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Gameplay questions / Re: What stat determines...
« on: Today at 01:53:44 PM »
I suspect it's endurance. I had a character with a low starting endurance and an endurance of about 50% after both game courses. Apart from a significantly slow fatigue recovery than normal (which improved after the courses), that character also fainted a lot, basically every time taking a wound (mostly friendly fire while fighting robbers), which also resulted in the final demise (a bite in the arm by a wolf, fainted, never woke up. The dog apparently did nothing). It can be noted that that character was as small as you can get them and with a middling strength, which might be factors.

My other characters have had good or very good endurance and have rarely fainted from pain (they all faint eventually from a combination of fatigue and abuse when robbed and resisting, of course).

The first rule when it comes to combat on life and death is that there is no such thing as poor sportsmanship. Back out if you're unsure about the outcome (and are able to), as living to fight another day beats a career as a carcass. Attack from hiding and from range. Use hit & run tactics. Gang up on the enemy...

Bug reports / Is item accounting bugged?
« on: January 19, 2018, 07:55:41 PM »
3.50 beta 2. Buiodda's Crafting Mod (modded), Njerpezit Cooking Mod (marginally modded), Jaredonian's Character Models + Distinct Tribes v3.

I'm plagued by messages about spreading too many items at my homestead, which is something I have never seen before with previous characters (e.g. 3.40 stable).
After the first occurrence I moved Njerp weapons and armor to the river tile beside the homestead, and also moved two of my cellars one tile to move about 110 stacks of food items (lots of roots, leaves, flowers, etc, and it doesn't help that leaves from the same plant acquired at different plant growth stages don't stack; + various stacks of dried and smoked meat).
However, it's happened again, and I certainly haven't brought in that many more stacks (I probably have less). The last time it happened (as of this writing) was while my character was crafting and I got the message that cooking food was ready: presumably the finished food item is added to the item list before the food item under preparation is removed (the same process that can cause full character inventories to suddenly drop things when food stacks are evaluated for degradation). During the crafting all items carried had been dropped on the floor (to reduce fatigue buildup during crafting), except those needed for the crafting step.
All bones except elk, reindeer and bear bones are stored in the neighboring river tile for the dog to spread around, which the big bones are neatly collected in 3 stacks in a cellar I haven't moved.
A number of bear skulls (10?) are hanging from trees within the homestead tile.

I've asked in the "gameplay questions" sub forum if there's some way/tool to check what all those stacks are, but haven't received any answers...

I've got a save shortly after this report (the morning after, with crafting being the last thing done except collecting the cooked food and eating before going to bed).

Gameplay questions / Strange lynx behavior?
« on: January 19, 2018, 04:59:20 PM »
My current character as now encountered two lynxes at the homestead that were breathless. In the first case I think my character returned from the overland map to find a lynx breathless outside the "stable" (a windowless building with a door, inside which the sheep was hosted), and in the latest one a lynx was running around the homestead causing interrupts when seen or when the dog barked in alarm while my character was engaged in a 5 hour or so activity. When done my character got some well deserved food, only to get that task interrupted by the appearance of a breathless lynx outside the stable (now containing a cow of burden as well).

Do predators sense the animals inside the stable, and thus get worked up trying to get at the prey in frustration?
The bear that "visited" not long ago did not seem overly interested in the stable, but it might be that it hadn't come close enough to it yet when my character engaged in the smart tactic to go inside the main building, close the door, and shoot at the bear through the window slit. I then found out bears can open doors...
Fortunately, the arrow injury was apparently sufficient to allow my character and dog to kill the bear without any injuries (apart from to the bear, of course).

I haven't had any wolves visit this character's homestead (fortunately, they're even scarier than bears), so I can't say anything about their behavior.

Suggestions / Re: Foreign traders
« on: January 19, 2018, 10:14:42 AM »
I believe I've brought it up before, but I think the traders should stop carrying leather and fur armor, because that doesn't make sense to bring from abroad, and rather bring metal armor which is hard to come by.

Traders are mostly good for the occasional valuables they bring, as well as having a reasonable chance to bring quality weapons (but not tools, for some reason).

Beasts of burden would allow traders to carry more wares, although the vessels vikings used probably weren't suitable for horses, so it would probably be ahistorical (on the other hand, their names are more gothic than scandinavian, and the pre Hanseatic League ships might have had a better cargo capacity).
An additional complication is that traders would have to have some mechanism to trade directly from their beasts' inventories (but possibly by not actually carrying any trade goods themselves: that's what the beasts are for, after all).

General Discussion / Re: Attack bonus
« on: January 19, 2018, 10:05:27 AM »
As far as I understand it's basically a bonus or penalty to your attack roll, the same way tool quality affects other jobs, such as e.g. skinning.
If that is correct, you should probably use a combination of the right tool for the job (i.e. different weapons for different armor and defenses), and the best chance to hit. This, however, usually boils down to the weapon you're the most proficient with, as your skill with any secondary weapon is probably a lot worse, even if it isn't very suitable for the target (a poor hit is still better than no hit, and a hit that doesn't cause injury still damages the armor, which will eventually break when damaged enough).
Also note that it's at least as important to reduce the other skill roll penalties, i.e. encumbrance and fatigue, as they have a tendency to far exceed any weapon bonuses/penalties if not kept in check.
It's great to have such protection that nothing except a very successful hit harms you, but it's not as great to have your chances to hit reduced by 30% due to the weight of the armor, and every attempt to attack (with that penalty) accumulating an additional 2% fatigue penalty on top of that.
At a guess, combat is  "VERY HEAVY" work.

Gameplay questions / Re: Animal Hide?
« on: January 17, 2018, 09:46:00 AM »
If I remember correctly, you need fur, not leather, so pigs and cows are not of any use, although there might be some leather involved as well for the straps to fasten the skis to your feet (there's leather involved in the making of the ski stick anyway).

The reason fur is used is that old time skis had hide underneath the skis with the hairs pointing backwards to provide grip and avoid slipping backwards.

Note that UrW requires total quantities, not whole sheets, so for leather you can often use the tanned leather from a lot of birds to get the required amount.

Dehairing results in leather (and takes a fair bit of time, something like 1-2 weeks for an elk skin), so for the skis you want to tan fur-bearing skin.

General Discussion / Re: One shot, one kill...
« on: January 16, 2018, 08:24:49 PM »
Not a medic...

No, it's possible to pierce the brain without killing the victim. Lobotomy the old way, when it was a fad, for instance (take a rusty screw driver, smash the bone up through the nose, wriggle around a a bit). They usually didn't die, I think.

There's also a case of a railway builder who had his head pierced by a thick rod when the explosive he was arming exploded. The rod entered the skull in one place, and poked out in another. He survived, but suffered permanent personality changes.

There's also a case of a psychotic man who tore out his own eye and push a pencil in until it hit the back of his skull, and I believe I've seen X-ray images of that skull with the pencil. "It itched".

General Discussion / Re: An unexpected suprise
« on: January 16, 2018, 08:10:27 PM »
Have you checked your traps carefully?
I've had a case there I found a dead, rotten elk two tiles from my bear trap, and upon closer examination the bear trap was triggered but still standing (i.e. not collapsed). If that's happened to you, Sami would like to have a look at your save, because triggered tracks are supposed to collapse.

Apart from that, the only reason I know of of dead large animals is that they drown when the ice is too think. I occasionally find dead elks and reindeer on the ice beside a number of holes in the ice (and I've also used that as a hunting tactic). Smaller animals can also die that way.
It's not uncommon to have birds of prey take down birds, squirrels, and hares (and my characters have occasionally stolen their prey). Foxes, gluttons, etc. have been seen to kill and take small prey from traps, leaving only feathers behind (in the case of birds: nothing but an empty triggered trap is left when they took a hare or squirrel).
Hm, I think I once stole the kill of a wolf, although I don't remember what kind of prey it was.

Gameplay questions / Re: Do human NPC are unaffected by snow?
« on: January 15, 2018, 10:38:16 PM »
Given that I gave him an arrow in the back and a fate of food for carrion birds it doesn't seem to have been a wise move (or maybe that one got away, and it was the dog killing one I eliminated that way).

Gameplay questions / Re: About herbs/plants
« on: January 15, 2018, 10:35:13 PM »
Like caethan said, sacrificing seems to be capable of "paying" for about one animal per day, regardless of size. If you're hunting actively you can regulate the flow somewhat by stopping when you have enough, but if you use traps you have no control over when animals enter them (and they tend to arrive in groups as well).

There are some things I dislike about the changed sacrificial system:
1. The price seems to be one animal = 1 demerit point (and you seem to get those for chopping trees as well). It would make a lot more sense if bigger animals had a higher "cost", if for no other reason than to avoid punishing a small game hunting life style unfairly.
2. A daily sacrificial chore that is also the maximum sacrifice that has any effect doesn't seem right to me. As far as I know, most cultures performed sacrifices either in anticipation of something (before a sea voyage, etc.), or in gratitude to something (killing an elk, winning over an enemy, a good harvest, etc., or to ward off bad luck (diseases, etc., especially when something was going around).
3. A common sacrificial pool for all sacrifices doesn't seem right either. The spirits of the water ought not to care of whether you've sacrifices to the spirits of the forest and vice versa.

Note that there are rituals my character doesn't know yet, so there may be dedicated sacrificial rituals that are still unknown. However, the spirit of the forest could be invoked with the general sacrificial ritual, and my character was hit with unsteadiness (i.e. the daily sacrifice had already been done in the morning, so additional ones were useless), for it, but the ritual still worked.

Also note that I have no knowledge of Finnish Iron Age spirit relations, so I can be barking up the wrong tree.

Off-topic / Re: A new short film by Enormous Elk
« on: January 14, 2018, 05:29:47 PM »
A nice film.

Fortunately the Njerpezit lost ;)

Given the shape the combatants were in afterwards, prestige was apparently much more important than the actual effort involved in stepping aside.

Modding / Re: Old mods
« on: January 14, 2018, 11:48:14 AM »
The Njerp Cooking as it looks in my game (I think):

If I recall correctly, I've restored a meat recipe from vanilla UrW to allow for cooking before all the things needed for Hunter's Borsch is available. I've also modified/corrected mushroom and berry drying to allow variable amounts of mushrooms and some kind of management of mixed berries (it was done quite some time ago, so it's from memory only).
I think those are the files involved. I've renamed the vanilla cookery_glossary.txt file to "ORIGINAL cookery_glossary.txt" to retain a non conflicting backup (UrW doesn't care about extensions, so replacing .txt with .org didn't work properly).

Note that I don't have the mod as downloaded, so the link contains what I've collected from my game installation based on what I think was included, and I didn't find any documentation there.

However, the original web page was very nice with drool inspiring descriptions and images, so it would be nice if it was reposted on this forum.

One companion died in the first robber elimination (largely through friendly fire, grr), but my experience is that they usually refuse with the message that they won't join until <X> returns. I did later get a flat refusal from one adventurer, and it might be in the village the dead character came from.

I did eventually get 10 people to take on 5 robbers, so it worked out in the end (and I then proceeded to remove another known robber band of 4 when I had a posse at hand, plus a bonus Njerp). However, I think at least 4 former companions didn't want to join "then, but possibly in the future". Did I pay them too much so they didn't want more food?

Gameplay questions / Re: About herbs/plants
« on: January 13, 2018, 10:53:55 PM »
Yes, the regrow from the plants that withered, so no additional seeds are needed.

Killing heaps of birds is bad for your karma in 3.50betaX...

Gameplay questions / Re: About herbs/plants
« on: January 13, 2018, 08:13:17 PM »
Actually, different plants wither and disappear at different times of the year, and plants can be planted before they wither, to wither and die but regrow the next year (autumn planting). This means that you could do away with some early withering plants to sow something that withers later, but note that as withering plants will regrow the next year, you might not actually want to do that.
I originally thought only rye and barley could be planted during the autumn, but as far as I can see it works for all crops (my hemp and broad beans have sprouted, but it's too early for the May crops yet).
The advantage of autumn planting is that those plants will sprout even if the snow cover is thick when they're due, so you might miss out of a couple of months of the growth cycle for April sprouting crops if you're forced to wait until the snow disappears.
The big disadvantage is that you get an additional window for pests to eat your plants (damned badgers...) in the autumn/early winter.

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