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Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 09, 2023, 02:58:27 PM »
With the friendly village to the west Calle approaches from the north. He moves east then to the south seeking. Turning west a shadow comes out between trees. A brown mass of the furs of a familiar looking elk. Beyond that is a thin wisp of smoke of a camp. The elk helped him find them!

There camp in “Quarrel Wood” seems sighted to watch the west over a mire. The direction of the village. Spruce to the east shelter them from winds. This gives a decent path for closing. Perhaps any of them looking out will only think he is an elk like this one. Confidence blooms that the spirits are with him.

<CALLE 157 found warcamp>>>

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 09, 2023, 02:50:14 PM »
Day 6 of the 3rd week to summer, end of Soil month

Late morning Calle fully armored, armed and kitted collects Mirakka. They begin the journey with the goal to raid the Nerjpez.

Skiing on the snow with a mediocre crust is tiring with good progress being made. Unexptectedly he sped to outside that area that night. As a precaution in the dark night he builds a hidden shelter near a lake. If wounded he can fall back to here. A tight C of spruce blocks almost all approaches to his shelter. The narrow he guards with a trap. He won’t use a fire here as it might alert the target. A safe night is spent.

Now comes the attack.

<CALLE 156 Attack camp made>>>


Modding reference:

BAC thread:


Changes made this time:


= Menu spaces being used for new leather items that appear in the diy_BAC_Armor_Leather_Fur

= Added iron gorget and a version with pauldrons



= New leather items to protect neck and neck+shoulders, aka gorget.

= Added leather gorget and a version with pauldrons

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 09, 2023, 02:25:14 PM »
There is a fine collection of armor and weapons for Calle now. With the warming weather it was also time to reduce his layers. Rains were shrinking the snow. There might be time to ski a fast raid on the war camp threatening Maiden’s Stream.

A trial dressing for battle is done. Linen against his skin, furs for padding from blunt, leathers to reinforce and metals for weapons. His own weapons center on the Brave Boar fine battlesword and Boulder Bow masterwork northern bow. The River Sword as a side sword spare. Axes and knives for woodcraft are themselves backup weapons. The medicinal bundle packed for “Fighters need helpful medicinal herbs and bandages”… flax, nettle, hemp, meadsweet, heather and bandages. Food for him and Marikka. With the skis it came to just under one hundred and seventy pounds. A great weight were he not so large and strong bodied. A concern he has is the vulnerability of his neck.

If he skied it would take two if not three days to find them. A day to ambush. The same back would mean a week. A week might see the rivers lose their ice.  The target area he heard of is across at least one river. If that or other rivers melt he needs a plan.

He might cross at ford now risking freezing isn’t a likely but he needs to be quick to make a fire. Carrying tinder of at least 3 branches at all times helps with that. He also has been carrying a second rope, one being used for leashing Marikka, which he could make a raft. A sesta might not cross a river so should he bring a paddle? Yes. A new paddle is made.

There were the clinkered punts he made. The heavy wooden ones are hard to move on land though the sled wagon can help with that. A tarp punt can be broken down to just the tarp with a new frame assembled if needed. Carrying a paddle and tarp is a moderate burden that is doable. With no tarp on hand that would delay the departure to prepare. The rope and paddle option is the only one ready.

If he delayed they would not be attacked, at least by him, for the season. To appear as a raid and leave would seem like a ghost.

Calle keeps pondering especially on his protection. Some foreign traders had worn a neck protection called a gorget. He doesn’t have enough metal a steel one but one of them had worn one of leather with shoulder guards. That is doable. It would take a ring of two pieces with a bending hinge and a tie hinge for the horizontal ring. From that hang flaps on the front, back and over the shoulders. Its not that complicated of an idea. Each of those is just one hinge or tie point. Making it fit well is where the test of skill is.

This would delay him a day.

He blows heather into the wind.

“Spirits,” Calle said, “Guide me. My hand in crafting, my heart in action.”

His mind drifts to recently acquired boar leather. It would mean accepting it had been sent. Sent that he could make its hide into armor for this fight. That is what he’ll use. Tonight he thinly cuts a ring for cords and rectangles for hinges. He plays around measuring with his hands for the sizing around neck and shoulder. He’ll sleep on it.

His night dreams of a boar thrashing out of the woods. It rises up on its hind legs. Its shape becomes that of a man. A man with armor, furs, axes, sword and bundles. The man marches past him toward a war camp.

Waking in the night Calle winces his eyes. He clasps his arms about himself making sure he is still a man. Over his head the swan feathers twirl from the rafters of Swan Cabin. Chanting quietly he stills his heart to fall back asleep.

In dim early hours he awakens. With a fresh mind he takes from the oven place a bit of charcoal. Measuring his neck and shoulders he transfers those to the boar hid. Repeating this makes sure he gets an average that should work. He flexes his shoulder noting changes onto the hide. A new set of marks is added outside of that for a tirmming allowance.
Taking out his fine small knife he spends the hours to make a leather gorget with front, back and shoulder flaps. When main pieces are pulled off he puts them on his body knowing they need to be trimmed. This fit, trim, fit, trim is repeated over and over until the neck ring sits well when he shifts his head. The hinge and tie are put in. Fit, move and trim is repeated for the flaps until they get mounted. It comes off decently well.

“The thoughtful crafter is an efficient crafter,” Calle recites.

Fitting on the final piece he is much more confident on the neck protection. Having even more on his shoulders is an extra blessing.

<CALLE 155 made leather gorget with pauldrons>>>

Realized I hadn't been updated thread post #1 with the current zip. Have done so.

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 09, 2023, 08:47:30 AM »

The trip gave Calle desire to think about what to do. He could now be an armored warrior to drive back the spirit harming Nerjpez. As part of a meditation he led Marikka to the trap fences to reset them. Checking nearby hill tops and vantage points foreign traders were seen. Looks like they had landed several parties. Though without the trade furs he felt to meet them.

Exchanging greetings their headman was Brunaald. Calle asked for news.

“We’ve come for the thicker furs collected this winter,” Brunaald explained, “We landed on the north coast. There are now several Nerjpez war camps along the great river. We are traders looking for goods for our own lands. Our war parties have our own affairs to see to. We’d rather deal with folks like you. Your people have been good to us. We even saw a new rock statue that looked like this. We were told told it us to avoid landing in dangerous waters.”

Brunalld shaped his arms and legs roughly like the inukshuk raised at the Bouldercliff fjort.

 “It was an Owl tribesman named Valle and myself Calle that put that up. Glad it did good.”

“You have our thanks. We landed outside the ford. We sent a scout to check and he did come back saying it was risking water. May your forest spirits bless you with a way to keep your people safe from the invaders.”

“Maybe they have,” answered Calle,

“Perhaps these weapons can help you. Some are battle weapons. Taken from foes those war parties slew. Rather than burn then we’d rather trade them with furs to dress the victorious.”

First to be shown was a battleaxe. Long handled for two hands with a thin edge shaped to cut flesh through iron rather than the spreading wedge of a wood working axe.

Calle waved it off patting the battlesword, “Pig Sticker has that covered.”

Each trader came up in turn showing their wares. It was their custom to show the goods that even if not traded today word of them would spread to draw in other fur collectors. Halmot presented another iron rimmed masterwork rimmed shield. Gilbrand had one too. Calle was interested in having a spare as his current one would keep getting damaged. For this then he would have to return to the cabin to gather the furs.

Fetching the furs evening grew darker into the silver of a full moon. Calle struggled to catch sight of the merchants. Noon the next day he found a group of traders, a different one. Halbrand had such an iron rimmed masterwork shield. This trade was soon done.

Calle added, “If you hadn’t heard there is an inukshuk like this warning of a dangerous ford.”

He made the pose.

Then Halbrand unstrapped a large sword from his back, “Then you are worthy of a greater trade. Our ship is one of those that heeded that warning. I was going to save this for later in the season. This was taken in battle from one of the warlords bodyguards.”

What he laid down was a battlesword. Drawing it he showed the marbling rivers of mixed steel like in Calle’s River Sword. Pommel had been etched on one side with head of a boar with the showing tusk, eyes and ears about the outline of the head. There were runes marked along the blade which were explained to read out “Bravery”.

For the “Brave Boar” sword the barter took all three of the winter elk furs, two of arctic fox fur and a hare as well. It left Calle with only a few small ermine furs.

<CALLE 154 Brave Boar fine battlesword>>>

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 09, 2023, 08:46:58 AM »
Being late afternoon Calle might make the trip back. Instead he decides to visit Maiden’s Stream. He does have his trade furs this time. Is there a trade to be done? Perhaps for the mail leggings?

Greetings exchange its old Reko who sets down for a blanket trade. Calle pulled over the mail leggings turning them over for detailed study. Curls of metal links varied in places. A sure sign of repaired battle damage. Pits on older rings hint of having once had rust, especially around the groin known to get sweaty and the bottoms of the calves. The latter perhaps from snow?

Reko began, “That’s a nice looking sword you have there. That big one. Its new isn’t it?”

“It’s new,” chuckled Calle, “and not for sale.”

Starting an elk fur other furs were added and removed until the agreement was reached. Reko pulled his blanket to the side.

“These always need fitting to a new wearer,” Reko said, “Ill help tie up loose bits until you can shift the rings properly.”

While Calle stands still Reko uses threads to tie up where pinches are needed. He’ll use the pliers at his workshop to open and shift rings for a durable adjustment.

The village also needs labor done. After taking the armor and trade furs to Swan Cabin Calle returned to help his frequent companions. After the work is done a half bag of rye grains is given, for the trade a single bone arrow. It is a handy trade of non-spoiling foods.

Now then…

Calle had seen a boar snuffling into the north fields. Still covered in snow it was routing for remains of crops. Its time to test the “Boulder Bow”. One of own broadheaded arrows is notched… loosed… and cuts just above the knee! Blood bubbles out as the boar limps. Severed liagments make that leg useless. A bone headed arrow notched… loosed… deeply diving into the boar’s abdomen. It rises just avoiding the next bone arrow. Both strikes bleed furiously. It manages only a few stumblings before passing out. Drawing the battlesword for its first bloodening Calle stabs the next then pommels the head.

Calle rechecks their trade piles though nothing really calls to him. Still he gives them one of the boar quarters to have their own feast. The rest he takes back for smoking at the Swan Cabin. He gives himself the luxury of freshly roast boar belly!

<CALLE 153 Bacon and mail leggings>>>

Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 09, 2023, 02:29:34 AM »
Calle and the merchants go about the steps of offering. Most are carrying arrows and weapons that don’t match his collections. There is battleswords that are even larger than the fine River Sword Calle has on his belt.  Another item to consider is a battle axe.  There is a well made crossbow, a weapon of power Calle has little background in and he prefers the masterwork northern bow from Bouldercliff.

“Boulder bow,” Calle laughs. Finally finding a name for it. A joke about how it is so strong as to fire a boulder while showing its origins from Bouldercliff.

Bevisbert displays how the battle sword can be used. He spars lightly with the others. Battlesword and spear in opposition.

“These cleave through armor,” Bevisbert says, “Your broadsword is great on lightly armored foes. Its a good backup weapon. These though are truly for battle. By battle we mean others who are well armored. What is the extra hitting power might be the only part that affects the armored enemy. Hitting an unarmored area… well… it gets colorful!”

Recalling the Nerjpez warcamp to the southeast there might indeed be such foes there or found in the woods.

“Very well. Lets put down blankets,” Calle says.

Bevisbert put down two tarps, each a deeply tanned leather of a deer sized animal. They bore the stains of numerous trades, grounds and weather. Onto one he put the battlesword with its sheath and a weave of buckles.

“This is called a frog,” Bevisbert said, “It is used to secure the sheath to a belt at what angles you choose. This is a heavy frog for the heavy sword. Each buckle coming up distributes the burden to the belt in a different spot. You’ll need that too. Those lynx furs interest me.”

Call’s mounds of fur was untied to allow examination. They went back and forth picking some out, putting some back. Holding back the bear fur may be useful for fighting wear. Holding back large winter elks as well. High value smalls furs like ermine a good for rounding up to a closure. Finally its agreed on a lynx fur, a winter lynx fur and the recently caught fox fur. These leaves the bear, several elk and many small furs for Calle to bundle up.

<CALLE 152 bought battlesword>>>

Kebab stick making not displaying as intended though the hot smoker does. Looking into it.

Resolved and updated the 2023-12-08-A download

Apparently object building can go in user made submenus of cookery but the original ones like "meat recipes" don't like it.

Thus kebab now shows up in cooking -> utility submenu

With permission JP_finn's bait making, using smaller pieces added. While doing this discovered adding regular build items to the cookery menu. Moved some things over like Privateer's fish cuts, making JP_finn's hot smoker and the kebab stick making from the Nerjpez cooking (from another community member). These are also easier to find as the 2 builds are now in the same general menus where they get used.

Those moves freed up some menu space which is an important part of managing such a large mode.


Modding reference:

BAC thread:


Changes made this time:



= jp_seed added, adapted by JP Finn with Graphic by Enormous Elk, originally sorrel seeds



= added "Cutting and bait" under cookery



= Clean fish moved to the new "Cutting and bait"



= Added JP Finn's bait in the new "Cutting and bait"

= JP Finn's build hot smoker moved to a cooking submenu

= Kebab stick crafing moved to cooking submen



= JP Finn's build hot smoker moved to a cooking submenu

= Kebab stick crafing moved to cooking submen


Stories / Re: [Brygun] The Story of Calle (long story style)
« on: December 08, 2023, 10:37:47 AM »

With the two great northern journeys there are shelters along their path and hills in places. Calle decides to move within that outer establishment. Much farther north west is the Old One’s cave near the iron camp. Perhaps a warm weather trip to there.

At a rapids he sets up another a traveling shelter with trail markers, stocks of wood and pre-built guard traps. Come the morning when leaving the traps are disarmed.

Day 6 of the 5th week to summer

Afternoon brings rain.

“So it begins,” Calle says.

Creeping warmth has sent North Wind back to the Ice Palace in the north. Water coming as rain darts tiny holes again and again in the snow. Snows will recede. Soon skiing won’t be possible. River tops will flow again. The temperature is at the balance point where it rains but a slight dip freezes it into a crust. Skiing is getting harder. Hopes for winter ski hunt will pass soon.

On completing the few days sweep without sightings its time to reset the trap fences.  No catches here either. Perhaps the winter migration has moved through already. Its important for a hunter to know the habits of the animals. They to will start to struggle with the crusts on the snow. Returning to Swan Cabin chores of clearing ice from the guard traps needs to be done. Marikka is let into the pen with the awaiting bones. Travel foods and medicines are restocked.

“Need fighter’s helpful herbs,” says Calle, “Nettle flax hemp and heather. Use the heather in a respectful sacrifice.”

As he puts out meats for Marikka a whisper in the wind goes, “Meadsweet”.

Its then he recalls grandmother mixing a child him a broth of meadsweet. It was a time a time he stomach was stabbing with pain. It had helped settle his nausea. Then there was a time sister had taken a fever so bad she was bed ridden. Grandmother had used something else. Something. Burdock! That brought down her fever.

Going to his cellars and pantry he reconsiders what to have for a traveling medicine bundle. It is a bit troubling that he has no burdock at all. Meadsweet he has in decent amounts. There is also stonecrop the wound aiding herb found on hills and mountains. Dogpipe is nourishing while roseroot reduces pain and speeds healing.

On consideration he comes up with new memory phrase: “Fighters need helpful medicinal herbs and bandages”.

Flax supports nutrition and recovery.
Nettles for binding wounds and sickness of the lungs.
Hemp is for eating.
Meadsweet tea reduces vomiting, reduces pain and lowers infection.
Heather is for washing wounds and as a tea for many internal illnesses.
“And bandages” means to have another two ready bandages.

A pot, be it iron or clay kettle pot, is needed to make the teas.

Flax, nettles and hemp leaves are all by products of agriculture. Threshing for straws also yields leaves so these can be grown in quantity or found around villages. Meadsweet needs to be gathered from the wild forests.  Heather flowers are light to carry for frequent offerings of peace with the spirits. When eating your daily leaves put heather out then.

After rebuilding his fighter’s medicinal pouch he hangs it with his metal battle armors. He does have much of those in smaller quantities with him as he travels. To finish the day he takes from his large stock of boards to assemble a wood shield for later trade.

On the next day he gathers Marikka to make another hunting patrol. A part of him is nagged for not being productive in crafts. Majority of his heart is enjoying being out after months close to the cabin. A good travel to hills. Into the north west region he presses out making another new shelter for them.

Going farther north west Marikka’s ears perk up. The ears twist then her head snaps to that. She takes a step forward then focuses on listening. Calle lowers himself to see from her level. In the distance a wolf is slips through the mires a few bow shots distance away. One wolf is rare and a pack is very dangerous. Heeding Marikka’s warning he turns them east.

A pair of days in the north east building of the second ring of hunting shelters. When set trees provide partial shielding from wind or attacks. A fire ring with rocks and a large stone whose height draws off the smoke. A few simple guard traps for safety. Wood down to firewood in stock. Trail markers pointing form several directions to make relocating the now many shelters in the similar looking woods.

Having spotted no game it is time again to reset the traps.

Marikka alerts again. Kneeling Calle sees a fox at the trap fence. In a rare sight he even sees it make the leap for the bait. Its paw slides into the notch of the fox paw board. Wriggling it is helpless to escape. He actually saw it get caught! Battered with the pommel of the River Sword finishes the fox.

Setting to the chore of tending the traps it almost went unseen that one of the pits had collapsed.

“Probably the fox,” said Calle, “Odd though. It must have been balanced poorly.”

Getting closer the brown shaft is realized not to be one of the wood beams. It is the frozen leg of an elk! The pit had taken it! The fox must have smelt it and tried to figure it out when it chose the easier fox board meat.

It was the afternoon of Day 5 of the 4th week before summer, Soil month.

Processing this elk will take hours. The work trails so late he sleeps with the carcass.

Dark shadows move in the woods. It has been angered. Has other animals died cruelly in the traps unseen? Checking the east trap fence finds no others trapped.

Calle takes time to set out one of the elk meat cuts in a tree. He chants asking for forgiveness for having taken so long to find the elk. Now it can journey back to the source to come back on the river of life.

At Swan Cabin one of the skinned elk’s legs with shoulder is put out in Marikka’s pen. She can eat as much as wants for days!

The main meat is stored in the enclosed cellar for overnight. Work on the elk’s hide begins. While waiting another wooden shield is made. Come morning the next phase of tanning is done. Taking the elk meat form the cellar and the now two shields Calle collects Marikka for a trade trip.

For this trip he choose Maiden Stream to the south east. Old Ollie is first to greet him. Nyri is here too. Trade goods include spectacle helmets and mail leggings.
“Foreign trader just came through, they left to the south west if you want to catch them,” Ollie said.

The value of the goods is well beyond the elk that he brought. Calle instead trades the fresh meat for tanned furs. Those won’t spoil. The village has an excess of furs and this time of year can use the food.

Back to Swan Cabin. Working the elk hide takes the rest of this day and the next. Its likely the foreign traders are now long gone. With the warming temperatures Calle sheds the bear fur overcoat. They make a go at finding the foreign traders with all of Calle’s trade furs.

Luck! Or did the traders plan on staying near a village so the outlaying steads could come?

<CALLE 151 trading with foreign>>>

General Discussion / Re: What do you guys do while healing from injury?
« on: December 08, 2023, 08:19:11 AM »
Practice fishing and vomiting.

 ;) :o

True story.

From my early characters, little understanding of the game and before the mighty BAC mod or even Brygun's added items.

A low food supply character got injured badly. So I made a shelter on the shore right next to lake. Fire starting was a skill then and he sucked at it, being a new character. His fishing skills sucked too.

So his routine was desperately spending hours for fishing with no to little yield. When he did catch a fish try to start a fire to cook it. Often give up eat it raw.

A little while later vomit and eat more fish if you have it and if not go back to fishing.

I envision the vomiting being done into the lake as "chum" bait to attract more fish.


On a more serious note hand crafts are a thing. You can likely manage up some bone tipped arrows for trading. A hare will net enough bones for 4 bone tips and the odd bird catch will be enough feathers.

Other wounded characters have done better by going to heal up in towns. They have a water in town... unless its winter and you can;t find it. You can sleep for free at a heated indoors. Plus if the village has a shaman they can give you healing bonuses.

So around a village the usual cheap labor jobs. Crafting boards which gets filled up. Making paw-boards. Making torches. Making bowls. The "we have enough" is per item so switch up what you make. A few goods will buy you even food they sell to feed yourself while healing.

Suggestions / Re: Add cooking with wooden bowls
« on: December 08, 2023, 06:00:56 AM »
BAC update with Lemi Sra went live.

Includes raw meat and brine meat versions.


Modding reference:

BAC thread:


Changes made this time:



= Added Tub cooking



= Added Tub cooking

= Porridge times split between prep and wait where there was no wait

= Added Mass of porridge for 4 servings to address making enough for one day


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