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Bug reports / Fast/run skiing
« on: October 24, 2018, 09:29:06 PM »
AFAIK there's only one official skiing pace, which at grandmaster allows me to ski at 6 km/h.
Pressing Shift-r informs you that "You can't run while skiing!"

I just discovered that if I unequip the ski stick, press shift-r, and re-equip the ski stick, I'm able to "ski" at 12 km/h on thigh deep snow.
Whenever I ski/run, the message log shows:
You ski.
You run.

Running while not using skis and ski stick still allows me to run at 12 km/h for a tile or two and then I slow down. This does not make sense to me, especially while running on thigh deep snow without snow shoes.
Disclaimer: I've never skied before, so I may be talking out of my ass.

Suggestions / QoL - Different font color for worn items.
« on: October 22, 2018, 06:11:07 AM »
It hasn't happened yet, but one of these days I will sell one of my worn items accidentally. I like to haggle, a lot!

A simple font color change for worn items would be great.

As soon as you load the game you'll find the adventurer in question a few tiles to the right.

I'm not trying to buy something from the adventurer, I'm trying to pay for something I picked up from the floor.

Save game.

The quest giver is sleeping in the tile above me.

I made sure to check what spear skill level I had (80) before talking to the adventurer for the reward.

Save game

I've been curing every single skin or hide I've had out of fear that it would either rot or degrade.

As the title says, does curing all your skins/hides give you long term protection from rot or degradation, even after you started the tanning process?

How long does it usually take for a skin to degrade and/or rot during the summer?

When I visit villages for the first time or when they have refreshed their items for trading (they do refresh right?), I like to move dried goods and other items I might be interested in buying in one location and so far I've had no issues with villagers yelling at me.

A village I visited was attacked by wolves and an old man was killed. At first none of the other villagers were interested in taking the old man's body or his loot, that was until I picked it all up (body included).
I got yelled at from a distance for trying to not pay for the old man's items, and before I could get the reputation hit (or did it happen anyway?) by allowing one of the villagers to start a conversation, I dropped all of the old man's stuff on the ground.
The entire village rushed over to the old man's loot to pick it up and I guess drop it inside the village's buildings.

Fast forward a week or so and I come back to the village and find worn out clothing and a knife (I forgot they were the old man's belongings) and so I do my usual routine of gathering all the stuff I may be interested in buying in my designated dumping location.
Unlike the normal items you find in the buildings, once I picked up the old man's belongings that were now stored in the buildings I somehow got treated with a "you touch it, you bought it policy".
Even if I dropped all the old man's stuff back in one of the buildings, when I talked to any adults in the village about trading, I would get the "you need to pay for the stuff" conversation.
The incident concluded with one of the villagers chasing me down to pay for the old men's stuff that were not in my possession and me telling them that "I can't pay for them, take them back".
I continued to talk to the person to see if I got a reputation hit, but he seemed cheery as usual. I either did not get a reputation hit OR my reputation with the village was high enough that this incident wasn't severe enough to make their attitudes change.

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