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I had the same error with the dipnet, it didn't seem to cause any further problems so you can safely ignore it.  Rudy explained what the cause was:

"The issue with the dipnet I know what is causing it. The original dipnet recipe, which I inherited so to speak, was meant to act as a fishing pole as well (the idea being that you could scoop fish). The problem started occurring with the changes to fishing poles requiring hooks to be added to them. I may have to change the dipnet so that it only works for iron ore, and not for fishing, in order to avoid that error."

I suppose that as we are due to get nets to scoop fish in the next update, the dipnet could be used exclusively for ore, or retired entirely and use the upcoming "lippo" net for scooping ore as well as fish.

Suggestions / Re: Herblore Quest Reward
« on: September 19, 2023, 05:45:02 PM »
The trouble is that some players, myself included, enjoy playing without human contact.  Just going off into the wilderness and becoming a hermit.  Your suggestion would mean raising herblore becoming impossible.

Of course, so long as those like me could still grind herblore the old way, I would have no problems with your idea - it's a pain in the arse to grind and anything that eases this without unbalancing the game is very welcome.

I do think grinding herblore needs tweaking.  For starters, it should do every herb in the inventory at once, so fewer keystrokes and fewer people taking Sami to court for giving them RSI.  I also don't see it as simply pondering the herb, you'd be smelling it, rubbing it on a sensitive bit of skin, kissing it, even putting it in your mouth (stop sniggering at the back there!).  I think herblore should raise a lot faster; but using it should take longer than a minute or two and use up a portion of the herb, much as how bait bait is used up as you fish with it.

Is there a BAC coming for 3.81?  I am cursed to run URW via Steam, which I do not understand very well and which has a tendency to automatically install updates without the courtesy to ask me first!

My character is almost five years in now, and I don't want to risk any problems with an inadvertent upgrade to 3.81.

I agree about foes pulling arrows out of themselves and "returning to sender".  If an archer has loosed all his ammo then I cease to shoot at him - much safer to back away then hit him with an axe when he's knackered! 

I am not sure the combat system is set up to handle it, but removing an arrow during combat should probably add a bit of extra damage, and certainly carry a risk of bleeding.  Especially so with broadheads.  Even more so with javelins and spears.  Trouble is, I don't think the game differentiates between an arrow picked up from the ground and an arrow stuck in a leg.

Being sniped from out of sight is irritating; I usually back away or take cover, forcing the archer to come closer so I can shoot back.  In a game where a single unlucky arrow hit can mean game over, I'd say it's a bug and needs fixing.

General Discussion / Re: Three years in the Unreal World
« on: July 22, 2023, 12:24:46 AM »
Four years in today!  1460 days survived!  I am still in self-imposed exile in the far eastern wilderness, but I have now made a Finnish Punt and a fishing net to provide an alternative from smoked and dried meats.  My main focus has been armour, and I made some lamellar shin guards as a proof of concept.  I hope that within a couple of weeks I will have enough lamellar to make a long hauberk.

My trapline has been a great disappointment, probably because I am living too close to it - I am on the same tile.  No matter though, plenty of game on the marshes.

I am still pondering my plan for the next year.  Do some quests for villages?  Attack a tribe?  Make a new home on an island?  Try living the cave life?  Hmm, any suggestions are very welcome!

Skills have changed as follows, first number is at start, second number is after three years then the third number is after four years:

Lore & Craft Skills

Agriculture   00%   17%  35%  Seems to be only sowing that raises this.
Building           15%   42%  45%  Built 4 cabins and a lot of fences!
Cookery      60%   93%  95%  A mix of all cooking styles.
Herblore           30%   98%  100%  Finally!  Still can't identify yarrow, though  >:(
Fishing      60%   60%  64%  My fishing net is starting to crank this up.
Hideworking   90% 100% 100%  Lots of skins and furs tanned.
Timbercraft   15%   92%  100%  See above about building cabins and fences.
Physician           75%   78%  78%  Lots of wounds healed, on dogs and allies too.
Trapping           80%   83%  84%  Traps only used to protect homes and crops.
Tracking           70%   99%  100%  Includes 20% from game course.
Weatherlore   00%   46%  59%  Grind, grind, and more grind!
Textilecraft   80%   84%  84%  Lots of repairing looted clothing.
Carpentry           85%   88%  94%  Making stuff.  Lots of stuff.

Physical Skills

Skiing      30%   100% 100%  Skiing on zoomed in map raises this faster.
Stealth      60%   100% 100%  Practise this around trapped birds etc..
Climbing           15%   100%  100%  Climb fences.  Lots of fences.
Swimming           00%   100% 100%  Careful here, cold or fatigue will drown you.

Combat Skills

Dodge      75%   81%  82%  Try to find an angry badger to help with this.
Shield      00%   00%  00%  I use a bow or a battleaxe.
Knife              35%   38%  38%  A guy lost in the forest gifted me the rise.
Sword      00%   00%  00%  Axes FTW.
Club              95%   96%  96%  Lobbing rocks at squirrels.
Axe              95%   99%  100%  Good at slicing people and bonking animals.
Flail              00%   00%  00%  Silly weapon.
Spear      90%   91%  93%  Great weapon until you get a good bow.
Bow              85%   100% 100%  Masterwork longbow.  It's like having a rifle.
Crossbow           00%   00%  00%  Never seen the point.
Unarmed      30%   36%  36%  Kicking trapped birds in the head.

Leather is still needed for the iron helm and spectacle helm recipes, so I suspect any helm I make will be useless again  :'(

I am trying to make a punt out of birch bark, but when at the first step (braced hull), I cannot continue as it will not accept wooden stakes as applicable timber.  Could be connected to the 3.80 changes to types of timber?  I have tried with stakes I made while still on 3.72, and when they didn't work I made some more stakes in 3.80, but they were still not recognised.  I tried with stakes on the ground, and in my inventory.

I decided to try for a clinker-built punt instead, but this time it is the short quarter-log that the recipe won't recognise.

Is there a way to make an iron fish-hook, does anyone know?

Also I have tried to dehaft a handaxe, hoping I could put a better haft on it.  When I try, it tells me that "Handaxe doesn't work as * axe to be disassembled". 

Suggestions / Re: Future update for eye injuries and loss of eye
« on: July 20, 2023, 11:43:31 PM »
Yeah a wounded eye results in a loss of widescreen vision for a week or two.

In the real world I once lost the sight in an eye for two or three weeks, and when it came back I had just got used to being monocular and it took another week or so to get used to having stereo vision again.  Maybe after an eye injury heals there should still be a penalty to eyesight for a short while?

Suggestions / Re: Sightings
« on: July 20, 2023, 11:09:36 PM »
If we are talking foreign traders, I think they should be in the village or camped very close to it.  The idea of them wandering the forests at random, searching for lone trappers and hunters who may or may not have quality pelts is a little silly.  Also immersion breaking if you are far from any villages and foreign traders are more common than game!

Foreign traders would camp in or close to a village, and wait for trappers and hunters to come to them.  Word would get around, so the player may be told "It is said that foreign traders have set up a camp close to XXXXX village".  IMHO, they should also be found only at coastal villages or those connected to the coast by trail.

%^}~£$ing Steam updated me to 3.80 without even #&{!ing asking me!  >:(

I take it this means my pile of 30 perfect and over 100 fine arrow shafts are now only useful as firewood? 

On a more serious note, has anyone sorted out the bug making helmets?  I have made an iron spectacle helm and an ordinary iron helm in 3.72, and both only provided the protection of the leather used.  They were quite labour intensive, and turned out to be quite useless.  The iron codpiece has the same problem, the protection it provides is less than some linen undercrackers.  Coudes and kneecops seem to work fine, though. 

Also a rather minor issue is that while fresh milk never spoils, sour milk made with this mod does spoil, albeit over many months.  The only two ingredients are milk and nettle leaves, neither of which I have ever seen spoil.  I would expect that making sour milk would help to preserve the milk, so I suggest that until fresh milk in the base game spoils, the sour milk recipe should be set to not spoil.   

That is wierd.

The spectacle helm specifically recipes in the material type.

Ill look into options.

Tester: That was the recipe versioon for iron spectacle helm that had [MATERIAL:Iron] in it?

In the recipes both helm versions have [ARMOUR_MATERIAL:iron] in them.  Coudes, kneecops and codpiece do not.

Edit:  The recipes are in the file  diy_BAC_Armor_Iron_Wood.txt

Okay, testing done, delayed a little by a herd of reindeer hitting my trap fence.

Iron coudes and kneecops work as intended.

Iron helm, iron spectacle helm, and iron codpiece work, but have the armour protection of the leather used in their fabrication.  This makes them very resource intensive and almost useless.  I don't know how to fix it, but likely remove the leather from the recipe and they will work.  The leather would just be a trim to keep the metal from contact with skin, with the helmets you'd wear a cap comforter of leather or padded cloth underneath.  With the codpiece I am not so sure, having never worn one!

Excellent, I shall download and test.  Probably not this evening though as it's my wedding anniversary, and the local steak house has a steak tartar with my name on it  8)

I will be pleased to test, but can you confirm that the update you just posted is for 3.72 and not 3.80?

I have a ludicrously long-running character and so I am sticking with 3.72 for now!

The recipes for iron helmet, coudes, kneecops and codpiece require pliers, which seem to have been replaced by tongs.  The recipe for the iron spectacle helm seems to have been updated to require tongs, but not those listed above. 

EDIT:  As noted before; while the iron spectacle helm can be crafted, it only seems to provide the protection of the leather used in its manufacture.  That is to say, it's useless.

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