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Guides and tutorials / MOVED: Urw100b
« on: July 01, 2021, 09:11:10 PM »

Suggestions / Fence as drying rack
« on: February 19, 2021, 08:02:21 PM »
For a nomadic hunter, or any fisherman, it'd be appreciated if we could use fence section as a drying rack. We can already use outside of a shelter for it, but I feel it'd be thematically appropriate to allow drying on fences as well. Faster to set up and avoids unnecessary Shelter icon pop up on the Wilderness map. I personally refuse building shelters to shore section on water tiles as it looks messy on Wilderness map.

Pros: additional option for drying, even by water line, no messy shelters shown on Wilderness map over water.
Cons: none that I can think of, there'd be no need to have to dry only on a Fence section.

Bug reports / Severely wounded dogs, not eating.
« on: February 16, 2021, 09:30:20 PM »
When a dog gets wounded so it cannot stand, it stops eating.
Grievous, deep, wounds themselves do not stop dogs from eating, but losing ability to stand, stops them from eating.

They'll give 'happy look', but won't eat, even the food on the same tile: fresh, cooked and unspoiled, spoiled, bones. Nothing. When looked they'll show "Looks hungry".
They also won't bark in hunger, when unable to stand and hungry. As soon as they're able to stand, they'll beeline to closest edible item and devour it.

I finally found a FT to offer a fine habergeon. But he can't accept the furs, that he asked as payment. Mixture of Decent-Fine, Summer-Winter furs. See attached.

(If the Traders' carry limit isn't something to be adjusted, maybe the traders could utilize communal trading for their group, similar to villages'; and to split the furs carried amongst them rather than all act individually)

Gameplay questions / Plant withering, calendar or weather triggered?
« on: February 11, 2021, 08:01:41 PM »
I'm waiting for the 3rd turnip harvest to ripen and some will make it, some will wither. That they all wither at the same time and known week ahead, made me wonder, are they withering on weather or calendar? I'm suspecting calendar.

It's Fall month, 2nd day of 4th week before Winter. It has snowed once for less than half an hour. Ground is still diggable, as I did add couple pits, no traps on them yet.

Bug reports / Some fish spoilt in net
« on: February 11, 2021, 01:02:35 AM »
Went to check the net after tanning elk fur. Guess it pushed the net over 2 days. The wording is erroneous when some fish are spoiled and there's none edible. See screenshot.

Also, we should be able to pick the spoiled fish for dog food / bait.

General Discussion / Sometimes can't find the trap site... even it Heath
« on: February 09, 2021, 11:20:12 PM »
4 Days, trawling through all tiles within the circle and some outside the circle too. No luck.

Suggestions / Foreign Traders’ trading and merchandise.
« on: February 07, 2021, 07:00:21 AM »
2 part suggestion to add flexibility and variations to Foreign Traders.

1st part, (possibly costly to implement, but with trading benefits applicable to villages too)
When selecting items for trade, allow selection from all of the traders inventories. At the moment, we need to deal with each trader individually, and as the traders don’t offer “change” for more expensive furs, often wasteful and also IRL time consuming trying to juggle the bartering to 1) be accepted 2) not overpay for the goods.

2nd part, add Salt, also in smaller containers than bags to their offered goods. Birchbark boxes and baskets, possibly pouches (2-3lbs) and satchels 4-6lbs). Infrequently have them also carry and offer for sale period correct, foreign/exotic weapons: franciscas, Dane axes, langseaxes, winged thrusting spears, hewing or chopping spears ‘höggspjót’, barbed throwing spears ‘krókspjót’, halberds ‘atgeir’. As for skills needed/used: francisca and Dane are axe, langseax could use either knife or sword, all spears use spear, höggspjót and halberd: spear for thrusting, maybe axe for cutting, or KISS and only use spear.
Maybe some peculiar plants too: carrots, lettuce (cabbages at least were in previously), hogweed, onions.

Off-topic / Period appropriate tools and crafts
« on: February 04, 2021, 12:45:59 AM »
I thought to myself, I can’t be only URW player who goes hunting, does various crafts and loves the outdoors. So, let’s see people’s * tools, crafts and the like.
If the item pictured is made by yourself, great, if not, then give due credit. And also, let’s use only our own photos. And one picture per post.

* period appropriate only please.

Gameplay questions / Game caught, Light lever trap vs loop snare
« on: February 03, 2021, 09:14:49 PM »
I've been running few characters side by side, I'm not certain, but I have a strong suspicion that small game traps set might affect game  caught.
One character uses light lever traps almost exclusively (some paw boards and 2 big deadfalls) with no loop snares. In 2 winters, he's caught hundreds of birds, and if my documentation is correct, 8 hares.
Another character uses loop snares and paw-boards exclusively; during first winter, he has caught 38 various grouses, 78 hares. Only built 1 light lever trap as an ermine kept poaching the hares, and would not get in loop snare itself.

I'm running third character now, with mix of traps at each trap site, paw boards, loop snares, light lever traps and small dead falls. (just few sites, new character, still building cabin) we'll see what will get caught the most. (had to build bear trap though, big bear kept walking in on to the cabin construction.)

I know Sami changed the traps to no longer spawning animals. But have any of you noticed certain trap preference, catching more birds/hares?

Modding / Foreign traders’ merchandise?
« on: February 03, 2021, 05:46:49 AM »
Is it possible to mod what items Foreign Traders carry for sale?
I.e. can I have them carry salt? Can I have them carry e.g. langseax (I don’t want character to be able to smith themselves)

Bug reports / 3.63, Minor issue: Living in the Wild | Building
« on: February 01, 2021, 06:29:59 PM »
Within Game course “Living in the wild”, the task “Building” doesn’t complete when building a wall with shutter.

General Discussion / Call it a flashback or deja vu
« on: January 31, 2021, 06:56:13 PM »
Just had one of those moments where the life flashes in front of your eyes.

My character was walking around Driik looking for needed goods. Escorted a maiden to Sartola and found a treasure of piles of superior furs from her tip. Bought masterwork hunting bow, fine woods axe and pot.

Anyway, saw a cave pretty close to some villages and decided to check if it’s viable as base, hideout, stockpile. Walking closer to the cave entrance inside the cave was Njerpez raging with bastard sword in hand. Uhh. Just how many times did my characters die in dark caves on versions bygone... many, so effin’ many.
Took a step back, Njerpez turned away from view(still him inside, Taneli outside), had a chance to hide. Drop excess weight, wait, wait, wait. Ah, there he’s back in the cave opening. Let loose, hit cave wall. He turned to charge. Still hidden let loose another arrow, hit his hip. Longer story short, 4 more arrows in him and slit his throat with skramasaksi.

Got ragged clothes, bastard sword, broad knife. And decent cave too.

How many of you have had characters die in caves? Beasts or Njerpez’ ?

Bug reports / 3.63, minor glitch, crafting javelins
« on: January 29, 2021, 11:23:48 PM »
This goes to same category as joining tying equipment with varied quality levels.
When crafting Javelins, and there's fine staff in the pile of staves; all made javelins come out as fine javelins. Not a big issue. But glitch nonetheless (should our characters to be able to produce fine staves from slender trunks, as we can produce fine and perfect boards from trunks... I'd say yes)

Please excuse to cropped screen shots, new test character, crafting in a village, lot of door and noise spam.

In the bird thief quest dialogue, witchcraft is spelled as witchraft.

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