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Gameplay questions / what do roads do?
« on: August 08, 2018, 05:50:19 AM »
are they just decoration, or do they actually do something?

Gameplay questions / does flour spoil?
« on: August 07, 2018, 08:15:19 AM »
as title suggests, does barley/rye flour spoil? can i spend a few snowing winter days grinding the flour for summer seaon, or will it spoil?

Suggestions / winter graphics
« on: August 07, 2018, 06:02:55 AM »
see title, on trees, on large builders, etc.

i find it a bit immersion breaking to see so much green lush trees in the middle of winter.

Suggestions / befriend wild animals
« on: July 26, 2018, 01:47:04 AM »
so, over the years my character has encountered several animals, not all being bad to have around.

so, how about making animals remember if you are hostile or not, and if you ignore them they eventually get comfortable around you and ignore you right back.

would be usefull having an owl, finnish people do this i think, make places nearby for owls so the owls would hunt the vermin off the field.

Suggestions / friends and their benefits.
« on: June 29, 2018, 01:54:41 AM »
we can already make friends with npc's, well, more with an entire town at once, but ye.

there are also woodsmen, hunters and adventurers, some we even resque.

how about, if the player spends some time at one of his cabins, that location gets marked as "home".

use rng to calculate the chance of it happening (keep in mind weather and season) and make npc's decide to come and visit you, if you live close enough.
them just showing up, staying for a while and then leaving again, maybe even giving a small gift. not all to often, not all to far. but it would be a nice break from the continued work.

in addition, the adventurers you can save by escorting them to towns, how about if you escort them to your homestead, they stick around for a as long as you treat them right, making the place their home location, make a handfull of special beds the player can build to mark their sleep location, this leaves the player free to manage the settlement as they see fit. of course a limit has to be in place, but a handfull of bro's isn't all that bad, right?

task one to look after the animals, another one to keep the pile of firewood/branches big, another one to keep the fire burning, manage your settlement as chief. give each npc 3 possible tasks, primary, secondary, third. first do the primary, then the secondary, then the third. and place a meeting marker to (village table) that makes them gather in your hall/courtyard when they have spare time.

when they need a tool, they should check wich tool is on the property and fits their needs best, pick up that tool and remember where they got it, so they bring it back. give them a "responsibility", not a specific command. eg: "you maintain the buildings" making them repair the structures you have, or "you are in charge of the milking", making them milk all the animals. have a "milk barrel" that they use to fill and that other npc's can use to drink from. or "gather firewood here", setting an amount, making that npc gather firewood untill that amount it set.

so, given the 3 tasks and priorities, ukko, the lost kaumo tribesman, first sets out to milk all the animals, then gathers firewood untill the pile is restocked, then proceeds to harvest the crops. meanwhile, rurik, the lost kaumo adventurer gets up in the morning, tans any furs/leather that remains to be tanned, then empties the fishing nets and places them back, dumps the fish into the cellar and finishes up helping with the harvest.

of course, they'd also need equipment, the player should be expected to clothe them, ensure there is plenty of food, and preferably even arm them, should the player fail to do this, the npc's should decide to bugger off. and seeing as the equipment already given is a gift, you lose that. so you better keep your bro's happy and fed. certain tasks such as planting and hunting (things that require planning and complex decicions) should be left to the player, the npc's simply take over the simple but time consuming tasks.

this way the small repetetive tasks can be distributed, keeping the fire going, keeping the firewood up, buildings repaired, skins tanned, etc.

combine it with the upcomming animal husbandry and structure decay, and more jobs to keep rich players busy, it would at some point even be needed to have a helping hand around just to finish up all the work, and such a large homestead sure is a lot of work irl. it would keep the late-game intresting, as slacking off for to long could lead to starvation and the collapse of your settlement.

i can already dream of it, a large meadhall, a few houses, a farm field, some pastures. a living settlement! people working by day, and drinking by night!

General Discussion / unusual plants
« on: June 27, 2018, 02:01:08 AM »
so, i keep finding unusual plants. berries, grasses, mushrooms, just about anything.

i even farm one, i'm farming something i don't know what it actually is.

the question is, how do i get to know what plants these are?

also, if i plant turnips at around midsummer point, is that in time for a second harvest? the turnips are done much sooner then the rest.

and do spare seeds have any trading value? do they ever spoil?

General Discussion / building roads
« on: June 25, 2018, 02:50:10 AM »
ok, first up, beware, roads can burn. do not use them on a farm field. i learned this the hard way.

so, a few mods add roads that you can make.

did anyone every actually build a road to another village? my own homestead is about the same distance from the next village as they are spread from each other. about 10 tiles or some. did anyone ever actually do that distance? so far i've managed to do a whole tile in my spare time, took a quarter year to do, at this rate, a single road to a single village would take me about 4 ingame years.

i'm building it anyway, it's a visual que that tells me the way, is that the only usefull aspect they have or do they reduce travel time to? and if i build one, does it show on the world map like it does with the existing roads? does it also increase potential of visitors, considering i just had to fight off 4 robbers, this is a concern...

General Discussion / spirit of the forest
« on: June 25, 2018, 02:32:48 AM »
so, i've finally managed to meet with the king.

he told me something in the style of "you are free to roam my forest but always remember you're a guest in my realm"

does that mean we're good now? he's my bro again? and could i later re-do the ritual and talk to him again?

also, i did not actually talk to him at all, is it ok to do that? or do i just let him walk away? he came, said one thing, then left. i expected him to start talking to me or something. the quest that came with it did get completed, so i assume it's all good, right?

any sages here who know what this all means?

General Discussion / 4 robbers
« on: June 20, 2018, 03:09:53 AM »
while building roads on the homestead field,
laying stones and gravel to make the weeds yield
a group of robbers with handaxes they wield.
battle ensued, bull raging, ram ramming, dogs biting, javelins flying.
and now, only a whisper remains of the robbers for whom there is no crying.

the end result? a wounded cow, a wounded ram, 2 wounded dogs.... and 4 burning robbers.

left my cabin this morning, gathering stones for the paths on my homestead (when finished, i'll Screenshot that to for y'all to see)

anyway, this picture is why you should get a bull, when doing large building projects.

Suggestions / taking a footbath, cooling down.
« on: June 04, 2018, 05:31:46 PM »
so, while plowing my garden rl in this scorching heat, i found a neat trick not to overheat.

a footbath.

ok sure, in urw we can go take a swim yo get this effect to, but i'm not intrested in dumping my whole body in cold, just my feet.

so can we get this simple but effective trick, for us farmin players who toil in the warm summer sun?

Suggestions / njerpjez spawn options.
« on: December 01, 2017, 11:59:30 PM »
can we have a setting that turns njerp spawn outside of their own territory off.

and perhaps make it possible to find the other cultures as travellers (like foreign traders) that peddle goods.

and maybe (very distant future) make it possible to invite vagebond npc's to live at one of your homesteads if you have supplies.

Suggestions / expansion on the planned animal husbandry
« on: November 04, 2017, 06:22:52 PM »
so, reading the planned features list i noticed "animal husbandry".

first up, i can hardly wait for it. the new types of gameplay that could come from this is already filling my mind with joy.

but one little thing could make it go way further. not only being able to buy an animal, but being able to sell it.

but why?

simple, if i can breed animals i could survive off those, trough slaughtering them and trading their meats/furs/leather. but if i could sell the living animals it would make breeding them an even more viable source of income, maybe even good enough to replace njerp slaying.
of course, breeding animals requires large amounts of food/farming, so it won't be easy or quick to set up an animal breeding center, but it would make it pay off in the end.

so to recap, can we also get the ability to sell live animals?

Gameplay questions / dog food. what do they eat?
« on: June 13, 2017, 08:21:27 PM »
like the topic says, but more specificly, if i skin a carcass (bird, hare, small things) and trow it in the dogpen just like that, will they eat it?

other then that, what sorts of food do they eat?

i know they eat raw and spoiled uncooked meat and fat.

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