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It was somehow related to Dwarf Fortress but I can't remember if I read about it on the forums or if Toady One mentioned Unreal World in some interview/update first...

Same for me, was coming off a DF binge and wanted something with a similar feel, but more relaxing gameplay.
If I remember correctly google lead me to some UnReal World articles, probably the Escapist or Rock Paper Shotgun ones mentioned earlier.

Sidenote: the atmosphere heavily contributed to me taking up hiking as a hobby, turns out Hungary has some beautiful sites :)

Gameplay questions / Re: Bow accuracy
« on: November 02, 2017, 01:16:29 PM »
You are vastly overestimating the accuracy of longbows at range.

A quick comparison:
- no matter how good archers were, they were at best equal to current olympians
- olympic archers use recurves that have much, much better accuracy than historic longbows(better technology, light arrows specifically made for competition)
- in perfect conditions competitors can hit a 12.2 cm diameter circle from 70m with a bit over 50% chance, the very best ~90%

No matter what the source is, there is just no way random soldiers with bad equipment were performing better than today's elite, at more than 2.5x(!!!) the range.
Another comparison, a comfortable range for hunting deer with modern composites is ~40 yards.

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