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Hello everyone,,

I discovered this game three days earlier at BaseBuildingGames, and reading the description I thought "woah, it looks awesome ! There should be a catch somewhere, this looks too great." I am currently creating my third character, with probably 40 hours into the gaming. Ijust HAVE to share.

1. It is the ultimate survival game.

I remember the hardcore feature in Fallout : New Vegas. I thought it was awesome (it added a need for constant feeding and drinking) and the gaming community thought likewise. UnW is all about that. You need to feed, drink, get warm so as not to die in the winter. You have to sleep. You need to hunt, fish, later grow crops. Sometimes, you will wander for days in the forest, following reindeer tracks leading nowhere, seeing your starvation go up day after day. Out of despair, you may eat a human that happened to pass close enough for you to throw a javelin at his face. If you still got enough strength to gut it.

2. It is a survival game without zombies, and a swordfighting RPG without magic, elves or dwarves.

Seriously, how many of those are out there ? In UnW, no surreal bullshit. The only slightly supernatural thing you may do is a little ritual to help you sleep or for a good hunt. And it may not even work.

I think the success of Mount&Blade or Total War has to do, aside from the great gameplays, with the fact that people start to want realistic video games in a given timeframe. I want my suspension of disbelief.

3. You do not have to go through a concrete wall of a GUI to enjoy it to its full potential.

Granted, it's no Call of Duty. But it's no Dwarf Fortress either. Actually, for a roguelike, it has very decent graphics. And repetitive keyboard smashing is extremely rare. This is one of those games which actually benefits from having the mouse as an optional feature (DF could use a mouse for much more stuff, for christ's sake !). The best thing is the game courses. They act as a tutorial while providing plenty of challenge and throwing you deep into the game. You remember when I said that I had spent 40 hours playing it for the last three days ? That was mostly the beginner's course. Not because it is difficult, but because of the sheer depth in possibilities.

4. You start with a knife. You can end with a mansion with a cellar and a sauna. That you all built yourself.

Minecraft is for pussies.

5. The game is absolutely, completely free and content is constantly added.

In 2013, following the business model of Dwarf Fortress, the game went completely free, with the goal of becoming priced in the future once again. There are updates constantly, and each one adds very much to the game. It is upposed to get a price again once a certain level of completion is achieved. Man, I would pay 40 bucks anytime for the current version.

Final thoughts

I like lists. So do you (I hope).

I had to write this since I got so inspired by this game : it is what I had been looking for years, a real survival game pitting you vs the wilderness ! I remember reading this and thinking how awesome it would be if such a game existed. Little did I know, it did exist.

Please try The Wild Darkness by PoPeyed inc, it similar but have not social feature as URW have. Enormous Elk may become partner for each other to develop perfect RPG game.

Stories / Re: Hurt, helpless and winter! (Challenge)
« on: February 15, 2019, 06:50:22 PM »
So how is Kaitto now?

Just tried this scenario. Placing character on northern area far away from region. Starvation reach almost 50%. Luckily found settlement with abundant food. Starting produce ton of torches, then survived. Now have arctic fox fur, 2 winter elk fur, and clothes (harsh quality).

Stories / Re: Run Away Slave on Winter (lucky)
« on: February 15, 2019, 06:45:09 PM »
Is your approach in the Runaway Slave scenario to run to the building and fight in the doorway?

Yes. Running in one tile Kota, and ready to fight. Punch, Kick, Smack (if available ;D), dodge (but better blocking), picking up warrior's slipped weapon, and on. Of course i'm rolling character stats with high strenght, endurance, will, speed.

Stories / Run Away Slave on Winter (lucky)
« on: February 14, 2019, 05:03:58 PM »
Surrounded by Njerpet. E'llp ran away as fast as he can to the closest building, rained by arrows. Inside the building E'llp feels great fear, and ready to fight with his rough knife. heard sound of fighting. But nobody enter the building, what he heard only sound of fighting. Seems that there's an arrow hit the other Njerpet, and they're fighting each other. After some moment, it became quiet.

E'llp sneaking carefully, and stunned when he saw dozens of Njerpet Warriors lying dead. E'llp took the spear, bow and arrow, then observe his surrounding. He found only one warrior survive from the chaos. E'llp start to aim and shot the arrow. One and only badly wounded Njerpet instantly dead with one bullet.

E'llp picked up their equipments. Fell down the tree and make big fire, ready to cremate the unbelieveable warriors.

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