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Bug reports / Is item accounting bugged?
« on: January 19, 2018, 07:55:41 PM »
3.50 beta 2. Buiodda's Crafting Mod (modded), Njerpezit Cooking Mod (marginally modded), Jaredonian's Character Models + Distinct Tribes v3.

I'm plagued by messages about spreading too many items at my homestead, which is something I have never seen before with previous characters (e.g. 3.40 stable).
After the first occurrence I moved Njerp weapons and armor to the river tile beside the homestead, and also moved two of my cellars one tile to move about 110 stacks of food items (lots of roots, leaves, flowers, etc, and it doesn't help that leaves from the same plant acquired at different plant growth stages don't stack; + various stacks of dried and smoked meat).
However, it's happened again, and I certainly haven't brought in that many more stacks (I probably have less). The last time it happened (as of this writing) was while my character was crafting and I got the message that cooking food was ready: presumably the finished food item is added to the item list before the food item under preparation is removed (the same process that can cause full character inventories to suddenly drop things when food stacks are evaluated for degradation). During the crafting all items carried had been dropped on the floor (to reduce fatigue buildup during crafting), except those needed for the crafting step.
All bones except elk, reindeer and bear bones are stored in the neighboring river tile for the dog to spread around, which the big bones are neatly collected in 3 stacks in a cellar I haven't moved.
A number of bear skulls (10?) are hanging from trees within the homestead tile.

I've asked in the "gameplay questions" sub forum if there's some way/tool to check what all those stacks are, but haven't received any answers...

I've got a save shortly after this report (the morning after, with crafting being the last thing done except collecting the cooked food and eating before going to bed).

Gameplay questions / Strange lynx behavior?
« on: January 19, 2018, 04:59:20 PM »
My current character as now encountered two lynxes at the homestead that were breathless. In the first case I think my character returned from the overland map to find a lynx breathless outside the "stable" (a windowless building with a door, inside which the sheep was hosted), and in the latest one a lynx was running around the homestead causing interrupts when seen or when the dog barked in alarm while my character was engaged in a 5 hour or so activity. When done my character got some well deserved food, only to get that task interrupted by the appearance of a breathless lynx outside the stable (now containing a cow of burden as well).

Do predators sense the animals inside the stable, and thus get worked up trying to get at the prey in frustration?
The bear that "visited" not long ago did not seem overly interested in the stable, but it might be that it hadn't come close enough to it yet when my character engaged in the smart tactic to go inside the main building, close the door, and shoot at the bear through the window slit. I then found out bears can open doors...
Fortunately, the arrow injury was apparently sufficient to allow my character and dog to kill the bear without any injuries (apart from to the bear, of course).

I haven't had any wolves visit this character's homestead (fortunately, they're even scarier than bears), so I can't say anything about their behavior.

Bug reports / Dog caught in village pen
« on: January 13, 2018, 12:52:49 PM »
I entered a village from the west and ended up right beside a dog pen. When I tried to leave the village I was told my dog couldn't follow me, so I shouted for it and finally located it in the dog pen. Given that followers end up to the east of the character when entering settlements the dog should have ended up on top of the fence, and then elected to go in rather than out.
This is the first time it's happened, even though I've visited this village and another village where I likewise end up right beside a pen fence when entering from the west multiple times.

It's just an annoyance, but it would probably help if settlement generation placed pen fences with a two tile margin to the western edge rather than the current single tile.

Gameplay questions / Wooa, too many things...
« on: January 12, 2018, 08:00:30 PM »
I'm getting this despite not having a huge number of things, and very little scattering (and the message spammed a fair number of times [5-10, I think] while processing an elk hide, mixed with dog alarm warnings about the fox that got caught in a trap during the process).
I have about the same number of things as with previous characters, with the exception of bones (2-300 individual bones). The bones are stacked, except 3 small stashes (4+4+12 bones, I think) for dog enjoyment, which the dog de-stacks as it eats them.
My largest stack is an assortment or robber garments, which I try to process into bandages, but it takes time, followed by a weapon stack of robber/Njerp origin (my character has just returned from eliminating one quest robber band or 5, a "free" robber band of 4, and one Njerp [when an anti robber posse has been rounded up, it makes sense to eliminate all the known robber bands with it]. Earlier robber/Njerp clothing has been processed into a bandage stack).
My farming area is 5 tiles away, which should be far enough not to influence the homestead stack count.

Is there a tool that can tell me what those stacks are so I can hunt them down and process them in some suitable manner?

It's rather frustrating to have everyone I ask refuse when I'm trying to round up a posse to take down a robber band. It doesn't help that I have no idea why they refuse (including the members of the village that wants the robbers gone), as I've done a fair number of quests for them, and have done nothing to anger them.
The closest village has refused every time I've tried to hire someone, while I'm fairly sure I've now been rejected by at least two people I've hired to take down previous robber bands (based on their equipment), and as far as I can tell we've parted on good terms.
3 villages of refusals so far...

Bug reports / Misleading directions?
« on: January 06, 2018, 06:01:05 PM »
3.50 beta2
This is probably not a new issue for the new versions.

When asking for directions to other villages it seems they always claim it's a village populated by their own tribe. This is suspicious when a village at that distance would place it in another tribe's territory, or at least outside of their own.

When asking about caves the message can be somewhat misleading, when the person asked claims not to know if there are any and then claim to have wandered around the area a lot, indicating caves should be known if they were present. Better wordings would be "I don't think there are any as I have wandered around this area a lot." or "I don't know of any, and ...". I.e. rather than claiming ignorance and follow that up with knowledge of the area, it would be better to state that there probably are none, because the character knows the region well.

Bug reports / Triggered but erect traps. Bug?
« on: January 02, 2018, 09:30:45 AM »
3.50 beta (not sure if it's 1 or 2)

I've had one light lever trap and one bear trap getting triggered but remaining erect (i.e. the "weight" not fallen down). In the case of the bear trap I found a rotten elk carcass two tiles away from the trap (obscured by a tree), and naturally assume the elk had been mortally wounded by the trap, escaped, but died from its injuries shortly afterwards. Since the trap was still erect it took a long time to notice it had actually been triggered, as the red active trap indication is hard to see when it's dark.

It can be noted that I've definitely had animals escape from bear traps (a bear and a reindeer), but in both of those cases the traps had collapsed as expected. Since I haven't encountered escaping victims in prior versions (except for Njerps), I find that a very nice improvement.

I don't have any save of these erect triggered traps, though.

Bug reports / [not a bug] Reemi robbers in Reemi territory?
« on: December 31, 2017, 03:38:11 PM »
I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I've encountered Reemi robbers within Reemi territory while playing a Reemi character. Those robbers were encountered randomly, not as part of a quest though.
I'm not sure if robbers are supposed to pray on their own tribe, though.

3.50 beta 2

I came to a village and was told there was a wounded adventurer there. Following the directions I found a standing unidentified adventurer in one of the buildings indicated, but when talked to he just exchanged standard greetings and did neither offer a quest nor talk about a wounded adventurer.  When examined he did indeed have wounds. Other villagers greeted thereafter don't mention any injured adventurer, and the quest log shows nothing new.
The previous quest was performed 16 days earlier, and my character passed through this village in that search for a quest with none offered, so it's not like I've passed by a quest opportunity to let the adventurer heal up. I also checked the time in case the day ticked over, but it's early morning, so it hasn't ticked over in between me talking to villagers and talking to the adventurer.
If of interest, I've got a save immediately after having talked to the adventurer (but not any additional villagers).
I'm using the Jaredonean character models mod, the Njerpezit Cooking Mod, and Buiodda's Craft mod, the two latter tweaked a bit. Some missile images have also been replaced with brightly painted ones to make it easier to recover them. I doubt any of those changes have anything to do with this issue, though.

Edit: Further play gave me a robber quest 2-3 weeks later, so the quest glitch hasn't put things into a quest blocking mode, so the issue can be classified as an annoyance.

Suggestions / Use quest markers to indicate locations asked about
« on: December 20, 2017, 06:11:09 PM »
If it's easy to implement, using quest area rings to indicate approximately where villages, caves, and lakes asked about are would be rather helpful. If so, the areas would be automatically removed when the feature is seen by the character.
If you're told about a feature again the basic implementation would just keep the original indication, while an enhanced version would add something along the lines of "(you feel you have heard about this <feature> before.)".

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