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Suggestions / Re: Containers need an Unpack command
« on: September 12, 2023, 07:43:30 AM »
It'd also seem that berries are, what Sami calls "created on the fly", and not actual base items. If I try:
.Seed bait. (10) "Blueberry" ... the recipe doesn't pass the parsing and will not be displayed. Neither does "blueberry" nor "Crowberry" work.

In general, the object name of raw products from flora will use the plural form of [NAME] specified in the flora_.TXT file (except mushrooms and roots, which follow product naming rules for a singular object).

In this case, you'll want your recipe header to have
Code: [Select]
.Seed bait. (10) "blueberries"
Oddly enough, "Rye" works, and why I say odd, the game does not let you thresh them. I had the belief that modded item acts as it's own named item and as the base item. The modded seed bait doesn't count as flour or seeds either.
Rye is not a plant, seed or flour  :o
Code: [Select]
.Seed bait. (10) "Rye"

The threshing action is only valid for objects with [TYPE:plant]. Maybe you forgot the recipe changes inventory category :P

The distinction between [TYPE:plant] vs [TYPE:food] also will need to be observed with any "xyz mushroom" DIY since the plant and product names are the same in flora_mushroom.txt

Eyes and face reasonably ought to be invalid body parts to strike when the target is facing away from the attacker.

Suggestions / Encyclopedia edits and entries: Fishing
« on: August 05, 2023, 08:22:01 AM »
I noticed that hovering over fishing rods in the inventory no longer displays a valid tooltip due to the appended fishhook-related strings in version 3.70+.
These changes to the encyclopedia should bring the relevant sections up-to-date.

FISHING ROD - more strings and info paraphrased from the devlog
Code: [Select]
A common tool for active fishing.

Begin angling with a fishing rod either by using the FISHING skill or by applying the fishing rod from the inventory when near open water. Casting the line requires having at least one arm in useable condition.

Although it is not necessary to bait the fishhook when you start an angling session, an empty hook is far less attractive to nibble on than one with a bit of food.
Predatory fish species favour raw meat and fish, while others may be drawn in by your cookery leftovers or even raw vegetable matter.

Fishhook entries
Code: [Select]
A common tool for fishing rendered useless without a new fishhook.

The part of a fishing rod that catches fish.

Fishhooks may snap off as the line wears out from use, especially around the hook. This wear is relative to the number and size of the fish that have nibbled the line over time.
You can use a spare fishhook to repair a hookless fishing rod. First apply the fishhook, and then select a fishing rod to repair.

If you wish to swap a fishhook from one rod to another, first remove the hook by applying a fishing rod when you are on dry land away from open water.

Some blacksmiths may fashion iron fishhooks for a fee. These are the best kind to use and most durable.

TOOLS - one line edit
Code: [Select]
SKILLS - one line edit
Code: [Select]

Mod Releases / [3.81] Visible Nets
« on: August 04, 2023, 10:20:10 PM »
This mod adds floating lemon-lime and white pointers to your set nets for improved visibility.

Nets on the ground and not in use will appear as normal.

Nothing happens after clicking on stealth in the skill menu.

Unlike what happens with other movement skills, there is no prompt or error message. The message log only produces this line:

Bug reports / [3.80] Active fishing while facing away from water
« on: July 19, 2023, 05:42:13 PM »
Although net fishing requires placing the net in a direction where the player character can see, this restriction is absent in rod fishing.

While reality proves it's possible to cast a line backwards (see this youtube short), the technique seems atypical and doesn't correspond to the flavor text:
  You sit down, spit in the water and start to angle, dreaming of a huge catch.
Nor is it immersive for the player to remain facing away for the entire angling session.

Gameplay questions / Re: Is there any point retting nettles?
« on: July 01, 2023, 07:26:54 AM »
Among the fibre plants, nettle ranks as high-abundance low-investment.
It's free to take and grows plentifully in the wilderness, becoming available to harvest between late Fallow month until the beginning of Fall month.
I'd say go ahead and skip retting; nettle fibre is the quick fix option when you need yarn.

In terms of numbers:
  • 50 is the maximum number of nettle patches generated on the local map at a given 64x64 sector of suitable terrain
  • 10 is the maximum number of plants per tile that make up a patch
  • 15 nettle plants are required to make up 1 bundle of fibre (according to the changelog for URW version 3.72)
  • a single local map sector may yield at most 500 plants, which is enough to make 33 bundles of nettle fibre
In contrast, the fibre crops require high investment and have limited availability.
  • hemp and flax seeds are obtainable only from settlements (whether through theft or barter)
  • growing your own requires a shovel and an axe: you must clear tiles and chop wood in order to prepare soil
  • flax seeds must be planted before Hay month at the latest in order to have enough time to harvest the crop before it withers in Dirt month
  • flowering flax will not yield seeds on threshing (as of URW version 3.72)
    plan accordingly if you wish to re-seed your agricultural fields
  • re-seeding before Dirt month allows the crops to sprout as soon as possible in next year's growing season
    hemp - Soil month, ~3 weeks before summer season
    flax - Swidden month, ~12 weeks before mid-summer
  • retting can take anywhere between 5-25 days to prepare depending on water temperature when this action is available
    the earlier you bring in the harvest, the shorter the soaking period
  • drying plants takes about 1 week
After harvesting, the soonest you'll end up waiting could be nearly 2 weeks before you can process plants into fibre.
Although you can work on other projects in that period, certain activities can be time-sensitive such as drying meat or fish (which becomes possible in Dirt month).

In order to craft 33 bundles of fibre to compete with a highly productive local map sector of natural nettle...
  • At 5 plants per bundle of flax fibre, you'll need 165 flax plants.
    If your Agriculture skill is high, 1 fistful of flax seed is more likely to grow the maximum of 20 flax plants in a patch.
    In this case, a minimum of 9 tiles blessed by farmer-RNGesus will match the nettle output of a sector blessed by forest-RNGesus.
  • At 8 plants per bundle of hemp fibre, you'll need 264 hemp plants.
    1 fistful of hemp seed may grow up to 15 plants in a patch, so the equivalent is 18 high-productivity tiles.
But if you're neither lucky nor skilled, your crop patches will look a lot thinner and these best-case scenarios will be further removed from UnReality.

Modding / Re: Is broken arrow a base item?
« on: June 10, 2023, 05:11:01 AM »
The sesta is my choice for a general purpose base item because it has very low utility elsewhere, especially when a paddle will outperform it in water transportation.

Suggestions / Re: Cooking in [embers]
« on: June 03, 2023, 01:48:12 AM »
According to news.txt for version 3.70+, ember-roasting in modded cookery recipes can be accessed with the tag [ember-roast]

Mod Releases / Visible Arrows
« on: May 27, 2023, 05:17:27 AM »
This mod adds floating red-white pointers to arrows for improved visibility whenever you're trying to find those stray projectiles.

truetile sprites edited to have 66x66 pixel dimensions:
  • wp-arrow
  • wp-bharrow
  • wp-blarrow
  • wp-brkarrow
  • wp-btarrow
  • wp-starrow
In case you don't want the floaties active all the time, the original size 34x34 sprites from URW version 3.80 are also bundled in the folder.
File names for these duplicates end with double-v arrovv instead of single-w arrow.

Modding / Re: Birch-bark strip comes out in the WEAPON category
« on: May 09, 2023, 05:32:49 PM »
Did you try base object "Birch-bark rope" ?

Bug reports / Re: 3.80 (beta) Retting improves unarmed skill
« on: May 09, 2023, 05:22:34 PM »
Did you help someone who was lost in the forest?  If you did, you probably got the 3% rise from him.  The rise is not implemented until the next time you use the skill, so you may have helped him months ago and then kicked a bird to death or something, which would then give you the 3% rise in unarmed.

I never completed any quests on this save file, as this was a freshly generated character I was using to test flora edits.

Bug reports / 3.80 (beta) Retting improves unarmed skill
« on: April 30, 2023, 01:24:01 AM »
My character's unarmed skill went from 40% to 43% after I soaked 100 units of a plant.

That doesn't seem right to me because the retting action falls under the textilecraft menu. Is this intentional?
I can think of a similar example where a weapon skill improves outside of combat, e.g. flail skill when threshing from the agriculture menu.

Movement mode text is left-aligned in the status box when wading.

This doesn't match with the center alignment for other movement modes (walking, running, hiding, swimming, fallen, etc.)

Gameplay questions / Re: Snares need yarn now?!
« on: April 26, 2023, 05:36:06 AM »
Yarn is really cheap to trade for in villages. 1 squirrel hide can get you 150 feet of yarn, which can provide you with 25 snares for trapping.
Or you can trade those snares to get even more yarn.

To put things into perspective, 135 feet of yarn is required to make 1 cord.

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