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Gameplay questions / Re: Is injury >100% supposed to guarantee death?
« on: January 16, 2022, 08:29:46 AM »
Injuries over 100% normally guarantee death but the robbers thing is designed to always be nonfatal, so your injuries are reduced before you wake up.
That's what I surmised as well. So should I feel greasy about continuing to play this character or not?

You should continue to play this character.

Take a look at your injuries - I saw 2 or 3 serious ones and all the rest were minor. Anything under 10% penalty is a minor injury 11% to 20% would be serious injuries. Not sure if this game has grievous injuries but they'd be 21% to 30% penalty and you didn't take any of those. Grievous injuries kill - everything else seems to heal. You where also not bleeding, which can be fatal.

Not sure why you healed a bunch, though, as not much time passed. Perhaps the robbers didn't want to be known as murderers and patched you up?  :-\

Anyway, this rather epic bit of combat wouldn't have been fatal. You really did mulch a bunch of those guys didn't you.  ;D

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Is injury >100% supposed to guarantee death?
« on: January 16, 2022, 07:25:49 AM »
Unless Sami is deviating quite far from the HarnMaster ruleset (which URW is based on) 100% injury is not death. You can die from a lot less or can take a lot more.

The individual injury is what determines whether you die from it. A bunch of small injuries is typically survivable so long as there is no bleeding, no matter what percentage it goes up to, although remaining conscious becomes much, much more difficult. Conversely, one very serious injury to a vital part is the end, possibly less if there's bleeding.

What may have happened is that you went unconscious for long enough that the morning rolled around and you healed. I'll take a look later.

   - Shane

General Discussion / Re: Hunting gripe
« on: August 25, 2021, 08:16:03 PM »
Stealth makes a massive difference to your first shot. URW compares the success level of you shot versus the success level of the targets dodge, almost always reducing the damage by a considerable amount. If the target can't see you, there is no dodge. Always try to hide before taking a shot, if you can. You can unhide to chase.

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Head gear, bird leather
« on: March 29, 2020, 06:27:39 AM »
With all  due respect, does "Medieval everything" include RL history?  ;) The wearing of Helm, Coif and padding is out of period for the game, but the OP asked if it was doable.
With all due respect, doable doesn't mean it's viable. I can dress now with 100 pieces of cloth but I won't be able to move, work, run, jump efficiently, not even close to that. I said that this either needs a penalty when you wear tons of pieces of clothing or if it's too complicated, to be restricted by hard limits.

I can use 5 pieces of head gear but that will block my mobility and my vision making me unable to fight or see or run or everything.
Another point: If you feel like some game mechanic is an exploit or doesn't match realities (or your Role Playing ideas), simply don't use them.
Very constructive :D Thanks!!!
With all  due respect, does "Medieval everything" include RL history?  ;)
No, I was speaking about drawing books :D Your example of 2 combined headgear is way short of the 5 pieces combination from OP. That's a bad example.

EDIT: And it's not a matter of carried weight. It's a mixture of issues. Weight in case of armors or heavy furry items but also a lack of mobility/visibility. You can't be more protected if you are heavily dressed but a sitting duck to attacks because you can't move your hands and feet or neck properly. You will both get tired quickly while also allowing the attacker to pick his moves and hit you as in a training session. Hunting will be difficult because your field of view will be affected and your movement and again you will get tired very quickly. So on.

Point of order - my example is three layers, not two.  ;) Helm, Mail Coif, and Padding (Padded Coif). The Fur hood, Leather Cap and Wool Hood, I feel, is roughly equivalent to the thickness of the Padded Coif. You would have to customize the layers to fit together - the Helm, Coif and Padding certainly were - but it's doable.

As to the carried weight issue - it affects your mobility, your dodge (actually all your defense rolls), your fatigue rate. So with too much weight on you are a sitting duck and tire quickly. Encumbrance also affects your attack rolls, too. Wearing too much makes hunting very hard with the reduced mobility, increased fatigue rate and lowered attack rolls not to mention reduced steath. All this is already modeled in the game. The only thing not modeled in is a restricted field of view - unless your eye gets hurt.

As you said earlier doable is not necessarily viable so even though I could wear those 5 layers in game, I wouldn't, barring very cold weather. The penalties in game, IMO, are enough, although I would like to see the "Sweaty" status have an effect on thirst and fatigue.

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Head gear, bird leather
« on: March 28, 2020, 05:06:53 AM »
Sorry mate, I am a big fan of medieval everything, games, books, movies, but I have never seen soldiers with their head exploding because of the abuse of layers above their head or legs or arms or whatever. The OP list is way too much.

Yes, it's normal to wear soft clothes under an armor, but the game does indeed move this stuff to extreme. Which is not a huge issue, but I support the OP regarding it.

With all  due respect, does "Medieval everything" include RL history?  ;) The wearing of Helm, Coif and padding is out of period for the game, but the OP asked if it was doable. It is and something like it was done in real life. It should be noted that this equipment was sized to do this - the helm would be too large without the padding.

In terms of Iron age cultures, something soft is very likely to be worn under the helm just for comfort's sake - not to mention for cold's sake. A piece of metal is a radiator in cold climates, just ask anyone who's worn steel toed boots. I routinely wear wool socks a few sizes too large so that I can fold the toe of the sock up over to give extra protection to my toes. I don't have to do that even with running shoes in the same weather.

The fact of the matter is that the weight for wearing all this increases the encumbrance modifier and that, IMO, balances the ability to wear multiple layers. Further features like the "Sweating" status having game meaning (as I believe it will in the future) should balance it more.

Perhaps increasing the penalties in such a way would be a better option?
   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Head gear, bird leather
« on: March 27, 2020, 10:48:28 PM »
I've found that a character can wear on his head, all at the same time:
1. Woolen cowl
2. Leather cap
3. Fur Hood
4. Mail cowl
5. Iron helm or a iron spectacle helm

Would this even be possible?

On another subject, I wonder about bird leather as a viable craft item. I'm having trouble visualizing a bird with skin thick enough to make leather, or large enough to make tanning it worthwhile.

Yep, that's possible.
An Iron Helm over a Mail Coif over a Thickly Padded Coif (3/4" to 1" in some cases) was fairly standard, although in later eras (This would not be common in the iron age, though). Sized properly the Wool Coif, Leather Cap and Fur Hood would be about the same as the Padded Coif. In addition at that a Great Helm was sometimes worn over the Helm, again in later eras.

As to the bird skin - it depends on the size of the bird. Ostrich skin is used today, for example, and lighter skins may well have been used for light items in the past. Organic matter doesn't survive all that well so the lack of examples doesn't rule it out, but in any case some of those birds in URW are quite large. These societies didn't waste much if they could help it.

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Rope used up
« on: January 24, 2020, 05:45:30 AM »
Further question, i remember it was clever to smoke 19 pieces of meat at a time with a tying equipment.

After the update with the length of the tying equipment, is it Still adviced?

Sorry, but no. each foot of rope holds 2 pieces of meat now. A full 15ft cord or rope will hold 30. I like to make 5 cords and cut 2 of them into 10 and 5 ft pieces, then join them into 3 cords of 25ft. This lets you do the maximum of the recipe - 50 pieces - with each cord.

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Questions about Intelligence & other stats
« on: January 09, 2020, 10:55:28 PM »
OK, so first off, the description of the stat increase may be incorrect. You used to get 5 points to distribute but now it's a flat +1 to all stats, so no worries about choosing, however increasing stats does not raise your skills nor your aptitude for them - that's set by you beginning stats alone.

The stat effects in game that I can think of: eyesight improves your ability to spot animals on the over map an things like that, hearing increases the distance one can hear animals running away, endurance is a big one - your encumbrance is determined weight carried divided by half your endurance. In addition, every time you take a hard hit, there is a chance to go unconscious determined by the severity of the hit and it's location vs your endurance. Dexterity determines if you drop something when struck in the arm or hand, agility determines whether you fall after being struck in the leg or foot (assuming it's not a disabling strike). Speed determines how fast you travel - useful for hunting game. Will determines whether you can stay awake when drop dead tired.

This is off the top of my head. There are probably more. My basic thoughts are that skills can be raised and spells can be learned during play, but attributes can only go up by finishing courses and so I always choose them over the other options.

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Game course reward
« on: November 09, 2019, 03:01:13 AM »
Sounds like a good character.  8) Ya, the game course reward won't take you above max (I don't think...) but your other attributes will get the bonus. As to the speed, your encumbrance might be why it's a little slower. I know injuries certainly have that effect.

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Game course reward
« on: November 08, 2019, 03:11:14 AM »
Things actually do change. Your speed may not show a full kph change, but it's gone up. You'll see it if you complete the second course and gain another point. In therms of encumbrance while the total amount you can lift doesn't change (this is tied to your weight not strength) the encumbrance penalty is calculated at 1/2 Endurance. So if your end is 14 you will gain a +1 penalty for every 7 pound you carry (minus a clothing allowance of 1/10 of your weight).

In addition fumble and stumble rolls (when you are hit in the arms/legs and either drop your weapon or fall) are based on dex and agil. Your eyesight determines how far away you notice creatures on the zoomed out map. There are tons of little things like this tied to your attributes.

All in all, the attribute bonus is the choice I always make.

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Clothing Protection (after 3.60 update)
« on: November 02, 2019, 09:39:22 AM »
"When was the last time..." Well, my characters tend to use disabled Njerps for target practice, and usually aim for the legs (to get them to last as long as possible, both because it's hard to hit and because hits tend not to be directly fatal), and there are a lot of arrows going through the feet in various fashions...

 :o Wow, you don't just go after their lives - you're after their very Soles!  :D

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Re: Clothing Protection (after 3.60 update)
« on: October 31, 2019, 02:57:09 PM »
There are mail leggings that might cover the foot, but one question: When was the last time you where hit in that location? It's extremely rare so I personally don't worry about it.

One other note is that quality now effects protection so maybe masterwork wool socks and masterwork boots might do it.

   - Shane

Bug reports / forest cover quest
« on: October 31, 2019, 07:31:04 AM »
I was tracking down a lost sheep and track the trail to it's end. When I was burning spruce twigs on the tracks all of a sudden the whole trail disappeared! Every last track is gone!

I don't know how to upload a save, but I can try.

   - Shane

Edit: Not sure if this is a bug or if lighting multiple fires causes you to lose favor with the spirits enough to hide the tracks.

Solved'n'fixed bug reports / Re: Making Arrows error[3.60]
« on: October 31, 2019, 03:12:31 AM »
 8) I'm certain you'll get it fixed. BTW I made a suggestion in the appropriate sub forum on this. I wonder whether there is a good reason not to simply have cords be 1ft long, weigh .033lbs and be made in batches of 15. If tying together made you lose some, I'd see it, but there just doesn't seem to be any advantage to having them be 15ft.

Then again, I don't have the big picture of this game's development so it's very possible I'm missing something important that you've got planned in the future.

Anyway thank you for your continued good work on this game - it's about my favorite one and has been for some time.

   - Shane

Gameplay questions / Finding Bears in winter
« on: October 30, 2019, 05:53:33 AM »
Is it just a matter of looking in every cave?
Will they be found in caves?
When do they start hibernating and when do they stop (approximately, of course)?

Any help would be appreciated, I'm trying to complete the Advanced Adventures before spring if I can.  ;D

   - Shane

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