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The recipe calls for 1 pound of herbs which I see as 500g not 900. This might be slightly excessive. The way I see this being prepared, as I do irl, is the whole body cavity is stuffed full with herbs which steams through the fish as it cooks, it is not as with other recipes a sprinkling of flavour.

It would be ideal if the amount of herbs used related to the weight of the fish, but the modding is so limited that you would need a seperate menu entry for each type of fish
Perhaps the best way to do it, and I might, is to have (e.g.) 2-3 herb lines, with only one required and the other two optional. The player could then elect to put in (e.g.) 0.25, 0.5, or 0.75 pounds of herbs.

(also just confirming I'm still working on this! My recently sick (not dangerously so) kids have slowed things down is all.

Well, that's a crushing blow to morale regarding the staff-bow.  But I reckon I'll get over it.
I'm sorry. If you'd like, I'll tell you how to modify the crafting files temporarily to make an instant northern spear, or northern bow, in place of it?

With the dip-net thing - considering the effort required to forge metals into anything useful, I would say some extra hours to make the net matters hardly at all in the greater scheme of things.
Could be true. I'll consider the option, certainly.

With the dip net if you change the base item from fishing rod to Fishing net you can dip for ore or use it for fishing, as a net without the need for hooks.
Downside here is that nets are (and should be) really hard to make, with the dip net being relatively simpler. So it would be a "cheap" way to get a fishing net.

I could make the dip net correspondingly harder to make, but I'm not sure that's the way to go.

I've figured out the issue with the northern staff-bow. That's the good news. The bad news is I don't think it's fixable.

In the original incarnation of the recipe the item used "Northern Spear" as its base item (which gave it the ability to ski), and then changed the skill to BOW in order to make it function as a bow. This worked fine. UNTIL, the game was updated with the bow-string update, and then it stopped functioning as a bow, and could not have a string applied to it because the base item was not a bow.

So, the base item was changed to "Northern Bow" (by me) to fix the bow problem. But in doing so, it stopped functioning as a ski-item (since it no longer inherited those properties from the Northern Spear).

Unfortunately, based on my current understanding of modding, this means it is not possible to make an item that functions as both a bow and a ski-stick. :( The best "solution" from my present stance is to remove the item from the menu entirely, since it serves no real purpose in its present form.

Thanks for those reports.

The issue with the dipnet I know what is causing it. The original dipnet recipe, which I inherited so to speak, was meant to act as a fishing pole as well (the idea being that you could scoop fish). The problem started occurring with the changes to fishing poles requiring hooks to be added to them. I may have to change the dipnet so that it only works for iron ore, and not for fishing, in order to avoid that error.

For the other two, I'm not sure at all about what the intention was for the northern staff-bow. If it's meant to act as a ski-stick, that's news to me, but I did not make the original recipe, so I can't say for sure yet. I'll take a look.

I definitely haven't touched the iron helmet  recipes, but I'll also take a look.

Thanks, Tinker. I'll consider that for the next version.

Speaking of which, I'm out of town, but next version should be around the end of the month?

Major changes so far include reworking/rebalancing of fur&leather clothing, as well as incorporation of Privateer's coops/hives/mead (with permission from him).

Modding / Re: "RPG" stat mod
« on: January 07, 2023, 07:55:47 PM »
I like the sound of tokens for animal kills even if not to raise attributes, but rather just to keep count of my kills.
I could very, very easily do that, but it would be a separate menu itself. Since recipes can't create two different things, I can't have it create both experience tokens and a kill counter at the same time.

Would you use it, as its own menu? Basically each creature would have its own entry (I'd probably have to do a bit of grouping to keep it to 25 menu items)

Grey Seal
Ringer Seal
Arctic Fox
Ermine or Weasel
Black/Willow/Hazel Grouse
Goshawk/Eagle Owl

That's all the spaces on the menu, but rearrangements could happen.

Modding / Re: "RPG" stat mod
« on: January 05, 2023, 01:12:42 AM »
And here's an add-on to the exp mod about mana, and spells. The difference between this and my magic mod (in the releases section), is that the magic mod limits itself to the constraints of modding. You do not need Cheat Engine to use Magic Mod.

This is a first draft of a way to structure "spells" that are created via cheat engine or similar modding.

Basic idea is you have daily mana equal to INT/2 + WILL,  and access to 'spells' depending on your INT.  As simple as the create water spell, which uses some mana (and tells you to modify your thirst stat in cheat engine) to as complex as Mark Tree/Treewalk, which creates "Marked Tree" tokens, which you then record the X/Y locations of on the main map, and then teleport between using a lot of mana.

The more advanced options can only be obtained through increasing your intelligence/wisdom sufficiently, such as via the exp options.

Modding / Re: "RPG" stat mod
« on: January 05, 2023, 01:00:09 AM »
Based on the input so far, here's the revised "tier" list of animals, taking into account the ideas of ease of finding, ease of killing, and significance of the kill.

.Prey Tier 1. (10) "rock" [effort:0] *COMMON* /.1/ [noquality]
{-} 'Killing a stag, wolf, or lynx.' [optional]
{-} 'Or, killing a bear with a trap.' [optional]

.Prey Tier 2. (7) "rock" [effort:0] *COMMON* /.1/ [noquality]
{-} 'Killing an elk, boar, or seal.' [optional]

.Prey Tier 3. (4) "rock" [effort:0] *COMMON* /.1/ [noquality]
{-} 'Killing a fox, snake, glutton,' [optional]
{-} 'reindeer, beaver or polecat.' [optional]

.Prey Tier 4. (2) "rock" [effort:0] *COMMON* /.1/ [noquality]
{-} 'Killing a wild sow, or badger.' [optional]
{-} 'Or, hunting and killing a bird.' [optional]
{-} 'Double for eagle owls, ravens,' [optional]
{-} 'goshawks, and swans.' [optional]

.Prey Tier 5. (1) "rock" [effort:0] *COMMON* /.1/ [noquality]
{-} 'Killing a squirrel, ermine,' [optional]
{-} 'hare, weasel, or pine-marten.' [optional]
{-} 'Trapping and killing a bird.' [optional]
{-} 'Double for eagle owls, ravens,' [optional]
{-} 'goshawks, and swans.' [optional]

The only other change is that I combined the dwellings into one option, and then added a "Quick EXP" option that will be faster to use once players are sufficiently familiar with the exp rewards.

Tomorrow I'll upload a 'final' (not really final) version in the releases section.

Mod Releases / Re: Magic Mod! 1.1 (Updated 1-18-2021)
« on: January 04, 2023, 09:59:28 PM »
Took a break from updating BAC to polish up my true love: magic!

Version 1.2 in this post. Going to update the first post after adding this.

Major Change: Rather than each recipe requiring sacrifices of meat and/or fish, each requires a certain amount of favor with the spirits. Favor can be gained through individual sacrifices of meat, fish, berries or other plants. This change was made to accommodate more varieties of play. For example, you no longer *have* to fish or hunt in order to use many of the spells. This led to many changes in the amount of overall sacrifice needed. For the most part, incantations now require more total sacrifice, but that sacrifice can be done over a long period of time, building up favor.

Other changes/additions:

* In-game descriptive text added to many recipes.

* spell-skins named differently, to allow better distinguishing. Descriptive text tells players they should wear only one.

* Furskin, Greater added. This inherits the properties of specific animal furs used.

* Token of the Shaman recipe adjusted; lower price per sacrifice overall.

* Skill Training adjusted to include TEXTILECRAFT. Due to too many skills for one menu, CROSSBOW and UNARMED are commented out by default, but that can easily be changed in the file.

Modding / Re: "RPG" stat mod
« on: January 04, 2023, 07:51:00 PM »
I mean, in terms of 'time', the mod is finished. There may be some rebalancing, based on comments such as yours, but there's nothing else to add.

I wouldn't say no to a moddable game course, though!

Modding / Re: "RPG" stat mod
« on: January 04, 2023, 06:24:37 PM »
I don't wish to put a downer on anything, but this seems like a lot of work for what could be accomplished with a simple spreadsheet that people could download and fill out as they play.
Totally agree that the spreadsheet could work. For me, I prefer having the menu because it means I don't need to "tab out" of my game in order to access my exp tracker. The tracking, at least, is all done within the game, even if the actual editing step cannot be. Also I find it much more 'neat' (for lack of a better word) to have an experience tracker that I can see in my inventory. This is all very subjective, of course! :)

If you do want to make it, I suggest rarity should be a factor in assigning experience tokens to kills - a snake or polecat is a much harder kill to get than an elk, for example.  Not in the number of axe blows required of course, but in the time invested to find or trap one!

I would also add triple experience for killing anything for the first time.  Maybe replace "significant trade" for "traded masterwork item", too.
Very good point on the rarity of the kills. Snake I'll definitely move up at least one 'rung'. Maybe polecat, too.

I like the idea of triple for killing anything the first time. Only downside is that it requires that the player track and remember which animals they have already killed. Maybe I'll use that just for the combat options: it's easy to remember whether you've killed a foreign trader or not, for example.

I think I'm going to stick with "significant trade"; for one, I don't think it should be worth experience points every time you get a masterwork paddle or masterwork staff, for example. It's limited to once per day, per the description you can see in-game, and there are examples given for the player's reference.

Each of the things on the list has descriptive text the player sees once opening up the option in the menu.

Appreciate the feedback very much!

Modding / Re: "RPG" stat mod
« on: January 04, 2023, 05:45:49 PM »
Here is a working version of the mod. I still consider it very much beta, and probably will until I get some feedback/input (from Tinker or others) and adjust accordingly.

Files are attached here, along with a picture of the menu. The last three options don't actually change your character's values (that is not possible to do with a mod), but do convert experience points into "spent experience points", and then instruct you to use Cheat Engine or other character editor appropriately.

Modding / Re: "RPG" stat mod
« on: January 04, 2023, 02:09:41 AM »
First draft. I'm CERTAIN there's a lot I'm missing, or have badly balanced.

50 First time in a cultural region (once per culture)
20 Completing any quest
10 First time visiting a given town.
5  Fully exploring a cave.
50 Killing a bear, njerpez warrior, or foreign trader (triple for the first time for each)
20 Killing a robber, elk, wolf, or lynx.
15 Killing a seal, reindeer, or glutton.
7  Killing a fox, beaver or badger.
3  Killing other animal.
X  Fishing: 1 per 5 pounds of fish.
X  Building: 10 per space of completed log building.
X  Building: 5 per space of completed Kota.
X  Crafting: 1 per hour spent crafting, cooking or building anything not covered by other XP options.
X  Agriculture: 1 per space that you plant and harvest.

Maybe now it's time to let it go...

Please do not! It's such a nice "feature" for the magic mod, the little ritual sound effect that triggers with appropriately named recipes...

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