even a character with 100% dodge skill can easily be killed in certain conditions.
 A small bow also is very inaccurate, go get a longbow as soon as you can.

 To be on the safe side, expect that anything that would hinder your skills in real life will hinder your skill in URW.

Suggestions / Mod related suggestion
« on: August 06, 2018, 05:43:59 PM »
 First of all, Hello, am new to the forums. ;D

 I was looking yesterday at the mods for Unreal World and a few tutorial of how to do it. The modding is pretty simple and easy, which is very good, but, it lacks some organization to say the least. I had installed some mods and spent about 3 hours only to change the submenu keys, file by file. I think if we could have an separated folder for both mod script/text and sprites, it would make everyone's life much easier. Also for uninstall a mod.
Edit: (Yes, I didn't even finished and I already have and edit, figures) Separated folders for subject sprites? (npcs, pc, animals, objects, weapons... that sort of stuff that makes game files easier to track)

 Other thing that I'd like to see would be an player/npc/animal state file that allowed to attach different sprites to them. Let's say checking cloths being worn and weapons. (That shouldn't be hard, I think.) Thus allowing every person who plays the game being able to add let's say, a sprite rendering your character using that bear cloak you just made and what to show. Or that big badass battleaxe you just brought... Or even displaying injuries on an animal with sprites.

 I think that's all. From my limited modding knowledge point of view, with those two things we could do basically anything with the game, and even help the developers some. (new items and stuff with new sprites, and new sprites for the pc/npc's/animals that they could use)

 Thank you for reading my daydreams and feel free to bash me to death if you think this is stupid an stupid suggestion.  :)

Edit: I almost forgot... I'd like to have acess to the default behavior of the cultures towards other cultures. Let's say, how the Kaumo culture reacts to a Kiesse traveller. (maybe they don't like each other, maybe they raid each other... Maybe I want them to hate each other... Maybe I just want to make a new culture of my own and be hated by everyone :D)

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