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I walked into a village and received the "you've found something to barter about?" shout. Upon bartering and asking them to remind me of what I owe them, I was told I owe them for a wooden tub of water. I vaguely recall picking up and drinking from the wooden tub briefly several months ago (perhaps I filled my skin instead? I don't recall). They did not seem upset, as if I had stolen anything; they simply wish to barter as if I still have the tub in my possession.

I have a copy of my save set aside in case it is needed.

Bug reports / Companion says "no carcass" when on top of carcass
« on: January 22, 2020, 10:06:58 AM »
I killed a lynx in a hunt, but my hideworking skill was poor so I decided to haul the carcass to my camp and hire a hideworking expert in the nearby settlement. After bringing the expert back, he claimed there was no carcass to carve, even though the carcass is present and is still fresh. This persists even if the expert is standing directly on top of the carcass.

Bug reports / Beaver family frozen at water's edge
« on: January 22, 2020, 03:45:32 AM »
I came across a family of beavers. They fled as I approached and ran into the water, which unfortunately for them was right past me and I clubbed one to death with the butt of my spear.

However, while I was doing that, none of the other beavers successfully escaped into the water. They are all "escaping", but they are not moving at all, each of them frozen at the water's edge. I believe it's because, as per the attached screenshot, there is a steeper entrance to the lake than usual at this particular spot, and the beavers cannot navigate that or path around it.

I bludgeoned a good three beavers before I realized they were bugged. Poor little guys!

When you are hiding successfully, robbers who have not yet delivered their ultimatum will still home in on you regardless. This happens whether the robbers saw you (encountered them on the wilderness map and zoomed in close) or they didn't even see you (you sneak up on them while zoomed in from far away).

Gameplay questions / Region-level distribution of game
« on: March 29, 2018, 07:32:41 PM »
Is game unevenly distributed by region? What are the factors involved? I was walking around a large area in spring with very few villages and I ran into literally more reindeer and elk than I could deal with. But, I've had far less luck in other areas and I'm not sure if it's a fluke or if game is less common near dense concentrations of villages.

Gameplay questions / Insufficient unity
« on: March 21, 2018, 04:43:12 PM »
I started playing again with 3.5 beta 2 after a long ways away, and I'm halfway through the year but have not learned any new rituals. The wiki page for rituals says that the system was totally overhauled for 3.5 but I haven't been able to find any info on whether this affected the "unity with the world".

Has the "unity with the world" system changed? Either way, what can I do to increase my chance of learning new rituals?

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