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Suggestions / Add recipe command [helpful10] etc
« on: June 17, 2023, 03:11:18 PM »
I was thinking more on how to have optional items with the related complexities.

It occured to me a more plausible way is to add to the recipe language a small number of verbs:


If the item is present then that fixed number is added to the skill bonus for making an item (10, 20 or 30). Like [optional] if the helpful item isn't present you can still continue.

In the case of a possible net making variation to allow with Saami's planned tools and without it could be:

.Net. 8h /-30/
{Netting needle} [helpful20]
{Yarn} =900= [remove]
{Rocks} (8)
{Birch-bark} #0.3# [helpful10]

In this language if you have all the tool Saami was planning you have full skill.

If you none of them you are making a lower quality net with -30 skill adjustment. It is after all possible in real life to make a net without those.

In this example the netting needle is twice as helpful as having the birch-bark.

By using a finite set of numbers it should be possible to scan with the existing parsing of the item lines. A variable amount would be harder to program. This seems more possible.

I can think of other recipes where this could apply. Like with smithing have a second hammer is helpful but not critical. As the second hammer has a different shape there will be times it makes the output a little better.

Decorations could also have optional items that would give more chances of raising the output quality which in turn leads to a higher price when sold.

Suggestions / The forced drop should tell us what we drop
« on: June 14, 2023, 01:18:17 AM »
Having established a homestead with crops, food stocks and mounds of craft supplies I get hit by the too many item thing a lot. Like once or twice per game session if im near the homestead.

Sometimes Im standing on top of things when it happens. For example my house has a tile where tools and materials are kept. I stand there when crafting.

At least lately the drops have been food. It is however possible for it to drop important tools like a shovel, travel medicines and so on. When Im on a pile of many things its an annoying puzzle to figure out if Im kitted out for a trip.

Right now Im having trouble finding Calle's iron headed shovel and worried that a force drop I might not have noticed plopped it out in the woods some random spot.

I would like it if when the force drop is firing off that it tells us what it drops.

Suggestions / Bush smoker for meats
« on: June 09, 2023, 06:56:57 AM »
Currently smoking takes building a cabin size structure.

Watching alot of shows and documentary on survival and indigenous and they had alot simpler options.

Like a tripod of slender trunks over a fire, the covered in spruce to hold the smoke in. In this game its very similar to a shelter. That one seems reasonable to build a smoker.

There was other things like putting the meat in a bag, then the bag over a chimney to catch all the smoke which seems wierder to do in this game.

Gameplay questions / New arrowheads as weapons?
« on: June 09, 2023, 05:22:16 AM »
The new arrowheads pop under the weapon category and can be wielded.

Soooo.. are they are little stabby knives too?

I was going to ask to move the category to tool but they are wieldable. A low resource start might like that.

Modding / Is there a way to disable a vanilla menu letter?
« on: June 09, 2023, 04:40:16 AM »
For large mods like BAC the limited number of menu letter spaces has been an issue at times.

Been a while since I was deep in this games modding language. I know there is a way to add new menu items. What Im looking for is to turn a vanilla modding letter off. In this case the "Arrow" menu contents all but the mysterious recipe for "arrow" is moved to "Fletching" menu

Thus im stuck at what is shown in the pic. The new vanilla Arrow is now alone in the [A] Arrow menu.

This is an example of collisions with updates (steam or otherwise) and large mods.

How can I turn off one of the base game menus?

(asking in another thread about the mystery of the arrow recipe not being in diy_glossary )

Modding / Is feather a base object?
« on: June 09, 2023, 04:16:31 AM »
Relating to BAC updating the 3.80 arrow making

Im thinking of having a strip broken arrow for feathers

Is feathers a base object?

Modding / [3_80] Arrow recipe is where?
« on: June 09, 2023, 04:13:05 AM »
Im updating the BAC for the 3.80 changes.

The diy_glossary lists the arrow parts under [SUBMENU_START:arrow]

which has Blunt arrow; Arrow shaft; Stone arrowhead; Bone arrowhead

But... not the final Arrow  :o

Was that intenitonal?
Is it hidden somewhere else?

BAC has alternate arrow heads not covered by the new vanilla recipes and Id like to integrate them.

Also dont want to cut off the actual arrow making by mistake.

BAC is a community mega mod for Unreal World. It contains work from many contributors across many versions of Unreal World gong all the way back to Rain's amazing iron mod. There have been multiple caretakers and may be others in the future. Text files list various contributors.

Im doing the update for 3.80.

A fresh BAC thread to continue the updating for the current vanilla game. Each game update may cause "collision" by taking up base menu numbers or changing some mechanic.
3.72 vanilla did a much needed change on cordage types that needed an overall beyond my own time to due. Thanks to Armion and Rudy for doing the update then.
3.80 is added minor changes to how arrows can be made, which BAC already had in its own form, and adding a lumber option for a less than board piece of flat wood called "slat"

The first few posts are being reserved for later notes that tend to be needed.

As only the original creator of thread post #1 can adjust its attachments while it will initially be the current 3.80 BAC version you may need to check the end posts for any updates by anyone else.

Suggestions / CAPS LOCK indicator
« on: May 22, 2023, 04:51:25 PM »
With "q" for Quaff for drinking being a regular thing the pop up of "do you wish to die" is a bit alarming.. which comes from capital Q aka shift-Q. This happens if caps lock got pressed.

Small thing. Could you add a display in the game screen whether caps lock is on?

Suggestions / So nettle seeds are a thing after all
« on: May 17, 2023, 07:14:45 AM »
Nettles are used in the culture for clothing, its edible and good medicine.

The quantities to make clothing is very high.

Though there is stocks of it in the wilds the farmer characters ought to be able to grow it. Currently threshing doesn't produce a seed so they can not do that.

I was wrong, they just have to be harvested and threshed

Suggestions / Containers need an Unpack command
« on: May 15, 2023, 07:45:04 AM »
Once you put herbs into a container there needs to be a way to get small portions out.

I tested with roseroot in a birch bark container. 1+ lb of roseroot was in the box. When I did the sacrifice it sacrife the whole lot not just one set of leaves.

One context is that I've been using heather for general sacrifice. I decided to put my stocks into a birch-bark container mostly for roleplay an orderly kitchen. Currently my year's supply of ritual heather (200+ sets) is in one shot containers rather than using it the many times.

I can get only a minimal of uses by using smaller containers but its not going to be the 100s.

The "Apply" container needs a way to empty a container to your inventory. The "empty" assumes you are discarding.

Maybe the phrase "Unpack" to off load it to your inventory would work. then player can drop some or all for sorting.

For example 10 lbs of heather in large container but only want 1 lb while travelling on a hunt for medicine or sacrifices.
Unpack to inventory container to inventory, drop 1 lb on floor (not discard), put 9 pls heather back in the large container. Put container down. Pick up 1 lb of heather.

Not bugs / [3.72 p#1] Sauna Stove not an Oven for baking
« on: May 13, 2023, 11:54:01 AM »
Soo.. tad odd...

the Sauna Stove rather than a fireplace... counts as suitable for [boil] but not for [bake]

Showed trying to make a Meat Stew which has [bake] commands. The Meat Soup using [boil] was fine.

Im not sure if thats intended or not.

That it is called a Sauna >Stove< had me thinking it was all purpose thus could bake as well.

If its intended cabins need both a fireplace and sauna after all.

Bug reports / [3.72 p1] Material Iron failed to be Iron
« on: May 12, 2023, 06:27:30 AM »
Its been reported that the recipe below that specifically calls for the material to be iron is giving leather protection instead

thus for now we are experimenting with removing leather from it and similar recipes


//Spectacle helm
.Iron spectacle helm. *CARPENTRY* %-60% /8h/ [effort:3] [phys:hands, arms] |2|
{Steel dome} [remove] [ground] '+for initial frame'
{*steel billet} #2# [remove]    '+add curved plates'
{Iron nails} #0.25# [remove]    '+as rivets'
{Leather} #0.25# [remove]    '+as suspension and head band'
{Ball iron hammer}       '+needs advanced hammer for complex shapes'
{Pliers} [ground]      '+to hold while hammering at odd angles'
{*anvil*} [ground]       '+to hammer on'
{Medieval drill} [ground]    '+to drill rivet holes'
[ARMOUR_COVERAGE:skull face]
// reference showed price 520 torches = 30.6 squirrel hide
//2023-05 no edits applied
//2023-05-08 restore tool name from tongs back to pliers
//2023-05-08 affirming protection properties

Suggestions / Limit drop feathers be wilderness tile
« on: May 11, 2023, 09:26:43 PM »
I've got a lot of birds buzzing about thick as bees in spring sometimes. Dropping random feathers.

I'm also having the "you carry too much you horder" messages popping up. Some line items go to picking up the feathers.

Can we limit the number of stray feathers the game keeps per tile. Sort of a first-dropped-first-deleted or just don't drop if there are already 10+ feathers on the tile.

Suggestions / Building Cabin Cross piece
« on: May 10, 2023, 08:36:57 AM »
Some of us do more complex cabins then just squares and rectangles.

Could you add a cabin graphic for a cross piece. Like an X of logs. Long ends in the four compass directions north, south, east and west. It would look better then the flat joints we have to do right now. Its one tile graphic rather than 4 for possible T junctions which would still benefit from an cross X piece.

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