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General Discussion / Re: The Exile Challenge
« on: July 26, 2022, 12:35:45 PM »
Sounds like a different, interesting variation on the original challenger or the island challenge, but I died so many times on them that I have been trying a different challenge, partly like this one.

I play as an outcast, even changed my tribe name to the Outcast, no interaction with villages at all, I pick a start well away from any tribes cultural area. I keep my initial gear but need to survive a year to claim I beat the challenge.

The dip net is based on a fishing rod, see the diy_bac_toolmaking.txt file. This means it inherits the fishing rod property, like being adlse to add hooks.

It may help to change it to Net which should allow fishing for fish as well as ore, or you may need to change it to some other tool or hunting horn.

I cannot test this myself as I am still saving up to buy 3.71,

General Discussion / Re: Windows install problems
« on: July 11, 2022, 01:54:44 PM »
Thanks that solved that problem now to get nights mod to work.

I remember now why I ditched windows decades ago.

General Discussion / Re: Windows install problems
« on: July 10, 2022, 09:51:05 AM »
Well this is probably a bug as it is not possible to install urw on windows 7 or earlier, bur in general works if I can rescue my save.

As I do not even pick unknown mushrooms I cannot eat them by mistake, I did kill a snake a few weeks earlier but cooked and ate it then, if the meat was poisonous I would think it would have manifested itself fairly quickly. I am assuming the waking up with deadly poisoning is at least a glitch if not a bug, but possibly untraceable. I have been taking all sorts of remove toxins plants, raw or in teas but poisoning gets about 10 points worse every day, I would be dead before I got close to finding a shaman.

Looks like months of work will be lost, this time not due to my stupidity.

General Discussion / Windows install problems
« on: July 09, 2022, 10:12:51 AM »
I have not used windows for over 20 years but I need to now to solve an urw savefile problem.

I was player an independent survivalist in which I avoid all contact with other people. This means taking special care not to get injured until I can cure things, one part of this is avoiding any chance of eating anything that might be poisonous, so I only pick mushrooms that I know are safe. One day I woke up ready to spend the day grinding flour to last the winter and from nowhere I had a deadly poison in me, I had not eaten anything poisonous so assumed this might be some sort of bug. T easiest way to fix this was perhaps nights character editor, but that will only work on windows.

I tried running urw on wine but it fails to start with no useful error message. Searching around a dump I found a system that I got working, it had windows 7 on it, as well as a lot of personal stuff like bank logins for the old owner. urw would not install due to a missing dll. api-ms-win-crt-runtime, I tried installing this from several sites but get the message that win7 needs updating but also that it cannot be updated as it no longer supported. I can see there might also be a problem getting .net installed as well.

I have seen when searching here that people are running urw on xp but it seems you cannot install on older versions. Does anyone know what is the oldest windows version you can install urw and character editor on?

Development News / Re: Summer Sale on Steam - and a few pics
« on: June 29, 2022, 11:06:33 AM »
What about for those who do not trust or want steam?

General Discussion / Re: How to complete "Adventurer's (Item)" Quest?
« on: June 09, 2022, 09:49:10 AM »
Most messages in urw are not correct in English, at least to to pedants like me, even the weather reports are incorrect. The quest this refers to is wrong grammatically and thus leads to confusion for some people.

This fact that the post above is a direct cut and paste of a comment I made earlier, and it is a first post, should be more concerning about spam accounts.

Suggestions / Re: Merge the axe and club skills
« on: May 31, 2022, 10:58:55 AM »
I do not agree with any simplification, if you continue on that line you end with just an attack skill and a defence skill.

I would prefer to see many more skills, I can think of 20 skills to add, as an example throwing something could be a separate skill just to hit the target, damage done would depend on what you threw and how accurate your throwing is.

Bug reports / Re: [3.71] Elk Fat Disappeared
« on: May 29, 2022, 10:31:16 AM »
I regularly find items missing from my list. I am not sure if it is connected with dropping and picking up but could be. Often they are unimportant items that I may have lost days ago and quite often they turn up again a few days later, food items may return as stale or spoiled.

If the missing object is important or needed now I add it back with a fake recipe that uses no tools or input items and takes 1 minute, usually I use the common skill so as not to cheat my skills. When the original item returns I delete the replacement.

General Discussion / Re: How to complete "Adventurer's (Item)" Quest?
« on: April 25, 2022, 10:12:08 AM »
Notoriously difficult at times, not as impossible as the bird thief quest. I found the shelter 3 times and gave up about 10 times.

I always assumed it was near the centre of the target area but that may not be correct. I have had more success since I discovered that the location description seems to lose something in translation, what I read as north of some sort of terrain means in fact south of that terrain, or east, or west are mixed up. So I was always looking at the wrong side of a tile.

Once you find bloodscapes it is near the centre of that square and once you find it then it will show up on the zoomed out map. You cannot find it or the bloodscapes when zoomed out.

General Discussion / Re: Shield Mode, None, Center, High, Side
« on: April 14, 2022, 12:37:24 PM »
It is not necessarily true that the in game encyclopedia can only be edited by devs. The enhanced encyclopedia mod was produced with a lot of BAC information added and lots more general info. It is out of date somewhat after the last updates but I am currently adding info to most sections, such as what materials you need to make each craftable item etc.

The command in question is

.Harvest cliff bog ore. "Hunting Horn" [effort:2] [phys:arms,hands,stance]    *COMMON*   /40/ [noquality] [patch] [assist:1]
{[TERRAIN:pine_mire spruce_mire open_mire]}      '+be in Mire' 
{[NEARBY_TILE:cliff]}               '+near a cliff'
{Cutting weapon}               '+as something to cut peat layer'
[NAME:ore piece]
// Shouldn't be able to do when ground is frozen. Needs to be done on zoomed-out map.

So you need to be on one of the three mires with the cliff next to you while zoomed out if the ground is not frozen. Any deviation from the requirements will prevent the stage getting a 'tick.''

General Discussion / Re: help with hunting and trapping
« on: January 08, 2022, 12:32:48 PM »
While the time to process five birds is quite long, especially if done serially, I often can do eight or nine a day which boosts the tanning skill a lot. Washing and starting the first stage of tanning is done in less than an hour I then have plenty of time to cook the joints and the fat and do other chores. After the second stage which does take longer I have a couple of hours for other jobs and depending on the time of day I complete the process before sleeping or the next day.

Initially many leathers are of low quality, but within a few weeks I begin to get more decent or fine leathers. Usually I make clothes out of everything which also bumps skills up. I can see no reason not to process any skins.

General Discussion / A good day not to die
« on: December 13, 2021, 04:08:13 PM »
I have been busy since midsummer getting logs and boards ready for my new cabin, in fact two walls were partly built. The net I had was providing a steady supply of fish and the traps around my camp were supplying several ducks and other birds a week. But this cabin building was getting boring.

I remembered a large patch of vegetables a cereals I had found a couple of kilometres away, just growing in no mans land, some must be ripe for harvest now and it would be less tiring work. I decided to take a couple days break and fill the cellar with vegetables. I stored my tools in a shelter and headed north with a couple of days food. The plants were full of food but would not be ripe for 2 days so I decide to explore further north. About 10 Km north I started to find villages.

The first one had some good quality tools for barter, a pity I was travelling light. I also found there was a cave a short distance north west, they are always worth checking and on the way there I passed through another village, also lots of interesting items and an injured adventurer.

I have never had any success looking for shelters left by these guys but had a chat with him anyway, it turned out his shelter was fairly close to the cave position so I could check out the two together, his description was one of the better ones I have seen, in heathland south of a river, even I could find a river. I set out straight away and soon spotted a river in the search area and I pressed on to the bank of the river full of hope. It was here I found a problem.

There was no heathland south of the river, but there was north of the river. At this point I realised that the descriptions given lose something in translation and I was always looking on the wrong side of the tiles that shelters were in. I still think the words said heathland south of a river but they actually mean a river south of heathland. I crossed the river to check and almost immediately spotted a bloodscape, moving towards it I spotted another one deeper into trees. At this point I realised I had always understood the description that said on the edge of actually meant in the centre of as that was about where I was standing. I could not see any more bloodscapes or a shelter, but just north of a big clump of trees there was something odd so I went to investigate, it was a mug.

I assumed this might be part of the adventurers loot but there was nothing more to see. I stepped south and was hidden by the tree south of me and I was standing on his missing spear, no sign of a shelter. By luck I found a narrow path through the clump of trees SW, SW,NW where I found a fishing knife, apart from going back the only way I could go was west and I was in the shelter which I still could not see. I collected everything, a paw board trap, some cord and a couple of days food. The next problem I thought might be the bear, but it seems the bear could not find the shelter either, I just exited to the overland map and moved away.

With a lighter step I started back to the village but was going to check the cave on the way, it was about 400m south, the surrounding area was pleasant, 20m from the cave entrance was a piece of heathland, plenty of building materials and firewood and the next square was a lake, this was looking good. I explored the cave, it was quite big on a couple of levels, this would be a good place to live but I got a surprise  in the back corner, a Nerpez warrior.

He must have been as surprised as me, I was wielding my fine spear and thrust it at his body, I missed his body but gave him a serious wound in his left thigh. At that point he seemed to wake up he drew his scimitar and made a clumsy swing at me giving a small bruise on the hip and dropping his weapon, I thrust my spear at his body again and missed his body but gave him another serious wound in the right leg and caught a major blood vessel. He attempted to pick up his scimitar and hit me with it while lying on the floor bleeding, he missed totally. My third attempt to poke is body with my spear also missed the target but I did hit him in the neck and the last of his blood ran out of the puncture.

There was a good selection of loot, a fine hunting bow with fine arrows and 2 broad arrows, a fine hunting knife and fine boots. Other useful items were a fur overcoat, as I had not yet got any winter clothing, food is always handy and I was in two minds with regard to the scimitar. Trade items were most of his clothes and armour, he had iron kneecops, a habergeon and lamellar rerebraces, I judged the armour to be trade items as they were heavy and did nothing to protect him.

I could just about carry everything but lightened the load slightly by having a good meal and I treated the bruise even though it would probably heal itself the next day, my physician skill was low. I returned the spear to the adventurer who gave me some sword training, I traded most of the heavy stuff and got myself some fine tools. I traded the rest of my surplus in the next village just before dusk, it had been a good day so I slept in a spare cabin dreaming of the next good day when I would start upgrading from fine to masterwork tools and weapons.

Bug reports / [Fixed - persists in 3.71] Squirrels in saplings
« on: November 27, 2021, 02:13:35 PM »
Not exactly sure if this is a bug or a feature but it does seem to be incorrect.

Squirrels are damned nuisance to hunt at the best of times, 12 metres up a tree and easy to miss by throwing anything at it. Even up small trees the are about 5 meters up so only missile can hit them, eventually. The problem seems to be saplings, these seem to be about two or three meters tall, you can walk over them and visually they look shorter than people, then again scale is not accurate in urw, the squirrels look to be the same size as people. It seems logical that a squirrel up a sapling should be open to attack with a hand held weapon, especially a staff or spear. Trying to use anything other tan a thrown weapon on a squirrel in a sapling gives the message 'it is to high up above your head' even though it is looking you in the eye.

There seem to be two solutions, eithr they do not try to hide in saplings or you can hit them with a weapon as they are low enough to reach.

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