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Let's announce just one small but significant upcoming addition....

 - added: wounded or starving dogs may refuse to attack on command

        If your dog is seriously wounded or starving it may refuse to attack on command. Even the suffering dogs still defend
        their masters and themselves from charging predators and enemies, but are just reluctant to act as war dogs who always
        run after a given target completely despite of their own condition. This addition may encourage you to keep your dogs
        more safe and better fed from now on.

Did this comment contribute to this addition?  ;)
  • Neglecting Dogs
    Dogs are a huge help/advantage for hunting large game, and a player can treat them very poorly for their huge help.  I recommend some tweaks to augment their obvious advantages so that the player needs to balance the cost/benefit of keeping a pack of dogs...

I like the addition!

Gameplay questions / Re: What decides which animal I buy
« on: September 30, 2017, 04:43:47 PM »
Can someone provide a link to an accurate price list/comparison?  Thanks.

Stories / Re: Orja Reemailainen
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:38:06 PM »
I left my dogs to heal and most of my provisions near my landfall and traveled to the east where I remembered there was a famed raider settlement.  I avoided a bear I saw on the way and soon came to fortified village near a small bay...

I scouted around and saw numerous warriors in the fortified village, so I because more cautious and only approached at night.  There was no way to get close to the village and I did not believe I could safely draw away the Njerpez one at a time.  I spent a night watching and lurking around their village and saw no way to begin my revenge.  So, I went back to my dogs to think and commune with the spirits.  As I approached the spirits with hate in my heart, I realized they demanded a sacrifice for my revenge.  So I gathered my faithful dogs, equipped all my armor, and together we went back to the fortified village. 

As the late morning sun shone, I quietly approached the village fence from the east and hid behind a big rock and tree.  I tied my dogs to the tree, thanked them for their love, companionship, and trust and equipped my hunting bow.  I shot a Njerpez warrior in the back with a broadhead arrow and I hid back behind the big rock.  As the warrior charged, my two faithful dogs, Sitoa and Lakko, became enraged and drew the attention of the whole village.  As the whole village approached my dogs tied to the tree, I ran to the nearest building and quickly equipped my shield and sword.  I heard my dog's cries as they were brutally killed and steeled myself for the coming fight. 

Due the door and small building, I kept the filthy raiders from surrounding me and instead, struck them down one at a time.  I needed to conserve my energy, so I often paused rather than strike and counterstroke when they attacked me.  Because of the spirits' protection, my caution, shield, and defensive strategy, I was only lightly wounded.  Eventually, the last of the raiders were breathless as they crawled over a pile of their own dead to reach me.  When there was one Njerpez warrior left, I approached him and ended his life...

Their village was now mine.  I burned my two dogs for their sacrifice and to thank the spirits.  I spent the next days recovering from the battle as I ferried my supplies to the village, gathered their gear, tamed their pigs, and stacked the bodies of the dead.  I then spent weeks remaking their village to suit my needs.  I tore down several of their buildings, expanded several buildings, tore down much of their fence, built pens for animals, and put up a smaller perimeter fence...

I even traveled back to the Reemi to trade, buy sheep, and new dogs.  I can't bear to name them yet as I don't know what more sacrifices the spirits will require of me.  While with my people in the west, I even hired a companion to hunt down a bear that mauled a Reemi adventurer and find his father's handaxe.  I understand the significance of tokens of parents as I still carry the horse ornamented comb of my mother. 

While I finished my preparations, the first snows fell and withered the crops in the fields.  Winter had approached while I wasn't paying attention and I lost a harvest due to my neglect.  Regardless, I am now prepared.  I have more equipment and better armor and weapons.  I have decided to leave their Njerpezti bodies to rot in the field.  If the smell bothers me or begins to attract scavengers, then I might burn their corpses.  Soon, the cold and snows will come and bring the darkness of winter.  I will stalk the villages, and nurse my revenge.  Besides, I have the whole of the unexplored Njerpezti lands before me...

Stories / Re: Orja Reemailainen
« on: September 29, 2017, 07:05:03 PM »
PART 2: Return to Njerpezti

My righteous rage and burning grief after escaping from and then killing my slavers has cooled to a smoldering thirst for revenge.  I traded some of the gear from my slavers for a punt and paddle, axes, food, and two dogs.  I named them Sitoa and Lakko and they became my fast companions as we hunted for elk and reindeer.  They allowed me to put up several hundred pounds of meat to smoke in a Reemi lodge, food I would need to seek my revenge.  As I waited for the meat to cure, we traveled in the southern parts of Reemi lands, traded for more goods, helped identify a bird thief, gathered branches for an old man, and reconnected with my people. 

Through all this, Sitoa and Lakko were my truest companions and they could tell I was growing restless.  I was tempted to settle down and live my life among my people.  But my mother's prized horse ornamented comb is a constant reminder of my hate.  I am learning to savor it, to sip at it, and to anticipate my revenge.  As soon as my meat cured, I packed all my gear into a punt, leashed my two dogs, and pushed out into the sea.  I came to a string of small islands before the great deep and stopped to rest throughout the last night and into the morning.  When I awoke in the late afternoon, I pushed out into the sea without even acknowledging the spirits or feeding my dogs. 

I must have angered the spirits in my haste as I quickly tired as I paddled east and realized I would need to sleep in my loaded punt in the middle of the sea in the dead of night.  However, the rains came in the night and I could not sleep.  All that night the rains kept up and I was too tired to keep paddling and unable to rest.  As the sky lightened with the coming day, the rain strengthened and I spent even longer exhausted, wet, and miserable.  I didn't know how to appease the water spirits out at sea, so I clung to my punt and dogs and made little progress.  Finally, the rains stopped and I dropped exhausted to a dreamless sleep.  I made it to the southern coast of the Njerpezit.  I made landfall at a place called Ironfen along the southern coast and knew there was a village near the coast.  Knowing I was in hostile land, I put on all the armor I could, gathered my weapons, and left my punt and provisions along the coast.

I saw a cliff and hiked to it to get a view of the surrounding land and was immediately confronted my a band of 3 Njerpez thieves.  They didn't even ask for my equipment but ran at me with their weapons waving.  I loosed Sitoa and Lakko and entered the battle.  Although all three of us were wounded, we killed the thieves and I used their rough clothes to make bandages for my wounds.  I wish I could have bandaged my precious dogs' wounds to help their healing for they truly saved me that day.

From atop the cliff, I saw the raider village surrounded by mire and knew it would be a miserable place to set-up as my base for revenge.  I decided to move on, but knew I would be back.

Suggestions / Re: More kinds of structures
« on: September 27, 2017, 07:26:31 PM »
I like these ideas and agree this would likely be challenging. 

...This would also lead to a better game system for caves, because they could actually be inside mountains and hills rather than inside a group of stones.

I love this idea.  Anything to make caves more interesting would be great.

Gameplay questions / Re: Witnesses/aggression?
« on: September 26, 2017, 07:22:17 PM »
...However, the spirits frown upon such behavior. Once you've killed enough innocents, you'll receive a message warning you of the sense of unease you experience. This sense of unease is a very real negative luck effect on your future endeavors, designed to karmically punish you for your murderous ways. Njerps don't count.

Really? I have one character I've put ln the back burner who has systematically killed all NPCs in several owl villages and i never received an alert. Does anyone have the text of this warning?

Gameplay questions / Re: "Hear a thud"
« on: September 26, 2017, 07:19:15 PM »
I've never had NPCs enter my homestead. I had been worried my homestead might be raided, but it hasn't happened in numerous characters.

I do still put up a fence around my homestead though.

Gameplay questions / Re: Help with bird thief quest
« on: September 25, 2017, 06:32:28 PM »
I too got this quest and am wondering when the thief will confess.  I gave the sage the dead bird, cast the spell, and the quest originator immediately game to me and said we'll need to now wait and see when the person confesses.  It has been 7 days of waiting for the bird thief.  How long does it take to actually catch the person?  When I talk to the quest originator, his pat answer now is:
"We still have to wait.  I have no news about the thief." 
...and my response is, "So we'll wait and hope that the thief eventually comes forward." which his response is, "Let's do like that. Maybe we'll be wiser tomorrow."

Any guidance?

General Discussion / Re: Just Wow
« on: September 13, 2017, 04:41:12 PM »
My like character drowned from swimming too far.

You aren't the only one who has done this.  My first character died in the same way and I realized there was no save* or reload built into the game.  I thought, crap, this game just got real. 

*There are ways around this, but the reality that a character might die changes how you act when you: consider provoking a wandering bear, encounter a pack of wolves, agree to hunt down a band of thieves, or try to steal from a village.

Modding / Re: Use of dried/smoked meat/fish in cooking
« on: September 12, 2017, 04:22:03 AM »
Those are great responses and exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks!

Gameplay questions / Re: Quest: punt
« on: September 11, 2017, 09:23:18 PM »
Without knowing for certain, I think any kind of precipitation is sufficient. You can tell if a log is a "cut during rain" one or a "dry cut" one by whether it stacks with a "dry cut (or rain cut) one. Thus, if you have two logs that do not stack, one of them is suitable and the other one is not.

I too never knew that.  Is that why I get trunks that don't stack?  I've only ever had 2 different stacks of trunks.  I also haven't paid attention to how/when I get unstackable logs. 

Modding / Use of dried/smoked meat/fish in cooking
« on: September 11, 2017, 09:19:17 PM »
I'm starting to dabble in cooking modifications.  I've been able to craft edible recipes and embed them in sub-menus (Thanks for the tutorials and existing mods out there).  I've also created cooking recipes for dried berries, mushrooms, and herbs.

However, I want to use dried/smoked meat cuts and fish for recipes.  Is there any way for recipes to refer to general dried/smoked meat/fish as it currently does to {Raw meat} or {Raw fish}?  (Note: I also eventually want to use dried berries, dried mushrooms, and dried herbs (seasoning) in recipes.) 

For example, if I want to use dried stag cuts for a recipe, the following don't work:
     {Dried meat}    #1# [remove] [bake]
     {Dried cut}    #1# [remove] [bake]

Similarly, smoked trout doesn't work in the following:
     {Smoked fish}    #1# [remove] [bake]

...BUT, the following commands do work with dried stag cuts and smoked trout, respectively:
     {Dried stag cut}    #1# [remove] [bake]
     {Smoked trout}    #1# [remove] [bake]

I assume the same limitation exists for salted meat/fish.  Would I need specific recipes for all the different dried/smoked meat/fish permutations (e.g. Dried Bear Cut Recipe X, Dried Elk Cut Recipe X, etc.)?  Is there recipe text that generally refers to any permutation of the dried/smoked meat/fish possibilities?

Suggestions / Re: Buying Animals
« on: September 10, 2017, 07:13:45 PM »
I don't think 1 is in the works... ( ...based on the development notes.  Specifically, I can't find any mention that an update will feature the ability to buy the "big sheep" specifically instead of whichever sheep the seller decides to offer up first.  Am I missing that in the development page?

I'll edit the original post for clarity.

Suggestions / Buying Animals
« on: September 10, 2017, 01:57:17 PM »
Can the buying animals process be changed to address: 1) buying a specific size of livestock animal from among the available animals for sale, and/or 2) buying animals in bulk?
  • If a village has multiple livestock animals of the same type of animal for sale but I only want one specific sized animal, it seems to be random which animal I am actually buying.  I'd really like to either A) know which animal I am trying to buy or B) be able to choose which animal I want to buy. 

    A) Could the dialog specify I'm trading for the "small sheep" or the "big dog" or the "bull" (referring to the normal  bull).  Right now, I can't seem to find any pattern as to which animal I am actually buying at a time and the NPC dialogue doesn't clarify either.  I've tried to determine if proximity to the bought animal or selling villager influence which animal is for sale and I can't seem to find a pattern.  For example, if the village has 5 sheep and 3 dogs for sale, could the dialog proceed as follows: ""What kind of animals [do] you need? We have a few to sell around here. 1-Small Sheep, 2-Big Dog"  The player would then bid and trade OR reject the sale offer and start a new trade dialogue to bring up a new list of animals... 1-Sheep, 2-Small Dog

    B) Could the animal dialog actually list all the types/sizes of animals for sale not just by the animal type but also the animal size?  For example, if a village has 5 sheep (1 big, 2 normal, and 2 small) and 3 dogs (1 big, 1 normal, and 1 small) and I only want to buy the one big dog, then it seems random which dog I actually get the opportunity to buy at a time.  There have been instances when the big dog in this scenario is bought first, second, or third.  Could the dialog actually break down to: "What kind of animals [do] you need? We have a few to sell around here. 1-Ram, 2-Small Sheep, 3-Sheep, 4-Big Sheep, 5-Small Dog, 6-Dog, 7-Big Dog"
  • Can I buy multiple animals in one trade?  Right now, I need to buy multiple animals one-at-a-time.  Can I add the animals to a tally and then trade for them all at once?  This would allow the player to have more efficient trades and allow higher value items to be used for trades.  Now, a battlesword is worthless when trading for animals because it is so valuable.  But if I could buy animals in bulk, that sword might then become very handy if I could use it to buy a bull and cows/dogs.

Stories / Re: Orja Reemailainen
« on: September 07, 2017, 09:24:45 PM »
Some of the slower warriors held bows as they chased me.  I knew I would be killed if they could hit me, so I tried to keep other raiders in-between them and me as I ran.  Eventually, I stumbled through a grove and into a field planted with barley and peas.  By this time, only 4 breathless raiders had kept up with me.  I slowed my flight but had to stay far enough away that they wouldn't try to shoot me with their arrows.  I led them right into a Reemi village that rallied to my defense and killed the filthy Njerpez.  Unfortunately, a village sage was killed in the fight, but my revenge was started...

I sorted through the Raider's weapons and gear to find a scimitar and roundshield.  Leaving all their heavy armor, I crept back through the field, grove, and hid in a spruce mire next to the Njerpez camp.  When I saw Kaipia the idiot through the trees, I threw a rock at him and ran back through the forest.  Rather than call the rest of the raiders, Kaipia followed me alone into the forest.  He chased me through the trees and grove until he was breathless.  I then hid and crept until I was behind him and killed him with a blow to the back of the head...

He died loudly and I could hear the rest of the party crashing through the trees to find me.  I hid a short space away when they found his body.  I then followed them through the forest and drew them into another chase.  One-by-one, I wore them down until they were breathless and killed them.  Thankfully, Rautia was the last Njerpez left.  He saw my sword dripping with blood and he tried to run away like the coward he was.  I ran the weakling down and killed him with a slash to the back of his head...

As I ate and recovered from the fight, I gathered their equipment into the cabin that was my home.  As I sorted through their things, I saw my mother's comb and cried bitter tears...

Rautia must have brought the comb with him in his pride.  This comb is my most prized possession and I will always carry it as a talisman as I seek vengeance.  I believe my family's spirits were sending me a message.  I thought killing these demon raiders would ease my pain and satisfy my revenge.  But I was wrong.  I am still hollow with my grief and loss.  I cannot stay in the shell of my family's homestead.  The memories won't let me sleep in peace.  So I have moved into one of the cabins in the nearby village.  I will try to repay them for their sage's sacrifice for me.  Then the Njerpez will pay for all the wrongs they have done to me.  I will eradicate them, root and branch, so no other innocent children are taken into slavery. 

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