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Gameplay questions / badger behavior/spawns
« on: July 19, 2017, 07:09:20 AM »
the wiki says badgers are shy and run from humans- bt they also visit the settlement. my question is, how common are badgers? i am taking to believing quite common actually.

ive seen some awful strange badgers in my time; random sleepy badgers particularly on open mires just standing out in the open waiting to be clubbed and chased, and also curious nosey badgers repeatedly raiding the shelter looking for food. must be that RNG- just like when wolves decide to start battling when their outnumbered 10-1 or when stags getting chased turn the other way and fight your dogs or run back past. its funny when they start playing games with your settlement looking for berries and then leaving only when you get hostile.

given that badgers lay tracks upon a given trapping site if you stay active, it shouldnt be impossible to lay some traps for them. but my question is just how common are they? i read elsewhere for every tile, depending on the area youll have a badger, a couple foxes, and so on. it seems like those small game animals with expensive furs take real skill getting. even if you ride around on skis in winter around mires/lakes you never seem to run into them in the open. its only when they migrate that it feels like you run into them crossing a mire or something but always so far from your trapsite. it also seems to take a high trapping skill- catching them with small deadfalls seems near impossible unless your trapping is high (im assuming above 75). i only catch htem in big deadfalls which at  the moment are uneconomical to setup.

my question it, just how common are badgers? beavers, ermines etc? has anyone had consistent luck in getting them or one species? ive yet to catch a herd of beaver, or badgers, bagging them all,

if some regions favour particular anaimals (ie seals in south). does it follow then that certain terrain configuartions favour animals; ie Bears in Caves, and then, maybe pole cats and beavers on islands in between rivers. wouldnt we see certain species thriving in certain environments because of natural protections and opportunities. or maybe they lay low wherever they are. how common are badgers?

Gameplay questions / How do animals scent bait? distances?
« on: May 26, 2017, 04:36:14 PM »
ive been doing some experimenting with traps and baits, and im wondering How animal scent mechanics work, if they even exist. Do different animals have different distances between a trap and them before they start going to it, and is it a RNG type thing?

for example, would laying a whole lot of rotten meat on a hilltop, or through a forest, eventually attract wolves. I know that eagleowls and ravens always go for rotten meat, particularly if its up high. but would foxes/wolves eventually do likewise? considering scent is their strongest sense? just curious, as ive never caught any wolves yet.

does anyone know how this works? i also remember reading that the players tracks will detract animals so that could give reason for avoiding certain trap sites, as one would retrieve fish nets.



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