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Gameplay questions / Re: Dont understand how trapping fence works
« on: September 24, 2018, 09:15:35 PM »
The problem with a funnel in UrW is the lack angled fences.

If anyone wants to test in the game, maybe try something like this
Code: [Select]

and if you mirror the fence construction to the right side, the traps would probably catch all animals travelling in east-west direction. But, yeah, the square tile-based approach of UrW isn't that good for modelling angled constructs.

Gameplay questions / Re: Dont understand how trapping fence works
« on: September 24, 2018, 06:02:57 PM »
or maybe this?

Code: [Select]

_ = some terrain
# = fence
o = a trap
b = a bait (optional, can be replaced by yet another trap)

ps. this is not anything I've personally tested in the game, but an adaptation of an actual arrangement which has been historically used. Some historical trap fence consturctions were built so that the passage between fences gets narrower and narrower, thus funneling animals into the trap. I see tedomedo is on the right track thinking about fenced passageways leading to a trap, but I'd guess the key is to make it so that it is maximally easy to enter the passageway.

General Discussion / Re: Some new player's feedback
« on: August 03, 2018, 07:43:44 AM »
Even when animals enter your field of view this happens, and that's in most cases far from being life or death. What's the logic behind this? It might be a bear that might try to kill you? You might be starving and desperate to hunt an animal? Well doesn't the same logic apply to freezing to death and unsafe ice because they're just as life-threatening? 

Hmm, to me it seems that the logic is the same. Travelling on the world map, you get zoomed in the moment there is an animal in the same map tile as you. But you are not given a notice two tiles beforehand, when your character does not have any direct evidence of an animal possibly being somewhere ahead.

Walking on ice you are given a notice the moment your character notices that ice has become dangerous, but you are not told two hours beforehand when your character thinks that there is increased likelihood that some time in the near future the ice could possibly maybe become dangerous.

But the thing is, my character most likely would be aware of the risk factors in reality. He would see the snow / ice thawing, feel the temperature to be above freezing, take note of the whole weather situation, remember the development of the past days / weeks and yes he'd also have the oppurtunity to check the ice thickness (which I know is not a feature in the game yet). He'd also have the whole body feeling of actually being on the ice. I as the player am sitting in a comfortable modern apartment at my computer, while the character I'm playing is a Finnish iron age tribesman out in the wilderness who's a lot more in touch with nature than I could ever be ;D

There is the temperature gauge on the top-left corner of the screen. It also tells you if the sky is overcast or sunny. Now, as a player, it is up to you to pay a little attention. If it is spring time, if the temperature is above freezing, and especially if it is sunshine, that means ice conditions will deteriorate quickly.

But, yeah, now when you explain it I do realize that this indeed might not be so clear for players who don't have the real world experience. For us who have grown up with these things, it is about as clear as "oh, fire burns!" or "you get fatigued for running long distances carrying a lots of load". So, yeah, I understand that it would be heplful to have somekind of "newbie tutorial for urban people" which would give players more detailed instructions on basics of dealing with natural environment.

(Another thing might be just a question of getting used to the UI. I remember how, when I started learning to drive a car, I felt it rather demanding trying to distirbute my attention all over - how to keep my eyes on the road yet being constantly aware of what there is on the rear mirrors, what the speedometer says, and also fluently shifting the gears without looking at the gear stick. But after a few weeks I got used to it and nowadays all of that happens automatically without me thinking about it. I can imagine it might a same kind of process with game UI - while the main attention is on the map screen, being also aware of the temperature, the physical stats, the message box.)

Yes, I think that would solve the problem. In fact it would probably be the ideal solution. Until this system is fleshed out, you could make what you wrote earlier part of the tutorial and also write it down in the encyclopedia somewhere:

Ah, yes, improving the game encyclopedia is a constant major task, for there is so much information and sometimes we fail to predict what kind of information the players will need. (Another example is the handling of some mushroom. I, for one, grew up in a family where this was a routine every autumn. Some poisonous mushroom need to be boiled in water, and then the water is thrown away, as the mushroom are no more poisonous but the water is for that is where the poison went. Then we have seen some players being confused as the information said that a certain mushroom will be safe once boiled, and the player used raw mushroom as an ingredient in a stew, thinking that it will become safe as the stew is boiled. Sure, the mushroom becomes safe, but the stew itself becomes poisonous as the poison will remain in the liquid of the stew. Luckily, fellow players on forums are always there to help other players to better understand how these things work, in case we failed to explain it in detail in any of the in-game instructions.)

And what about you? Could you think of writing a small "some tips for newcomers and urban players" piece of instructions? Those can be posted in the tutorials section of the forums, and also added in the wiki.

If you make it clear to the player somehow that travelling on ice when zoomed out does not mean it's completely safe even when the game doesn't force you to zoom in immediately, then you have eliminated the possible miscommunication. If players ignore it, that at least would be on them, not on you.

I'm not sure what counts as "making it clear". I do understand that not many players browse through a text file inside the game folder, but this is what the news.txt says, searching for word "ice": (yes, a wall of text, I know. TLDR; "However, it should be noted that the ice can't never be trusted completely and even when you are allowed to travel on the ice on world map it can still break.")


* realistic modelling of ice and freezing of lakes

          Pretty much everything related to ice has been overhauled.
     Lakes start to freeze when the weather gets cold enough. This doesn't happen the same time every
          year, and the ice also doesn't grow equally thick every year. And when the lakes freeze, they
          now freeze gradually.

          - The ice cover first starts to build up at shallow water and proceeds towards deeper sections from there on.
            How fast the ice cover increases or decreases depends solely on the weather. Ice thickness can also vary at
            different sections of the lake. It's not anymore safe to walk on the ice as soon as there's ice cover on the
            lake. Thin ice can break under any load it can't hold - be it your character, NPCs, animals or items.

          - There's a confirmation to step on the ice if the character doubts the ice will hold. This applies to thin ice
            which characters can easily recognize by stomping on it to see if it cracks. Notice that even if there are no
            doubts and confirmations the ice still isn't necessarily safe to walk on.

          - It's not possible to travel on the ice on world map when the character doesn't trust the ice completely.
            If that's the case a message to zoom in to travel on the ice will be shown. This way the character
            can't mistakenly step on unreliable ice on world map. However, it should be noted that the ice can't
            never be trusted completely and even when you are allowed to travel on the ice on world map it can still
            break. Should this happen, the character is forced on zoomed in map where he/she needs to navigate to
            safe location.

        * falling through the ice

          - If you happen to fall through the ice climbing and pulling yourself back onto the ice is not easy and
            depends on your climbing skill, agility and strength. All of these factors are tested on each turn you try to
            move from the water onto the ice. Wielding any sharp pointy weapon such as knife, sword, spear or even an arrow
            will improve your chances to pull yourself out of the water. Swimming skill is also important as it determines
            for how long and how easily you can keep struggling in the water.

          - If you're unable to get out of the water after 5-10 minutes, you're almost certainly not going to get out.
            Your body temperature starts to drop as soon as you fall in the freezing water, and when hypothermia
            sets in you will eventually lose consciousness and drown. Depending on your swimming and climbing skills
            you will also build up certain amount fatigue on every turn you spend struggling in the water, and the more
            fatigued you get the lower your chances to pull yourself out become.

        * improved mechanics for making a hole in the ice

          - Time required to make a hole in the ice has been adjusted and now also depends on the ice thickness
            and the tool used. It's around 25 minute job to make a hole into half a meter thick ice
            with an axe. An inch thick ice can be broken in a minute or so. If the ice is very thin you can
            also break it without any tools.

          - When making a hole in the ice the best available tool is automatically selected. In addition to axes,
            spears and swords also stones and knives can be now used for breaking ice - even though they are quite
            unhandy for the job. The order of ice breaking tools from best to worst goes as: axe, spear, sword,
            knife, stone.

          - Holes in the ice will freeze back gradually and remain recognizable for a few days. Eventually
            the frozen holes will look like the regular ice cover, but may be weaker than the surrounding ice
            for some time. As holes in the ice won't freeze completely overnight it's now easier to maintain
            your wintertime water supply by breaking the same slightly frozen hole on a regular basis with only
            a little effort.
        * water temperature

          - Water temperature factor has been added, and it's precisely tracked thorough the year. It's not anymore
            always pleasant nor possible to swim for equally long time just about any day of the year.

          - Entering the water has faster effect on character's body temperature now. Even if you were feeling warm
            when going to swim in the cold water you'll get chilly or cold very soon. When the water is very warm
            you can spend hours in there without ill effects, but even if the lakes aren't frozen the water can still
            be so cold that there's a true risk of hypothermia. Needless to say, summer is best the season for longer
            swimming trips from now on.

          - If you are about to enter the cold water there's now always a confirmation if you really want to do so.
            It's still safe to swim in the cold water, but now you just may need to warm up properly afterwards
            to get comfortable again. However, entering the cold water when you are already freezing is not a
            wise move.

          - When looking at an adjacent water tile a message about the water temperature will be displayed.
            "The water is freezingly cold.","The water is very cold.","The water is rather warm." etc.

General Discussion / Re: Some new player's feedback
« on: July 31, 2018, 09:34:03 PM »
  and I don't see the thawing that occurs and makes ice unsafe. When the game tells you in one situation it's not safe to do something but allows the same action in another, you of course logically assume that it's safe. It's the messages that create the whole problem with the unsafe ice in the first place. 

well, the way I think of it:

- the moment you stepped on the ice it was safe, and the game didn't warn you.
- you kept on happily walking on the safe ice
- the moment you noticed that the ice has been thawing while you walk, becoming dangerously thin, that very moment the game gives you a message and forces you to zoom in, as now every 2 metres counts

this is the logic now. I do understand that it would be very helpful if there were some kind of early warning messages like "you think the ice might be becoming dangerously thin rather soon" or something, but that is always a question of balance. I mean, if there was a small message in the message log, we could still get players complaining "I didn't pay attention to that humble small message, I'd like the game to tell me in big red letters on top of the map screen that things are soon getting dangerous!". Or, if the early warning messages were more attention-catching, I'd guess some players would be complaining "I'd like to have a config option to switch off these annoying spammy messages!". (And, again, we can still think that the system now is that the game tells you as soon as the character notices that the ice is becoming unsafe. The game can't tell you before the character notices that. You are told the moment your character spots the marks of the dangerous thawing. How could the game send you a message about a think your character is not aware of?)

Well, but I agree there could be more player-initiated means to check the ice. Maybe in some future version weatherlore or some other skill could be used to evaluate the ice thickness. I think that would be a realistic way, and leaving the decision up to the player.

ps. what comes to drinking waters; I'm not sure but I'd guess this is something which is different in places with warmer climate, and places with more dense population than iron age Finland. Even nowadays in Finland, especially in remote areas, about all waters are drinkable. The risk of catching a harmful bacterial infection is rather low, and I pretty much believe that the ancient people indeed were more resistant to the common bacteria living in local waters. Yet, I do agree there maybe could be some risk added to drinking bog waters in the warm summer months - but that goes into the more general category of not-yet-implemented features, like the risk of accidentally cutting your knee when felling trees with an axe.

General Discussion / Re: Some new player's feedback
« on: July 25, 2018, 03:06:35 PM »
I've always interpreted the "north" side of the UrW map as being cognate to the Gulf of Bothnia rather than the Arctic Sea, but I guess the interpretation isn't exactly clear. 

Correct  :)
That is about what I thought when coding the random map generator. That the map loosely resembles Finnish geography but is not 1:1 equivalent. And that the sea is modelled by real life Baltic Sea, although in UrW map we don't see anything resembling Sweden and Norway. So the interpretation isn't exactly clear - I never thought of a accurate explanation of how the land masses are formed beoynd the UrW map.

Also, the basic philosophy is that the game world doesn't actually simulate the world as such, but the way the people at that time experienced the world they are living in. So, it might be that there are some land masses behind the sea, but they just aren't drawn on the map as the peoples of UnReal World might not know exactlty where and how those lands are.

General Discussion / Re: Some new player's feedback
« on: July 24, 2018, 10:56:46 AM »
Welcome aboard, and thanks for the feedback Flibbo!

  A death that I think was complete BS, if I can't trust the ice please tell me from the start in the wilderness map, like it usually happens, and not after I'm halfway across just to death-troll me.

Well, things went like that because when you started crossing the lake the ice was still thick enough to be trusted. And only got weaker when you got that message telling so. That means that the game had no way of warning you the moment you stepped on the ice - at that very moment the ice was ok, and the game can't predict how many hours you are going to spend walking on the ice and how the weather will be during those hours.

The ice thickness is tracked hour by hour, millimetre by millimetre. And in real life it also is so that after a freezing cold night the ice can be safe early in the morning, but becomes dangerous after noon, as they day gets warmer. These are things that the game can't so easily tell you beforehand, so we just have to assume that players pay special attention always when moving on ice, especially in autumn and springtime.

Also, when crossing thin ice the same rules apply in the game as in real life; go crawling, as your weight gets spread on larger surface and you won't fall through that easily. And have a knife wielded, for in case the ice breaks you have greater changes of pulling yourself back to solid ice if you can trust your knife into the ice instead of desperately trying to grab slippery ice with your bare hands.

In real life Finland a few people drown because of this kind of reasons, every year. Sure, we can call it complete BS, but then I think it is more like a way the world works, and the game simulates the same BS  :)

General Discussion / Re: Forum crash
« on: July 13, 2018, 08:46:29 PM »
I still think it might have been a techical problem somewhere in systems of the webhosting company, for in the morning the entire database connection was unavailable. That came back by itself after a few hours, so I assumed the tech guys at webhosting did what they could. After that a few database tables were corrupt, and I ran the database system's internal repair command on them.

So, yeah, it might or might not be related to spam bot activity. In any case, I don't know if we could do more to prevent spam accounts from registering without making it too unconvenient for real users to register. I think at the moment we have it so that each new user has to answer two custom questions - I have no idea how the bots bypass that, as I'd guess that even with a brute force attack getting two random words correct might not happen so often.

General Discussion / Forum crash
« on: July 13, 2018, 02:49:59 PM »
Seems like we have had a forum crash. I'm not aware of the reasons behind it, but luckily we are on-line again. I had to manually run some database recovery procedures, and seems like everything is back to normal, only that for most of the boards the "last post" column is empty on the index page. I hope it will get fixed by itself as the discussion resumes and new posts appear.

Gameplay questions / Re: Newbie combat question
« on: July 03, 2018, 04:49:32 PM »
Sounds like a technical problem. What is the hardware you are using? What operating system are you on? Do you use 1 on keypad or above the letter keys?

Off-topic / Re: Trip to Finland
« on: July 01, 2018, 07:43:26 PM »
Unfortunately, we have no experience on sea level but I read that pneumatic kayaks are much more suitable on sea than PU ones.

I was thinking about the shape and structure of the underside of the kayak. On wide open lakes if if gets windy any lightweight vessel with a roundish underside gets easily just pushed around by wind and waves. But, if a pneumatic kayak is OK for seas, then I'd guess it will also manage Finnish lakes no problem  :)

Fish trap is very good idea, especially because it's foldable and my skills are far below novice. I don't quite get this part about local fee... It depends on size of the catch?

Strictly speaking, the local fee is per equipment / per year. The system is mainly designed for us who permanently live in one place, and if there are that many people accessing the same lakes, there needs to be some regulation to control overfishing, and to share costs fairly among those who fish. (The money is then used for maintaining and supporting local fish populations). Also, the local areas are smallish. At worst a single lake can be divided among three different "board of local people collectively managing their fishing waters". So, depending on which corner of the lake one wants to set a net or two, one needs to buy a license from a different person... It all gets messy rather quickly, especially if you aren't a local and don't know who manages which lake and so on. To make things simple and easy I'd lean on the common sense side, and say that having a single fish trap set on one spot for one night is such a minimal activity that it doesn't require a local license.

Although, it might be a bit different in the national parks and other such officially maintained outdoors areas. When you get to plan the details of your trip you can send them e-mail to check if it is okay to use a fish trap at that time at this national park. Restrictions might apply to protect local wildlife.

1. Lapland - as whole but further north the better :D Something is calling me from out there but I have to be cautious with wife, she is excited but not as much as me :D Also, myself would like to see more 'civilized' side of Finland first, afterwards this more cold and harsh

Especially in June / July Lapland might occasionally get hotter than the southern part of Finland. So in the summertime it is not the coldness, but all the insects which fly, bite and sting. They tend to come in bigger flocks up in the north. But you'll encounter them anywhere in Finland, so be prepared  :)

4. Visiting Erkka, Helvetinjärvi national park and other nice places around, Tampere - thank you for invitation Erkka. Even if it won't be our main destination we consider to stop by for a day or two or seven

One possibility to consider is to start your trip by visiting my place. With my rowing boat I could accompany you out on the local waters for a day, and then you could continue exploring the nearby islands for a few days on your own, to get a better feel on your equipment. After that few days of 'test run' if you have questions or need to re-arrange some of your equipment, I could act as a local guide. But, I trust that you can also manage on your own, so if you prefer to start straight with a longer voyage on some other water system, I fully encourage you to try that. Adventures are made of .... well, adventuring  :)

Just found fellow-countryman blog with pictures from trip Savonlinna-Kuopio in pneumatic kayak! It takes him 13 days. Look at those beautiful photos!

Ah, yes, that is how the Finnish lakes look like. Looking at the map of his trip, in the start had he chosen to follow the western shores, that route would've taken up to Kuopio passing next to a place where a certain indie-game developer lives. If you choose to ponder that route, consider sending a message to Sami in case he is not following this thread.

Off-topic / Re: Trip to Finland
« on: June 29, 2018, 12:01:51 PM »
1. Where to go? :D Depending on our canoing concept, please post your suggestions in this matter. Preferably not so common places, standing aside from main courses - beautiful and wild. Of course visiting URW fans would also be great option!

I think 'where to go' depends on timing and your choice of equipment. Like, would you prefer river routes with rapids, or would you prefer criss-crossing the lake networks? If you have a canoe which is better suited for lakes, then shooting rapids isn't necessarily a wise option. And if you don't have a lot of earlier experience, going out to the sea might not be the safest option. In any case, the the options are plenty.

For river routes May or early June are usually best, as the water levels are at their highest after the snow has melted. Later on in the summer some river routes might become so shallow that they are uncomfortable to navigate.

In addition to great suggestions by Tervaskanto, visiting my place is always an option. I'm located roughly 100 km north from Tampere, and there are several canoeing options nearby. For example Haukkajoki route starts from Helvetinjärvi national park. I'm not exactly sure but to me it seems that the Haukkajoki route could take you all the way down to the city of Tampere, in case you plan to switch locations by public transport.

2. I also thought about buying kayak or canoe directly in our start area and leave it or sell in the end. Maybe you could help -  is it expensive? Is there some internet sites where I could contact with potential seller?

I'd guess there also are canoe rental services, and some of them are fine with starting at point A and collecting the canoe from location B. But I'm not so familiar with them so on top of my head I can't recommend any webpage listing rental options.

For second-hand equipment here is a link listing 'for sale', 'for rental', 'to give away' options. At the moment second hand canoes seems to sell from 500 € - 2000 €. If you decide to try this option, I think I could personally offer you some help with selling away the canoe once you are done with your trip.

But, of course, a pneumatic kayak would enalbe you to see various locations using the public transport. If you'd buy a second hand canoe, you either need tranportation help from local UrW players, or you are stuck in one water system (which won't be a problem, as all the major lake networks are big enough to paddle around for the whole summer)

3. I plan to fish but I am totally green - maybe you, more experience forumers have some advice for a novice? :) Basic equipment, tips and tricks... I also heard that you could fish with the rod in Finland without license, is that true?

Yes, a simple fishing rod with hook only and no reel - that you can use without a license. With a little bit of luck one can catch enough perches worth a meal.

My tip would be to consider a foldable / expandable portable fish trap. In the evening when you start to settle to camp for the night, you expand the fish trap and set it somewhere nearby. In the morning you go check the trap, fold it and pack it in the canoe for the day's voyage. That, of course, would mean more stuff to transport in your canoe, but gives the option to catch fish while you sleep.

Using a fish trap would require paying the national-level fishing license (they sell for 15€ / week. If you pay that, it would also allow you to drag a lure while you paddle around. Another nice way to possibly catch a pike while you go.) To be precise, a fish trap would also require a local-level license depening on the waters where you are. But my personal opinion is that if you are switching places every night, and you aren't highly experienced fisher then you catches are likely to stay so small that paying a local fee isn't that necessary.

4. Buying food (and of course alcohol;) ) . Let's suppose that I won't catch a single fish :D - Some advices regarding supplying?

Regarding alcohol, anything stronger than 5.5 % is only sold at special liquor stores, which can't be found in every small village. So if you want to have that bottle of dark rum to warm you up in one of those rainy evenings, plan to buy it beforehand while you are in a city or a town with liquor store (they are called "Alko"). Otherwise I'd guess it is the basics of camping food. Dry and canned stuff. Things are a bit easier if you have a portable stove - that way you don't have to start a fire every single time you'd like to have a mug of tea. (Ah, especially in May / early summer most of the water is safe to drink. And becomes safer once boiled. So packing a lot of drinking water isn't absolutely necessary. You can boil lake water every night and store it for the next day.)

It never hurts to have a bar of dark chocolate for quick energy if in situation where you need it.

5. Traveling in Finland. Quickest, cheapest way of traveling - by bus, train or maybe car sharing?

Trains are the quickest and often the most comfortable way of travelling. Buses can be either a lot of cheaper or more expensive. (Like, where an ordinary train ticket would be 30 € / adult, with a luck you can buy a bus ticket for the same route for mere 2.50 €.) I think train and bus operators all have such a pricing scheme that the earlier you buy your tickets the cheaper the prices.

For buses see matkahuolto.
For trains see VR.

I know there are car sharing services out there but that's pretty much all I know about them. That they exists.

For now this all that come to my mind, probably I would have more questions later.

So, if you are planning for summer 2019, feel free to start a separate topic when you get into more detailed planning.

Off-topic / Re: long layover in helsinky
« on: June 08, 2018, 11:07:56 PM »
No matter where you are going to sleep the night, I'd definitely recommed taking a small midnight stroll outdoors - just to get an impression of the midsummer white nights.

In the morning, depending on your budget and how adventurous you feel, I could imagine a few options. For example, take a commuter train, route I, but instead of driving it all the way down to Helsinki central station, stop at some smaller station. Like Vehkala or Pohjois-Haaga, which both have parks to walk around, rather close to the local train stop. (I'm not completely sure, but I'd guess the same train line is labelled P when it drives the same route but opposite direction, so you'd probably like to take that on your way back to the airport).

Or, if you'd like to see the actual Helsinki city, take a train or bus there. Near the central station you could either take a walk around Töölonlahti, or head west to Hietaniemi - area, which has parks (and a cemetary), a beach, and a few nice cafeterias here and there.

But, all of that naturally depends if you are suffering a jet-lag or something. So, back to basics; if you feel like skipping all the other activities, the only thing I recommend is a little walk outdoors either at midnight or in the small hours. After living here for more than forty years I still feel that there is something special in the light of the northern summer nights.

Off-topic / Re: Trip to Finland
« on: May 29, 2018, 08:36:46 AM »
Ah, yes, if your stay in the country is only for a few days, I'd guess there is no need to leave Helsinki.

It is a long time since I myself visited the iron age place of Pukkisaari, and that was an organized event. But I'd guess it is free to go walk around having a look at the buildings etc. Also, it is located next to Seurasaari museum which has buildings from past few hundred centuries. The oldest ones pretty much resemble the ones we have in Unreal World, so it might well be worth a visit, too, if you are interested in cultural heritage. On the plus side, Seurasaari is not a big museum building, but actually an outdoors place with the old buildings scattered around, so it makes a nice place for a walk.

Only a year ago I discovered the archipelago of Helsinki. There are boat cruises starting near the city central area, stopping at various isles. You could either just cruise it there and back, watching the scenery. Or take a stop at Vartiosaari (number 4 on the route map), for Vartiosaari has plenty of paths to walk around.

One of my favourites in Helsinki is Cafe Regatta, located a short walk away from the central railway station, sitting next to a bay of the sea, a tiny small cafeteria with a live camp-fire burning on the yard. The only downside is that I'm not the only person liking the place - sometimes it is crowded with foreign tourists and there is a long long queue if you'd like to buy coffee. But maybe worth taking a look.

But, yeah, I think the Nuuksio park offers a plenty to explore, and gives an impression of the typical Finnish woodlands nature.

Also, in the city, Helsinki Central Park is a nice place to walk around.

These are just my tips,
wishing you a pleasant and interesting experience in Finland  :)

Off-topic / Re: Trip to Finland
« on: May 28, 2018, 06:14:31 PM »
It depends on what you prefer to experience.

If you want to see some ponds and lakes in the woods and walk a forest trail, that can be accessed via local buses of Helsinki-area - there's Nuuksio national park.

Also, if in addition to nature you'd like to see Iron Age history, you might consider Pukkisaari in Helsinki.

I think Helsinki, Kuopio, Tampere and Jyväskylä all offer some possibilities to take a boat / small ship touring the sea / lakes. There probably are UrW players in all of those cities, anyone willing to be a local guide?

Also, if our dates match, UnReal Adventurers are always welcome to visit my place - I'm located one hour train trip north from Tampere, and I have a rowing boat and access to the local lake. Or, I'd guess you can also ask Sami if he has free time to host an adventurer for a day or two - he is in Kuopio-area.

General Discussion / Re: ##urw IRC Chatroom
« on: April 22, 2018, 05:30:42 PM »
Hello folks,

It is Sunday 22th of April, half past six (Finnish Time; UTC+3) and I'm online at the irc channel. Come to chat if you happen to feel like that. I have an idle evening with nothing special to do, so I might well hang around the irc channel until 22:00 UTC+3 or so.

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