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Off-topic / Axes and hatchets
« on: December 21, 2019, 09:59:30 PM »
Greetings, tribesmen!

I've just bought a small carving hatchet in real life from a local blacksmith. My other axe is a Fiskars X10.
Fiskars axes are not really liked in my country as hard-core axe users don't trust the hollow plastic handle. However, I like my X10 a lot.
I thought this forum would be a good place to ask regular Fiskars (and derivatives, such as Gerber) axe/hatchet users, especially those who have used other axes too: what are YOUR experiences with them? Have you ever seen that dreaded handle break? What do you use them for?

Gameplay questions / Shields vs projectiles vs dodging
« on: December 21, 2019, 06:45:31 PM »
Greetings, tribesmen!

Do shields in the game give you extra defence against thrown weapons and arrows? If yes, are shields worth buying for this purpose?
My character has a whopping 70% dodge with around 30% shield skill. Is blocking with a shield preferable to dodging at these skill levels in melee?

Greetings, fellow tribesmen!

So I made a raft after a longish adventure to get the necessary ropes, paddled it to the other side of the rapids, and landed. I think I loaded about 3-5 tree trunks (big and slender), some stones, and a sesta on it, maybe a few more items too, but not very much. After going away a few zoomed-in tiles to gather stones, and then returning, the raft disappeared with all its load.
I did not zoom out during the stone and trunk gathering trip, but there was a loading screen, so I guess I went to another zoomed-out tile in the process. After not finding the raft, I zoomed out and walked around a little (1-2 zoomed-out tiles), and the raft did not show up on the zoomed-out map. Zoomed in again, the raft was still not on the shore. That and the raft not showing up on the zoomed-out map makes me think it despawned, not teleported.
I am pretty new to this game, this is the character I made the most progress with, so I would really like to get back my raft and its load, or at the very least the 3 ropes it required.

I see that Sami tends to inspect the related save files, so I am sending a link to them. If Sami (or maybe someone else) manages to recover my raft, as soon as I git gud at the game I will help the cause of this game by uploading a proper let's play (probably a series, where I would show in-depth hunting, combat, etc. and attempt to pronounce the Finnish words properly, as my native language is considered Finno-Ugric too) to Youtube, as most of the let's plays I have seen are either outdated, inaccurate, surface-scraping, made by very new players who do not know what they are doing, or just bad quality (for example, one let's player said "all the names are in Swedish Nordic").

The link to the compressed save folder:!DSJkiSTZ!piiUWNAQL4uciVZT6tTptcuQ-ukf2gOYIeTLesBGVaQ
The message log entry mentioning my last raft landing is the following: (3C5A98):87ge:[:]{082304B0}      | You go on shore.
The link to the picture outlining my most probable landing location (I don't remember exacly, but I do remember approximately):!mfA0Ba7J!azuowXMWursY1gJu4w7fZ14rHZoQ8YBniXKDZRyZvaw
Thanks in advance!

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