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Modding - single piece of x size The current mechanics allows for using #2# to require 2lbs of an item, which is good, except when your crafting something that needs a large single piece of something.  Say you're making a club out of bone and you want to require a single 2lb bone (i.e. Elk bone, etc)... if you use #2# it allows you to use any combination of bones that add up to 2lbs, so you could make a bone club out of 4 0.5lb hare bones. 

Could we maybe get a tag in the future that is something like [singlepiece] or similar to indicate that the #weight# tag has to be from one piece?

May 05, 2018, 09:22:16 AM
Re: [Info] [3.61] Cheat Engine Addresses Semi Necro to add my findings for 3.62 (so I can at least find them in the future and so that other might use them)

Here's the new stats locations:  (Found Dex and worked the others out from there)

Code: [Select]
STR urw.exe+A2F1536-4
AGI urw.exe+A2F1536-3
DEX urw.exe+A2F1536‬
SPE urw.exe+A2F1536+1
END urw.exe+A2F1536+2
SML urw.exe+A2F1536+4
EYE ‬urw.exe+A2F1536+7
TOU urw.exe+A2F1536+8
WIL urw.exe+A2F1536+9
INT urw.exe+A2F1536+C
HEA urw.exe+A2F1536+D

July 21, 2020, 11:19:38 PM