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Suggestions / Re: Rare random dead bodies
« on: August 19, 2018, 09:58:16 AM »
I find dead people far too often. They're villagers who drowned in the village ponds...

If you were to find dead people in the wild (where you missed the case of messing with the wrong bear), you'd have to incredibly lucky to find the body at the very beginning of the game, when you need the items, unless the world is littered with dead bodies all over the place (or the game games bodies in for new character to stumble upon).
Basically, you'd most likely stumble upon dead bodies when you don't have much use for their gear, as you already have several Njerps under your belt, so it would be a feature that mostly would be of limited value for the off chance that someone gets incredibly lucky early on.

Suggestions / Re: Wild boars can be very aggressive
« on: August 18, 2018, 10:46:05 AM »
Currently wild boars can be quite aggressive when you've injured them, with a behavior similar to that of badgers.

Gameplay questions / Re: Is this an exploit or game mechanic?
« on: August 12, 2018, 07:03:53 PM »
Just avoid exploiting overvalued items...

I believe it's necessary to be able to pick up items above your carrying capacity to be able to buy really expensive items, like masterworks quality large armor, as it requires a huge stack of furs to cover the cost, and foreign traders ONLY accept fur as payment. I use a cow of burden to haul the furs to the traders and then unload the furs onto my character (or the ground and then to my character) to be able to cover the cost.

Modding / Re: Food quality?
« on: August 08, 2018, 08:23:40 AM »
Yes, sorry. I did some testing aswell, we can't change how foods are handled, they will always have quality. Funny enough, I found out "Delicious" food doesn't change nutrition, instead they fill the hunger bar faster. I have no idea how an food with no proprieties was able to fill a starving character. It was still starving, but 0 hunger bar lol
Starving people eat things without any nutrition just to fill their bellies. It doesn't provide any nutrition, but the pain from the empty belly is eased.

Gameplay questions / Re: Eastern wilderness
« on: August 08, 2018, 08:18:06 AM »

Losing the settlement to a robber raid did not happen to any of my characters yet. In your experience, does it happen with any regularity or were you just very unlucky?

 I think there was something specific to that shelter area, there was a great deal of shallow water surrounding the point on which I settled.
The base was actually attacked unsuccessfully twice, the criminals waded across the water and attacked from wading. The third attack came while I slept, I lost and was dropped some distance away. I recovered and resupplied then launched a counter attack from a boat. They were still there and I didn't survive.

intresting... can you describe the region more? and was it a shelter or a cabin? did you manage to retake it?
"They were still there and I didn't survive." indicates the answer to the last question is "No".

Gameplay questions / Re: what do roads do?
« on: August 08, 2018, 08:16:00 AM »
Fatigue builds up faster when winter traveling in wooded and mountainous terrain, and I'd expect roads to be at least as good as (frozen) mires. In addition to that, they indicate village relations and show you where nearby villages are if you're exploring the area. Plus, sleeping on them is not recommended. They also have some flora that may be of interest.

Gameplay questions / Re: does flour spoil?
« on: August 07, 2018, 09:25:22 AM »
I've ever seen it spoil. I've still got bags of rye flour sitting in my cellar from quest treasures a few years back (I use barley for baking, not rye).

Gameplay questions / Re: Your raft is overloaded at only 500 lbs
« on: August 04, 2018, 02:39:51 PM »
Yes, there a limit to the number of stacks for animals/companions, crafts, and the PC. The PC limit is higher than the others, though, so I load up my cow of burden with the heavies stacks, while having my character take the many light ones (and I employ the same method with the dog after killing a Njerp).

General Discussion / Re: Some new player's feedback
« on: August 03, 2018, 11:51:47 AM »
When it comes to the ice warning situation, I think an explicit ice probing action might be what's needed.
<Rapidly heading into the suggestion territory>
- To make it convenient to use, I'd allow ice probing to be performed both on the overland map in a tile adjacent to water, and on the zoomed in map adjacent to water. Obviously, probing rapids should result in completely unsafe ice conditions at all times...
- Any character would have sufficient knowledge to probe the ice's current conditions. I'd provide the results in the form of:
  - Completely unsafe. The ice will break if you try to step on it.
  - Very unsafe. The ice might not break, but probably will.
  - Unsafe.
  - Currently mostly safe at your current load, but may still break.
  - Currently safe at your current load.
  - Currently safe at your maximum load without skis.
  - Currently safe for a fully loaded large bull!
- Weather Lore would be used to make a 24 hour ice safety assessment:
  - Um, things change over time... < X%
  - The most I've ever known ice changing is to: <one of the above> < Y%
  - Given the current and predicted weather conditions, it should change to: <one of the above> at worst. >=Y %

Resulting in something like:
  - It's currently safe with my current load, but could change to completely unsafe within a day; or
  - All I know is that it's currently a bit risky with my current load. Who knows what the conditions will be tomorrow?
  - I can currently cross the ice safely at full load, and tomorrow I should be able to carry my current load, but not the maximum one.

I'd make the predictions conservative, i.e. err on the safe side, so someone with poor weather lore playing it safe would stop crossing the ice earlier than someone with experience. However, middle aged men and teenagers obviously know when safety limits are too conservative...

Gameplay questions / Re: this game in unplayable and i'm triggered
« on: July 30, 2018, 11:03:50 PM »
Well, I've never had much luck with fishing... For my characters early fishing has been a way to starve to death slowly, as my characters start with poor fishing skills and no fishing gear, and spear fishing take as much time as you give it (leaving no time to do anything else), while only resulting in 1-2 pikes a week. Endurance hunting has worked fairly well for my characters, although I prefer trapping and farming as a stable base, but that takes some time to set up.

As indicated, there are multiple ways to start, although it helps to play with your character's strengths.
Starting in winter is bound to be hard. I prefer "spring" (it's still cold, frozen ice, and snow), as it tends to give me time to dry some meat before it gets too warm (as a fallback food source), and then use the rest of the year to set things up and prepare for agriculture the next spring.

Gameplay questions / Re: this game in unplayable and i'm triggered
« on: July 30, 2018, 06:21:27 PM »
I don't understand the "spam movement key" claim. One movement key press, one movement step. You can enter keys faster than the game reacts, but that means you can't react to what's happening (such as detection of an animal). There's also overland movement to get somewhere with fewer key presses.

The way I start the game I set up light lever traps, because they don't need much material or tools. I then complement that with zooming out to the overland map, move one tile, zoom in, look for a nearby bird (max 5 tiles) and throw a rock at it. If it hits (usually not, but can happen occasionally), I run up to it and hit it with anything (like the rock in the other hand) to kill it. During that same process I also look for large game for endurance hunting. However, I give up if there are too many tracks around, as it's impossible to make out where the bugger went with the poor initial tracking skill, but much of the time the area isn't track riddled.
Don't run when endurance hunting, as that will reduce YOUR movement speed to a crawl. I only run very small sprints to scare the animal into running again when it's started to get at least slightly fatigued, as the key is to get it to run until breathless. As fatigue causes it to run slower, you can catch up easier, to scare it off again and again (all this requires being able to track it, of course). Tracking anything in spruce infested forests is a pain, so aim for pine forests or mires, where the sight range is good.

Bleeding can stop spontaneously (and often does on wounded animals), so they usually don't bleed out. However, any injuries result in penalties that reduce the movement speed, and injuries to the legs causing them to walk lame reduces the speed further. This, of course, makes it easier to scare it off into running again and again.

General Discussion / Re: Some new player's feedback
« on: July 27, 2018, 08:59:58 PM »
In real life I can look at the ice and probe it with a spear. I can also look at the temperature, weather, and snow cover as a UrW player, which shifts the knowledge from the character to the player, which is shooter behavior, not role playing behavior. I would expect the modern people that drown every winter to mostly fall into the categories of "city folk who don't know what they're doing" and "ah, it'll probably be fine", with the latter being those who received the overland travel warning and decided to risk it zoomed in. There probably weren't many of the city dweller category during the Iron Age...

When it comes to smoking/drying cords being reusable, I originally thought they should. However, when thinking a bit further about it, it's probably suitable for them to get destroyed, because they'll be soaked with blood that will dry and make the cord brittle, and smoke/sunlight isn't good for cords either. However, it works perfectly well to smoke herring using large twigs piercing their eyes, and I assume you could do the same with drying.

General Discussion / Re: Some new player's feedback
« on: July 25, 2018, 10:30:22 AM »
Finland was robbed of access to the arctic sea (and and other substantial land areas lost) by the Soviet Union's assaults on the country in World Wars 1 and 2. Obviously, borders weren't much of a thing during the Iron Age, and the Saami peoples are spread over areas that today belong to Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.

General Discussion / Re: Some new player's feedback
« on: July 24, 2018, 11:01:20 PM »
I completely agree with the safe travel over ice issue, as I've had it happen to me as well, although it's probably not very common, as you'd need to travel over substantial stretches of ice at precisely the right (wrong?) time for it to happen.
I definitely think there should be more of a margin in the refusal to travel over ice on the overland map, as the player is unable to do any of the things a reasonably ice savvy individual would. The player can't probe the ice or look at the ice quality, for instance. The things the player can do are:
- Look at the calendar and estimate when it might be unsafe.
- Look at the air temperature and guess at what the ice melting rate might be.
- Look at the snow cover and guess how that might relate to ice thickness.
- The player (the character has no influence on this, which is poor, as it should be based on character knowledge, not whether the player knows anything about ice or not) can then game the system by loading up e.g. max load and see of the refusal to travel overland appears. If it does, it's in the danger zone. It's rather tedious, though. I'd rather have the refusal being based on the max load, rather than the current one.

As Erkka mentioned, the system takes stance into consideration, as well as load carried and whether skis are worn or not (and I'm not sure going prone is better than wearing skis, although it ought to be).
When out on thin ice and it starts making cracking noises, go prone and dump all non essential items carried (in particular a mound of meat from a fresh kill). It can be noted that items generally don't sink in UrW (with thrown rocks being among items that are an exception) so you can recover the items using a water craft a month or so later. If you lightened the load sufficiently, you actually ought to be able to zoom out again, although I've never been in a situation where that was an option.

When it comes to the sea water potability, yes, the Baltic water is brackish, but the arctic sea carries "real" salt water in real life (and the Baltic and the arctic sea is separated in real life, as Finland is joined to Scandinavia by a substantial land bridge).

Bug reports / Re: Stackable Items not stacking
« on: July 21, 2018, 02:59:59 PM »
No, that's likely a different issue. Food that degrades over time only stacks with food at the same level of degradation, and those levels aren't having distinct descriptions, so the berries from today may not stack with those from yesterday, but they might, if those from yesterday didn't degrade.
As far as I can tell, leaves don't degrade, though.

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