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Development News / Re: Life hurts
« on: December 23, 2018, 11:20:44 AM »
Taking some glucosamine during your recovery might help.

Mod Releases / Re: Combat Training Dummies v3.5 (Kalma's Revenge module)
« on: October 27, 2018, 12:15:53 AM »
x3 Kill Njerpez warrior, harvest warrior's head from Njerpez warrior, and craft Kalma's Devotion.

Kill Njerpez warrior.
Harvest warrior's head from Njerpez warrior.

Carry a Kalma's Devotion everywhere you go.

Kill Njerpez warrior.
Harvest a warrior's torso from Njerpez warrior (requires Kalma's Devotion to harvest torso).

Kill Njerpez warrior.
Harvest a warrior's legs from Njerpez warrior (requires Kalma's Devotion to harvest legs).

Craft a dummy frame (consumes a Kalma's Devotion)

Assemble dummy (consumes dummy frame, warrior's head, warrior's torso, warrior's legs, and Kalma's Devotion).

Craft "Collect your reward" (consumes a dummy and a Kalma's devotion).
Be sure to have the 5 lb dummy in your inventory or nearby.
Press space to skip down to the weapon's dummy you want to craft then press enter and then select the 5 lb dummy.
On the last step, press space to confirm your crafting selection OR ESC to cancel crafting.

Bug reports / Fast/run skiing
« on: October 24, 2018, 09:29:06 PM »
AFAIK there's only one official skiing pace, which at grandmaster allows me to ski at 6 km/h.
Pressing Shift-r informs you that "You can't run while skiing!"

I just discovered that if I unequip the ski stick, press shift-r, and re-equip the ski stick, I'm able to "ski" at 12 km/h on thigh deep snow.
Whenever I ski/run, the message log shows:
You ski.
You run.

Running while not using skis and ski stick still allows me to run at 12 km/h for a tile or two and then I slow down. This does not make sense to me, especially while running on thigh deep snow without snow shoes.
Disclaimer: I've never skied before, so I may be talking out of my ass.

Mod Releases / Re: Combat Training Dummies v3.5 (Kalma's Revenge module)
« on: October 23, 2018, 10:19:34 PM »
Failing to have all the parts OR forgoing selecting one of the weapon skills will produce the worthless item named "collect your reward".

I think that's exactly what I did.
When picking a weapon dummy do I need to sacrifice said weapon or do I just press "Enter" on the one that I want?

Mod Releases / Re: Combat Training Dummies v3.5 (Kalma's Revenge module)
« on: October 23, 2018, 07:57:04 PM »
I have a 500 lb "collect your reward" item. What's the next step?

Suggestions / QoL - Different font color for worn items.
« on: October 22, 2018, 06:11:07 AM »
It hasn't happened yet, but one of these days I will sell one of my worn items accidentally. I like to haggle, a lot!

A simple font color change for worn items would be great.

As soon as you load the game you'll find the adventurer in question a few tiles to the right.

I'm not trying to buy something from the adventurer, I'm trying to pay for something I picked up from the floor.

Save game.

I've use curing to preserve skins about once... I would expect curing to preserve the skin until you start the tanning process, but once there, I'd expect things to proceed normally.
Makes sense, but adding my relatively short gameplay time + gut feeling, tells me that the curing protection extends past the tanning process.

I believe I've had cases there my character got too tired to actually start to clean elk skin so that was delayed to the next day, at which time it had degraded one step, but again, I'm not sure.
What you said, and I don't like to rush/tie myself to my camp for the next 3 days.

Tanning an elk skin is usually a 3 day process, with the first day being kill/butcher/clean/tan 1, the second morning being tan 2, and the third day spent performing the final stage.
Where do you insert drying/smoking/cooking the meat cuts in your routine?

After taking down a medium/large animal I usually:

Close to home:
  • Unless I or my pack animal can't carry the whole carcass home, I skin and butcher on site.
  • At home I drop the skin and meat cuts in my cellar that has access to water.
  • I eat/drink as needed.
  • Dry/smoke as much of the meat cuts.
  • Depending on how many meat cuts I have left (ran out of cords) and how much short term food I have (fish/meat soups in the cellar), I make enough soup to fill up my short term food supply and then roast the rest. 99% of the time my camp is by rapids and so I have no trouble maintainig a steady supply of fish soups.
  • I drop all the roasted meat cuts in the cellar.
  • I eat/drink as needed.
  • I clean the skin.
  • I cure the skin.
  • If I have a good amount of roasted meat cuts left over, I rush to a village to sell them.

Far from home, but close to a village:
  • I skin and butcher on site.
  • I carry the raw skin and raw meat cuts to the village.
  • I roast all the meat cuts by the fireplace.
  • As soon as all the meat cuts have turned into roasted meat cuts, I sell away as many as I can.
  • If the village has a water tile that I can find, I clean the skin there, otherwise I head over to the nearest lake/shore.
  • I eat/drink as needed.
  • I clean the skin.
  • I cure the skin and I mark the location of the skin and when I should come back to pick it up.
  • I head home to drop my loot/purchases.

Far from home and village:
  • I skin and butcher on site.
  • I pick up everything and head over to the nearest lake/shore and look for a suitable spot (preferrably adjacent to a water tile and tree). If I can't carry everything in one go, I carry all the meat cuts that I can, find a suitable spot and roast meat cuts in batches of 10, and then I head back to pick up the rest.
  • As soon as I've finished cooking the meat cuts, I eat roasted meat cuts and drink as needed and then I clean the skin.
  • I cure the skin and I mark the location of the skin and when I should come back to pick it up.
  • I rush back to the nearest village to sell the roasted meat cuts. I go back and forth if I can't do it in one trip.
  • I head home to drop my loot.

pretty sure there is no bug.
As soon as I stabbed your sheep in the neck with your spear the skill went to 83

So that's how it works! I was expecting the skill points to be magically added. I didn't know you actually had to "practice" your skill before getting the points.
I think the quest giver did mention something about practicing. I thought it was flavor text.

I'm such a noob  ;D

I guess I learned 2 things today:
Listen to your sensei (quest giver).
You don't have to be right on top of a carcass to skin it or butcher it (watched it on youtube).

Unfortunately that character already died at the hand of a sword wielding Njerpez that somehow I thought I could take on while already at 40%+ penalty mostly from bruises I received while climbing and falling from trees.

I have your training mod, although I haven't got a chance to use it yet. Only 3 points as reward for a skill that I could have leveled up on a training dummy doesn't seem worth a woodman's axe.
Unless the quest giver offers me a skill not covered by the dummies I'll probably keep the woodman's axe next time.

The quest giver is sleeping in the tile above me.

I made sure to check what spear skill level I had (80) before talking to the adventurer for the reward.

Save game

I've been curing every single skin or hide I've had out of fear that it would either rot or degrade.

As the title says, does curing all your skins/hides give you long term protection from rot or degradation, even after you started the tanning process?

How long does it usually take for a skin to degrade and/or rot during the summer?

The character folder is around 200 MiB. Do I need to upload the whole folder? Where do you suggest I upload it to?
put it available for download where you like.

In this case it's not necessary to have exact backup right after the incident, but if you just have the character in the village where it happened I can try to check few things.

However, if something like this happens again the sooner after the incident you can come up with a backup the more easily we can solve what might be the reason.

Here's the save game. I'm already in the deceased old man's village.

Edit: just uploaded a new version.
I did my usual thing of gathering stuff and I found a knife, picked it up, and it looks like it's the one the old man used to use.
I sent a kill signal to the game, reloaded the game and now in the new save game I uploaded I'm standing right beside the knife in question.

Bug reports / Re: Acquiring items without trading
« on: October 17, 2018, 04:23:39 PM »
I think technically it is stealing but if the taken items remain in the village the villagers should reclaim them.

Before I read your post I picked up items marked "taken", dropped them (I didn't test if I needed to pay for them), picked them back up, and then I was told I needed to pay for them when I was ready to trade.

The character folder is around 200 MiB. Do I need to upload the whole folder? Where do you suggest I upload it to?

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