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Suggestions / Larger raw material batches
« on: November 21, 2021, 10:23:28 AM »
I'd like the ability to use larger batches of raw materials, especially when cooking. There might be use cases where it would be a nice QOL improvement in some other cases as well, but I think it's most prominent in cooking. For example, I was just recently gathering some tellervo's gift mushrooms, and those are usually found in very large batches, so I had about 100+ mushrooms to prepare by boiling; however, the interface only allows me to boil a batch of 10 at a time, which means that preparing some 100+ mushrooms and fill two wooden bowls with it takes a lot of key presses, and a single batch is only using a fraction of the pot's capacity.

In the best case scenario, you would choose the cooking vessel first, and then the maximum amount of raw materials would be determined by the capacity of the vessel. But failing that, the interface already has the ability to enter an arbitrary number, but the maximum is still 10 - which is a bit redundant really, because you have the quick selection keys for it already - so maybe it would be possible to increase that number. Or would that break something else?

Bug reports / Game window odd behaviour if resized (in Linux)
« on: October 15, 2021, 10:40:32 PM »
I just noticed that if you change the game window size from the default, then each time you zoom in and zoom out, the game area gets smaller, more squeezed in and after a while the elements start overlapping each other. This is happening at least in the Linux version of the game using Kubuntu 18.04 (Plasma desktop) - but as long as you don't touch the window sizing, it seems to be ok, so I used the desktop windowing settings to force the window size to prevent accidental resizing.... not perhaps a big priority bug, but maybe something to look into at some point.

EDIT: I've attached a screenshot of how it looks like after I did the zoom in/out cycle a few times. I initially resized the window vertically slightly smaller from the default.

Suggestions / Rowan berries
« on: August 31, 2021, 05:04:33 PM »
I was out collecting rowan berries just the other day to make some light mead and jam, and it occured to me that rowan berries are missing from the game. Although they are quite bitter and mildly poisonous if eaten straight out of the tree as soon as they become ripe, after the first night frosts or after boiling (or throwing them into the freezer for a day in modern times) most of the parasorbic acid that makes them bitter is converted into sorbic acid, which makes them less bitter, and the mildly poisonous substances present in the  seeds are also destroyed, especially during cooking.

In game terms, rowan beries could be something that's still available in late autumn/early winter when all the other berries are already out of season (somewhat similar to cranberries). The rowan tree and its berries have had a prominent position in folk magic and folk medicine, so it would somehow feel quite appropriate - would probably require quite a bit of work to add, though; coding the rowan trees so that they can have berries in the first place, plus some new graphics.

I think I discovered a safe Iron Age asbestos - dried retted nettles... I was trying to get rid of some excess nettles I couldn't use and shoved them into the fireplace, but much to my surprise, they didn't burn. I don't have any other plant fibers at hand so I can check if the same applies to other dried retted plants.

The stackable items not stacking issue has been in the game for a long time - i.e. items with the same name not stacking for no obvious (to player) reason. Usually this doesn't cause any issues, but now with textilecraft, it looks like there is a potentially troublesome issue: when extracting fibers from plants, you need at least 15 sets of dried retted plant, but because of the stacking issue, you can end up with something like my current character has with her stacks of 2 and 10 bunches of nettles - she cannot use them to extract fibers, because they don't stack with any other nettle bunches, and you cannot use different sets for extracting (they have to be in the same set), so those bunches of less than the required 15 go to waste. The quickest fix would probably be to allow combining different sets of plants during the extraction phase, until they make up at least 15.

Suggestions / More uses for yarn in 3.70
« on: June 30, 2021, 09:08:50 PM »
I've been playing the new beta a bit, and I was wondering whether it would make sense to allow creating cords from yarn, now that we have textilecraft? I modded the game myself to allow yarn to be used for standard cord, and renamed the old cord recipe to "Cloth cord" so that there is a source for cords in winter as well, because with the changes to clothing durability and the complete lack of wandering Njerps to rob in my part  of the world, I have hardly any cloth I could sacrifice for cord - or bandages - and had to trade for clothes in a village just so that I could rip them apart for cords... I think this would be a good change to the gameplay, and would also give some more uses for yarn.

Also related: now that plant fibres can be used for making yarn, wouldn't it make sense to allow harvesting even picked plants, like nettles, for extracting the fibres? The leaves aren't used for that purpose, but currently, once you pick the leaves you can't do anything else to the plant.

In my current game, I've discovered a fortified vagabond village that has no actual fortifications, it only has a single kota. It's one village in a cluster of eight villages on the edge of Islander, Driik and No mans's land. The cluster has three vagabond villages, two Islander villages and three Driik villages quite close to each other. It feels like the map generation is a bit off, because that is such an odd mix of villages clustered very close to each other - could it be an actual bug (the non-fortified fortified vagabond village does sound like one), or is it just an extreme result of random generation?

After modifying some cookery recipes more to my taste, I started wondering if it's possible to make some of the tools optional in case the ingredient you would need it for is optional and is omitted. For example, I modified Mushroom soup to have vegetables as optional (because when I make mushroom soup in RL, I always add vegetables too), and put a knife in as a tool needed for chopping and peeling the vegetables - but since the veggies are optional, it should only require the knife if they are included. As far as I can tell, it's not possible, so I ended up omitting the tool requirement in this case. Would there be any point in if the game behaved like that, or would it just make things too complicated for no real gain?

Bug reports / Punt stuck inland when zooming in [3.63]
« on: March 20, 2021, 10:41:01 PM »
Started playing again after a longish hiatus, and noticed that when you are on a boat and next to a coastal tile on the overland map and zoom in, your punt often gets stuck a couple of tiles inland (maybe something to do with the layout of the zoomed-in map?). It's not a big deal since it's easy enough to push the punt back in - and the behaviour has been there since forever as far as I can recall - but I didn't find it reported before on a quick glance, so here it is.

Off-topic / The Long Dark
« on: October 27, 2019, 03:44:26 PM »
I just bought The Long Dark at a Steam sale. Seems like an interesting game, though it shares some of the same weirnesses as many other modern survival games - for example, you can run out of fuel to burn even when standing in the middle of a forest full of trees, because you can't fell a tree as it isn't scripted in... Still, seems to have less tedious micromanagement and assorted jank that's so common for many other games in the survival genre.

Suggestions / More realistic terrain generation?
« on: August 21, 2019, 10:50:20 AM »
There's been something that's been bothering me about the terrain - the rivers are always very wide, and there are lots of lakes and ponds with no outlets and inlets. Ponds and lakes without inlets are relatively easy handwave away - they are fed by underwater springs - but lakes and ponds without outlets are less so (in Finland, the geology is not conductive to underground rivers, being mostly hard granite instead of limestone or other porous rock). I don't know how complex the terrain generation system is, but if it were possible to make it produce natural-like waterways  - lakes almost always having outlets that flow into another lake or streams that join another stream to form larger rivers - it would make the world more life-like. But then again, the waterways do not have any defined flow direction either, do they? Maybe it would be just too much and would require overhauling the entire generation system....

I built a house on rocky terrain and noticed that the game does not display the correct indoor graphics. Instead, it shows the rocky ground graphic, and if it's been snowing, it shows the snow-covered terrain graphic. There's an entry in the list of known bugs that says "Inside of building don't display correctly on rocky terrain during snowing" - I'm not sure if this is the same thing, since this bug happens whatever it is snowing or not (i.e. the rocky ground graphic always shown). The house was originally built when it was snowing (and the indoors showed the snowy ground graphic even after building the roof/floor, except on those tiles that had some other terrain type), and when the summer came and snow melted, it had the usual rocky ground graphic - and now when the winter is coming and it snows, it again shows the snowy ground graphic indoors. EDIT: during the summer I deconstructed one of the inside tiles and rebuilt it, trying to find out whether this had any effect on the graphics - it still showed the rocky ground graphic, and now the snowy ground, so it seems to be related to rocky ground in general.

Suggestions / Allow dogs to fetch prey floating on water
« on: December 29, 2018, 11:54:40 AM »
I was gathering herbs and hunting on a remote lake, shot down a few birds over water, and as I waded in to pick them up and eventually started getting cold, I started thinking it would be useful to have a command for dogs to fetch prey floating on water. The dog would pick up the bird, come back and then drop it near the owner. Of course, if the dog was hungry, it would eat the bird instead. That might be expandable to other small prey as well - for example, you set your dogs on a hare, they hunt it down, kill it and then bring the carcass to you. The latter would be a bonus, but the former would be really useful especially in early spring/late autumn, when the waters are too cold to wade in yourself just to fetch a bird for a couple of cuts of meat, and you don't have a boat or raft handy.

General Discussion / The story behind some human bones
« on: December 22, 2018, 10:53:27 AM »
Juha the Islander passed his first winter on the south-west coast near Driik, and when the spring came, he decided to head back up north to purchase another dog from the same village he bought one on his first trip north. On his way, he found a shelter, finding it curious as he had no recollection building one at that place. Upon investigating the camp site closer, he found four human bones and one glutton bone, right next to each other in front of the shelter. Who had died here and what had happened to him? He shrugged his shoulders, and fed the bones to his dog - their previous owner certainly had no use for them any more.

From a player pov, I'm curious: does the game generate these sorts of instances randomly, or where did that shelter or those bones come from? Do NPC's have independent life of their own, so some NPC could have built the shelter site? I have no active quests that could've generated that site, and don't remember building a shelter there, much less killing someone during my first trip up north (and completely sure about not killing any gluttons), so it's a bit unlikely that they'd be left over from my first trip (and do carcasses even leave bones unless you butcher them?).

Gameplay questions / Receiving failed quests again?
« on: November 27, 2018, 05:20:05 PM »
Is it possible to receive quests that were removed from the quest list, but not finished, again at some point? I have now failed both the forest maids and water folk quests - in the first case I was never able to catch the forest maid though she appeared several times, and in the second case I received the quest so late that once I had finally found a place where I could (probably) manage to carry out the rituals, it was winter already and lying naked on a rock in the middle of some rapids at night in subzero weather was less than appealing...

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