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General Discussion / Re: "The Challenge"
« on: August 22, 2020, 11:40:04 AM »
I assume from your post that you have not tried the challenge, or you got a really lucky start.

It is difficult to fish, even with high skill, without tools. In a dozen or so starts I never had high fishing skills and only once did I find any water within two days, and that seemed to have no fish.

Stealing clothes from a village would help with warmth but I have never found a village in any of my starts.

Modding / Re: Modding limitations?
« on: August 22, 2020, 11:23:21 AM »
As you claim to be a game dev, then the easiest course to get the game you want is to create your own. With unity, godot or even unreal engine available for free you can make your own open or closed source game fairly quickly, one person could have a proof of concept game within a month and an alpha test version within a year.

If you are young enough to want to work in game dev then you would also have something to add to a CV. I am well past have to work but I am creating my own version of urw, with a different name, not in Finland and using nothing from the urw code or assets, just for the pleasure of doing it and playing it. I am not even sure if I will release it, maybe the source will be open on gitlab, but maybe it will never get finished as I have so many other projects on the go.

Gameplay questions / Re: Roleplaying
« on: June 29, 2020, 10:44:40 AM »
Looks like I play my role differently than most other people.

I start in a remote area, as far away from cultural regions and villages as I can. The first few weeks or months are spent exploring the area I am claiming as home, I build a couple of shelters at good hunting or fishing spots and build up a supply of food and skins and scout for a suitable site for a homestead.

I never make any offerings or perform any rituals and as I almost never see anyone I never do quests and never talk to strangers anyway. Once I have build a stock of weapons and armour I attack any trespassers, my land is not your land.

The first winter is the time to collect building materials for my homestead, maybe start building it, and I set traplines around the build site. I tend to spend one day on the homestead work, one on checking traplines, one day I travel to my remote shelters to collect stores and one day making or repairing tools, weapons clothes and armour.

The wiki guide was abandoned shortly after it was started, for various reasons. The link does not work from there and it points to an older version of BAC.
Easiest way to download it to use Brygun's latest link, the post above yours or more generally from the first post of this topic, which always points to the latest version.

General Discussion / Re: Does BAC reduce realism?
« on: May 20, 2020, 10:40:01 AM »
My 2 cents. BAC is the single best improvement to URW, it makes many thing more 'real', I never play without it.

Admittedly I have never got into metal production so cannot comment on the balance/realism of this part. You do have the option of not using any bits you do not think are accurate enough.

It is possible that the first working on iron was done by a single guy trying to make iron better than bronze. Making a steel arrow head could be done by one person, making lots of them would need more people.

Cold smoking. There are a few requirements, fist the temperature needs to be below about 30 for the whole process, meat should be cured or salted for a couple of days first. Meat is then hung in a cold smokehouse and smoke is fed into it for 8 to 16 hours, the meat is then left for a month to completely dry.

Hot smoking. Here the temperature needs to be about 70 for the whole process but the process only takes about 16 hours. Hot smoked meat is usually eaten fresh from the smokers as the process does not do much to prolong preservation.

Warm smoking. As the name implies it is somewhere between hot and cold but for preservation the meat needs to be cured first.

Gameplay questions / Re: Multiplayer - what are your opinions?
« on: May 15, 2020, 10:05:50 AM »
Even if it did work in some way I would never play it, I do not entrust my pleasure to some others persons schedule.

The BAC user guide never really got started, nobody was interested in adding info, Some pages were deleted by an anonymous admin despite Sami saying it was for us users to add stuff.

Gameplay questions / Re: Problems with rituals
« on: April 13, 2020, 10:50:32 AM »
My point was that just because some people believe something to be it does not make it true. The egyptians had to perform a ritual every evening to get the sun to return the next morning. They believed the sun returned because of their ritual, we of course, know better, but they probably felt good about their influence with Ra and possibly this made their life feel better.

I have studied comparative religion and superstition for about 30 years, the main conclusion I have reached is that most people, throughout history and alive now, are to stupid to understand the realities of life and death and fill their minds spiritual nonsense so they can cope. Being over 70 now I am quite looking forward to the end although I am quite interested in the current mindless panic worldwide, hopefully 7 billion will die and thus save the planet, though the survivors will probably all have invented rituals that they swear saved then.

As I said I will play without rituals and see if I can get a character to outlast me.

Gameplay questions / Re: Problems with rituals
« on: April 12, 2020, 10:40:28 AM »
It seems from the replies that I can play as a real person in an unreal world with no major problems, thanks for the replies.

Many of the rituals seem illogical, why would sheep running over a fishing net be good?I would suggest it would damage the net and make it worse. I have tried several times throwing my fishing rod into the sea, which seems the wrong thing to do, but I usually get a message that I missed, even though it is there floating in the sea. Further on fishing, I cannot make any sense out of the throw the first fish caught back after the beginning of open water season. When is open water season, I usually live by the sea and fish all winter, if I catch 6 or 7 fish at a time which one was first?  One the one occasion I tried the ritual the fish floated at sea for weeks before I rafted out to it and picked it up, still fresh.

At least I know that most people think I should have no problems playing my way so I will persist.

Gameplay questions / Problems with rituals
« on: April 11, 2020, 11:22:22 AM »
I am having problems with the whole F4 thing, this is not a game problem but a problem with my philosophy of life.

My view is you are born, you stuggle in various ways to live then you die, no afterlife, rebirth, gods or such like. I have difficulty with suspension of disbelief in a game that is supposed to emulate life. I can cope with magic and supernatural beasts in fantasy games as they are not like life at all. I can also accept that so called 'primitive' races would invent explanations of a spiritual nature to explain things the do not understand, such rituals etc. may appear to work to them but would of course not do anything. At best they may make the person better at a task because they think some spirit is helping them though in fact any benefit is their better concentration or just luck.

I have forced myself to try playing using the rituals I know and have played the same character without using rituals at all, there seems to be very little difference, at least in 6 months of playing. The main difference is I feel better about my character when I play without using rituals, especially with some of the illogical ones.

My question is basically, is it possible to play long term with using rituals? Or does it get more complicated with years of playing while ignoring the F4 button?

Suggestions / Re: snow melting for drinking water
« on: April 04, 2020, 11:27:02 AM »
And do not forget the sage advice, "Do not eat yellow snow."

General Discussion / Re: "The Challenge"
« on: April 04, 2020, 11:24:35 AM »
I find this a very interesting way to play, and difficult, I can see why some people might give up after a couple of tries.

My first attempt caused a dilemma I started with a masterwork knife and several pieces of clothing that were masterwork, I was very tempted not to discard them all. My injuries were quite bad, lots of small cuts and bruises and a deep wound on my hip, I role played this by not climbing, running or even walking to far without resting. Just to my north there was a hill which would give me a chance to get some bearings, to the north were mountains and everywhere else was thick forest.

Water was going to be my problem, I needed to find some fast. I headed south as that seemed more downhill, I collected several sorts of berries and other plants as I went and some rocks and fallen branches. Around midday I stopped to rest my hip, lit a fire and ate some of the berries that I recognised. The berries filled my stomach and decreased some of my thirst but I was sure I could not live on berries all winter. I eventually found my way around a steep cliff, through a narrow gap in the trees, there was an ideal spot to spend the night, it looked as if should have a pond but it did not.

At the bottom of the cliff there was a trunk, nearby were several trees to collect more firewood from. I decided to rest there for the night, I dropped all my goods in a pile, pushed some branches onto the trunk, that might keep me warm all night. While waiting for night to fall I could make myself a stone knife, examine the plants I had collected and collect some branches to keep the fire going.

At this point RL got in the way and I had to do other things for an hour or so, when I got back I decided to save the game until the next day. When I loaded the game again I was back at the place where I had started, not at my camp, all my goods were probably at the campsite, including my food. It was however evening, I was cold and hungry and all the plants near me had been picked. I tried to find my camp but died before I got there.

My second attempt went better, I lasted almost a week but died of a stupid mistake. I had found some water after travelling a few Km, I set some traps, collected firewood and started building a shelter. This was where my stupid mistake came in, rather than light a fire to keep warm while working I persisted in building the shelter until I was to cold and weak to light a fire.

I now play this using BAC mod as there is more choice of actions while not being easier, you can spend most of the day making birch shoes which do very little to keep you warm.

Works OK for me using the link in the first post or the link in the post above yours.

I think you need to be logged in to download so maybe that is your problem?

I am still on 3.61, not much point updating until I finish rebuilding my system, as I cannot run anything yet.

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