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Bought it on steam when new, rage quit 32 mins in never refunded decided I wanted to try again last weekend watched lets play videos learned basics, love it, now recruiting others to play. We play together on discord sharing stories and me helping them out since I got 30 more hours in game then them and watched like 8 hours of videos on it lol But even then I am learning from them like one friend died one time only at the start to a bear on the hunter accident start, now he is still on char 2 got most hist first cabin done, and I went through like 3 guys who died, and gave up and went back to my old guy before i played with them that just did his first 2x2 and finished his first trap fence on choke point.

But teaching me now lol, like the levor traps I thought were useless we all complained about the birds flying by getting that "you spot something you wish to abort your task?" he would always stop and chuck a javelin at them. And now he is getting gamey putting up lever traps for them. I can't lie I did that where I was making a 3 world tile long trap fence, now realize a better spot was below me about 5 tiles with a one tile choke point. Anyways I set up like one every 20 tiles or so on local map because its summer time and I see them all over while I am digging my holes for trap pits and making trap fences, not only did I kill 2 of them, I caught a rabbit with one, I never even saw a rabbit in this game till now lol. Best part no bait needed, I didn't see that till I hit f1 to confirm it. So now that is my stable I got them near by cabin so I can come back from work on the trap fence, and cross fingers the birds that keep leaving feathers all over my island get caught.

General Discussion / Re: Question for Sami
« on: November 24, 2017, 01:23:50 AM »
I get the "magic," and yeah that should be next on the list since its already got time in it. But I can't lie I bought this a year ago heck longer then that when it was new on steam and expected that feature to be in the pipe, the marriage one that is. I am not saying make promises but I really intrested in well is this even a priority? Not asking for a roadmap, just how long as get marred be on the list? And is it even something you and Elk think about, or just somehting that would be neat like 5 years from now to see in one day?

I mean you guys are getting new blood now, and I recruited like 6 people since I started playing my copy last weekend, after rage quit when it was new on steam to not getting it. Anyways I thought them all to play using discord and all of us doing a new start at once, made it eaiser as their little spirit guide to go "oh yeah I forget, hit f5 to see the tutorial info again," or "don't forget to do your incantations that are fitting when you can to make the gods like you more, not sure if its legit but seems to effect my luck when I pay the gods more notice." Like that one was after my 8th try to fish food and not getting jack but like 2 roaches lol.

But the point is I know a lot that liek this game, and they would love to see a spouse at the campsite waiting for them, or to follow with them. Like most of us were hardcore into Guild 2, or CK2, in effect I pouched 4 of them from the new CK2 expansion this week to play and talking them into supporting the devs and trading their free copy for a steam one.

General Discussion / Re: Northern Tribes
« on: November 24, 2017, 01:14:07 AM »
Fats in fish ain't a real thing at least not ones I eat, they more lean then chicken and higher protein. Also can't site anything but I heard multiple times with introduciton of Mcdonalds and other fatty american places in Japan cup sizes among other things tend to be on the rise, could be just they sold out and got more boob jobs or just cows, and grains like wheat help you bulk up more while fish, and game meat seem to keep you lighter...

That is my two sense on it, also evolution wise they have no need at all to be taller or fatter up north, as they have furs to stay warm, and being small means wasting less energy. Also every thing you do closer to the artict poles is harder and harder. The closer you get the more calories you burn. I mean people in the south and what not should get less harsh winters, and area is more tamed so to speak while north every thing is harder, just your daily chores like cutting firewood and what not stuff southerns do as well is more labor intense with the climate, the treck through deeper snow, and what not to fact the timber to cut, and very act of being outside and active in general means you burn more trying to stay warm as well.

I mean I live in Arizona, but I use to go up to Flagstaff in our local mountains from the desert valley. Its like 4 hour or so drive, and every thing is harder up there, I vacation so its not bad, but I got wear a ski suit and what not as I go there to ski, and most northern tribes should be using skis, cross country mind you way more then southern tribes. I mean that is my least favorite type.  I got family in northen woods of Oregon as well not even close to climates in finland I bet, but even in the summer its completly diffrent experince, but in the winter oh no they burn twice if not more the caloreis I do in south.

Its a bit of extreme comparison a desert to the Northern woods but point is I think its largely to climate and well just breeding. I mean they are not hooking up with the big tall southerners so they likely to produce small kids just like they are, just like their way of life dictates they would be a little skinnier, yet stronger. I mean I got big mountain man bloodline on my dad's side but that is from France, with rumors a little norwidgen in there some where, but for Frances cold weather woods and what not my ancestors were well adapted as being in middle of Europe they would be fighting more and have more civilization there. I mean during this age my ancestors were probably working fields for a lord, or caring a sword for one. In either case them big like we are and can handle snowy winters in the woods, yet still hold the line in a battle we very well suited.

But the north tribes here I can't see them having to many enemies or lords demanding things from them. I mean who is gonna go all the way up there to seize their ice covered soil, and pile of fish when they can get that from other places easier. I makes perfect sense they were some of the last tamed as only people there for religious conversion really get much out of "taming" the wilds of Finland. That and fur trade... I just don't see the need for the northern tribes to be big, net alone support them getting big, they eat more lean meats then the rest, and we all know grains do make you a bit on fat side :P

Gameplay questions / Re: Roads
« on: November 21, 2017, 12:51:39 AM »
For one its really bad to sleep on a road, even if there is only foot traffic its just asking to get robbed or ambushed. Or makes you come off like a highway man laying a trap. Either way nothing good can come from it, also animals in real life would use the less used paths at least cross them so a hostile animal could spot you really easy sleeping on or next to a road that is clear in two directions for quite some distance. Over all it just seems bad idea.

Suggestions / Re: Primitive survival gear & strategies
« on: November 19, 2017, 02:49:10 PM »
Need to add just sleds in general not sure about Finland but I know many had sleds instead of carts you would push or drag for logs, and other goods. Granted trying to sight sources or even see if they had such things don't work well I just get a million hits for dog, and reindeer sleds that are not old. And like one pic of soldiers on skis with a single reindeer behind them hauling a sled with gear for each one moving in a line formation... But these are more modern troops...

General Discussion / Re: Crossbows
« on: November 19, 2017, 02:31:25 PM »
One right off the bat they are not new Romans had belly bows, and ballistas in quite a few sizes including one that was just heavy awkward siege xbow that was mounted. But there is report of Romans fighting them as far back as 36bc probably belly bows or something like that when they went to asia, and it pierced their shields and armor. This is believed to be the origin of the Europeans first getting them as it was suspected they took some home with them, and created the bellybow off it, and the first ballistas that were smaller, still mounted but like cranked heavy siege xbow more or less. They were main stream with the iconic version till 1000bc, but romans, greeks and a few others were using their versions that predate that one in warfare as a staple since 3rd century with accounts all over the place of them being used by Greeks and Romans in sieges.

Now we cleared up the myth they just magically showed up in 1000bc when in fact that is the date they became a mainstream staple. More fun facts, Finland iron age lasted till 1200 ad. They were tribal, and not caught up with the rest of Europeans since they were so isolated. Not till some one talked the first viking cheif into joining the pope, and giving him a king title and crown, and telling him to spread the word or Jesus, and all his followers must never question your crown, as god said he was fit to rule man. Anyways they came over and took over, modernizing them at sword point while brining them religion in name of the pope. But till then it was isolated and bit backwards, but did get traders coming throw with modern toys such as nice viking steel, and even xbows. so the idea this is 800 BC is well crazy talk, I think your just reaching or don't realize how backward the north east was compared to the rest.

I mean they were some of the last of Europe to be tamed. I mean the viking age didn't even end till 1000bc era till then they were heathens using stolen armor and xbows from their prey, but still forging really good steel swords, granted its believed they "borrowed" that tech from others as they were always voyagers and traders and traded via rivers all the to Asia almost. Its believed that some one taught them hot to make crucible steel before most of Europe knew how to make steel.

Anyways no said anything about 800bc could just easily be 800ad maybe even 1000ad when most of Europe was fully embracing the xbow for warfare.

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