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Welcome back to the community.

As games go Unreal World is one to revisit. It is so far the most useful survival game in teaching to think closer to real life than any I've tried. There are no zombies, space aliens or added to give a reason to play type things. Just living in the Unreal world, survival or exploration, is a victory.

 Thank you for your kind words, and yes that's what Always fascinate people about the Unreal World, and the biggest reason to that is the mistery regarding the ritual and spiritual world of the game, we shall never know the true working behind them.

 "Is it a superstition or is it real? Who may know? Are you taking any chances? " That was the first thing I thought when playing the game first time.

 Hello guys,

 First off am sorry for all the time i've been away from the game and the internet in general, alot of stuff happend during this time, some harsh times have came and got away. That aside, am back now and already fixed a few bugs people have pointed out, corrected a few mispelling and FINALLY added that stupid Charcoal Recipe everyone been asking for...

 It so happens I was working on three batches of the mod back at the time and for some reason I deleted the whole Charcoal making recipe, but now it's back and you all will be able to make those nice looking armors. I endeed need to take a look at the game after this much time, I have no idea of what have changed but am quite sure things have indeed change.

 I will be working again in the mod and (maybe?) add the brewing recipes in and alcohol, cause we shall have booze for those cold winters incoming, the biggest trowback to adding booze is the impossibility to add any actual effect for it so far, but we will see what I can pull out.

 Hope you guys still want to play the mod and give feedback.

 Thanks for all the comments so far and to the kind words of some. Any suggestion feel free to tell.

Edit: I apologize for mispellings and any gramatical error, english ain't my first language so, feel free to correct me whenever you see an error.

Modding / Re: Buoidda's Crafts reworked (balancing?)
« on: September 05, 2018, 03:13:41 AM »
i've added roads in the building menu, that's all.

love the mod so far, even tough i've only tried out a fraction of it. even tough it was a day late it's one of the best birthday presents i've ever had :D

you'll find the adjusted file in the attachment on this comment, simply replace the file to add roads to the mod.

 Sorry, ain't supporting this one anymore besides bug fixes... You should check out my very own mod, which can be found in Mod Releases, it has all functions from here and alot more. There's still some stuff to do, like cooking and such, but it already is a giant mod.

Thanks for the fast fix, glad to help

Solved'n'fixed bug reports / Re: (A bug, but a feature) The winter bug
« on: August 20, 2018, 05:11:39 PM »
Sorry for not making it clear, the Mallard was on the fly sprite above the ice, but he didn't move for about 3 days ingame, I got puzzled because of that and so I moved and broke the ice tile below him, once I broke it he started moving again (fleeing from me) a day or so later, I saw him again frozen at the middle of the river, for a day he stayed there and then I broke the ice below him once again.
 What I said about he "trying to land" would be the AI trying to land and entering in a loop of sorts, that's what I think that happened since I broke the ice.
 Unfortunately, I don't think I have a save with the problem happening, but, if you want I can give you the save from the char with who it happened, maybe it will happen again in the near future, that save just entered winter.

 The itens you use for grinding a bone spearhead are a stone and a rock.
 I will recheck the recipes descriptions to see if there's any other problem of that sort.

 Edit: Found two or so more misplaced descriptions, hotfix is up.

Mod Releases / Re: URW sufficiency mod
« on: August 19, 2018, 05:26:18 PM »
Code: [Select]
{[NEARBY_TILE:Water Rapids]} 'Must be near water'
From my experience with modding, this line of code would not work. Unfortunatelly, the game can't check tiles like that, because of this I suggest using:
Code: [Select]
{[NEARBY_TILE:water]}and adding the well recipe. Multi-tile codes doesn't work in this game. Unfortunatelly.

Sorry for necro-posting somehow.

 Sorry for double-posting.
 The mod is now fully functional and updates will be slower since my free-time will be reduced from now on.

Development News / Re: Survived the summer
« on: August 14, 2018, 04:41:00 PM »
 Welcome back!

 Am not quite sure what will be harder, writing the new lines of code or reading all the forum posts and e-mails.  Good luck with that.

Mod Releases / Re: [WIP] Crafts, Roleplaying stuff and Ritual
« on: August 13, 2018, 07:42:28 PM »
Very ambitious. I am excited to see where this goes.  :D
Am honored to have someone excited about this. I started a poll for a new feature I have been thinking about and know how to add already. Now please, vote.

 Thank you.

Modding / Re: Repackaging mod content
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:41:56 AM »
 From what I know, they don't mind using their work if you credit them.
 As long as you give credits, it's all good.

Stories / Hurt, helpless and winter! (Challenge)
« on: August 13, 2018, 01:40:30 AM »
The rules


 Kaitto Koivulainen, a farmer from Koivula was tending to the village crops during the Fallow month, as any Koivula usually do. It was peacefull, so peacefull it was boring, he looked over the skies and saw a Goshawk flying about, hunting the pests and vermin that plague the crops every year and started to wonder. "How would it be, to be a Goshawk, free to fly to wherever it feels like?".
Spoiler: show

 His daydream was broken has a small group of Kaumolaiset travellers entered the village lands and went foward to talk with the sage, one of their companions was hurt pretty badly during their travel, it seemed like he had a bad encounter with a bear. The village sage treated his wounds and they departed.
 The vision of the brave Kaumolaiset hunters clicked in the young boy's mind, and shortly he departed from his home to seek for adventure, he had some seeds to trade along the north-eastern tribes, also got a few tools from his father.
Spoiler: show

 After many days of travel, he was lost. Not knowing where to go or how to go back, but, he continued fowards anyways.
 Not long after getting lost he saw the figure of persons on the distance and ran their way, what a stupidity I say, they were robbers, they beat him up and took everything he had, even his body clothes. It was the Winter start and Kaitto had no clothes, no food, not even a knife.
Spoiler: show

The Adventure

 "I am lost, every inch of my body hurts and I have serious wounds over all my body, It was foolish of me to depart from the village. What do I have now? No food, no clothes and no water... On top of that am wounded, lost on this unknown place and the Winter is starting!... Think Kaitto, think, what should you do now? Koivula is to the south-east... Yes, south-east is where I should head to. But first I need to find some food, water and wood."

Spoiler: show

 And the young boy departed heading south-east, looking at every place for wood, food and water. Not long after heading south he found some berries and a water pound, so he got the berries even not knowing which berries were those, he drank some water and cleaned his wounds the best of his ability and continued travelling south-east.

Spoiler: show

 As he travelled, he saw in the distance a mountain growing ontop of the pines and spruces that dotted the land and decided to head towards it.
 "I will have better chances to know where I am if I head towards that mountain. Okay, let's go, fast and steady."
 Once reaching the mountain base he started climbing it until the top, just to find out he was nowhere he knew, the land was still strange, unknown and terrifying but he saw a mountain along the south and headed there.

Spoiler: show

 Once again he climbed the mountain only to find nothing.

Spoiler: show

 But he saw a mire that extended as long as his eyes could caught, mires are easier to travel and navigate, and he followed down the mire. It was the 5th day of travel already, Kaitto only had berries to eat and a stone knife, but wasn't going to give up, so he keept travelling.
 For three days more he travelled, roughly towards the south thru the mire until he saw the spirits had not forgotten him, he was not alone, the spirits had given him a way to survive.

Spoiler: show

 He couldn't believe it at the very first look, it was an elk, almost trapped in a bigger pound on the mire, he closed in, trying to mantain the elk at the pond untill he was exausth and then striked.

Spoiler: show

 But the elk ran away after getting slightly hurt by his stone knife. Mindlessly Kaitto started the long chase after the Elk thru the mires. His berries were about to end, he had no more food and the friggid winds already had started to blow.
 He chased the elk thru the mires for days, finally trapping him once again against another pond.
Spoiler: show

 But as it happened before, the Elk managed to run away, but not before some serious wounds were delivered. Kaitto ran after him, as the Elk slowly exhausted himself to the point he couldn't run anymore and so, he managed to kill the Elk, after god knows how many days after the animal.

Spoiler: show

(I will add to the story as it happens, now Kaitto is tanning and cooking the Elk. All hail Kaitto, the master hunter)

 Being a bit late on the post I apologize for bringing it back from the dead, I think.

 From my point of view, marriage would be a great asset for the game, but not before updating npc AI.
 The finnish have a closely tied society back in the iron ages. That is, inside their own cultures, an stranger from another culture would be judged by their cultural background and situations that happened on the past, or you think your the first Kumolaiset to get to Driiik? Obviously no.
 The Njerpez should need a completely new AI, launching raids into villages every now and then, adding in some quests. The Njerpez want slaves, that's about it, most of people are kept alive.
 The villages structure have a sage and a chief, both with the same power within the village, being in favor with them should be really hard, as they are suspicious of outsiders, unknown people.
 There should have been added diferent sets of AI codes to simulate various "personalities", not everyone is going to fight a 2,30m tall Kaumolaiset in full Iron set, HELL! no one will fight that! I wouldn't.
 Since the Roman occupation of Finnland there's been documents discribing the peculiarities of the culture and "kings" of sorts, that means the very culture is well stabilished and have a strong sense of comunity.
 Add in scouts on the cultural regions and maybe even some in the wild.
 Let the world live without the PC interaction, let the kaumo go to driik to trade or whatever, let the village people travel around and let whole villages move to a new location based on water, and source of food,pelts(hunting game)
 Family ties, make npcs to recognize who are their wife/husband, they should get offspring, they should eat, they should drink, they should freeze.
 And last of all, a Family is not equal other, some have more influency, some have less.
 And if you want to have some end game? Well, let the PC unite all finnish cultures togheter. But maybe, the Islanders will not like the Owl-tribe eh? xD

 I know the text is big, I don't expect it all to be implemented but I'd like to see. Sorry for asking too much @Sami

Solved'n'fixed bug reports / Re: The winter bug (No priority)
« on: August 11, 2018, 05:20:30 PM »
Oh! I thought that was something extremely rare... But it's something I never knew for sure that could happen.
 Thx for clarifying Privateer

Suggestions / Open the lighting code for us
« on: August 11, 2018, 06:18:48 AM »
 I'd like to suggest opening the code for lighting changing items, like fire, torches and that sort of thing. Yes, am asking this just to make a part of my mod that goes towards furniture.
 That is, if it is possible and would be a pain to do, else, disconsider.

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