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  I thought I had kept the file but it seems I deleted it :-[. It's unlikely that I'll be able to reproduce it soon so I' ll just describe the situation as best as I can.
  When I accepted the quest the ice was still thick enough to walk on but right after the freshest tracks there was a former hole in the ice as if the animal had fallen and managed to climb, also, before the allotted time for the quest expired, the ice melted completely (I learned this because I thought the lack of standing with the spirits was the cause for the animal distrust then stayed in the area sacrificing everyday to fix it before I noticed that I could take the animal to the village in the zoomed in map).

Okay, thanks for the follow-up. Plotinus luckily managed to reproduce (and I've received the file. Thanks!) but I haven't yet had time to investigate.
Will report back when I get into this.

Should i send you the file via email? i cannot upload here...
But no rush its only two ****ing lmbs ;D wont die because of that

Yes, you can e-mail the savegame. But be prepared to cease playing with that character until I fix the issue and send the save back.

(Also, thank you for the compliments, with this simple and blunt reply :) I just prefer to keep bug report session sharp and crisp as there's room on other forums sections for more elaborate talks.)


Also noticed a mention of another suspected crash. Surely pressing spacebar shouldn't be an issue causing it. If you experience further troubles try to follow these instructions:
1) take a screenshot of your desktop immediately upon crash/freeze, so we see what your OS says.
2) if the game is in not responding state wait for 30 sec. to see if it recovers
3) if it doesn't recover go backup your character folder before killing the game
4) post a report, send a savegame

Development News / 3.61 released (on the homepage) and a happy new year!
« on: December 31, 2019, 05:27:07 PM »
On my behalf this decade ends with release of version 3.61 out to public on the homepage. Standalone installers are available now. If you're new to this version find your way to downloads section and be sure also to view changelog there as a lot has changed in 3.60 and 3.61.

We wish you a happy new year! (...and happy new version for those who only now get to try it out.)

I'll keep hibernating for a little while, although may occasionally reply to a post or two, but getting back on track for real with coding will have to wait until mid-january.

See you in 2020 - that's yet another decade for UnReal World development as well.

Feel free to e-mail the savegame, but to be useful it would have to be saved quite soon after you found the animal, but haven't returned it to the village yet.

This is not necessarily buggy if all the mechanics have worked as they should. Eg. ice is thick enough to actually hold the animal weight.

But what sounds odd, and more of an issue, is that the animal wouldn't follow you on zoomed out map. I'd like to find a reason for that.

Bug reports / Re: Game Crash - raft and dogs gone, rope still in inventory
« on: December 30, 2019, 11:43:31 AM »
I am stunned gawd himself came down to speak ;D

Heheh. Well, it's just a part of my profession.  ;)

yeah, did not make savegame. I just didnt see it coming... had too much trust in the system ;)
though i should have known better. Its not that i dont know that kind of issues from other games.
My little loss here isnt worth any trouble, but i see the point.
i am starting to make backups consequently now!

Well the right order of things should be devs. being busy to fix crash potentials rather than players being busy with backups.
I think you shouldn't be especially afraid of crashes with this game.
But for the future:
if a crash (or stopped working) occurs, go backup your character folder before doing anything else. That's the save we then want to fix possible issues in the game.

But could there be a simple way of just removing those two useless lmbs of rope from my inventory?

If you send me your savegame I can do it for you. I think it's something that can't be easily done by player.

I had a simple windows warning that the program stopped working.
I fear there is not much for a dev to "mine" out of that

I just wondered if anybody experienced similar crash-situations. I can live with crashes, when i know how they are getting provoked to happen

Hmm. Stopped working is not a true crash in my books, it's something that a mixture of things running in your OS may also provoke.
And sometimes Windows may tag applications being in that state but then recover from the lag and things continue normally. So it may be good to wait 10, even 30 seconds before killing the application. I haven't heard of many "stopped working" issues in case of UnReal World, but true crashes have happened for a reason or another and can be found from the forums. We always try to solve them, and many bugs have been found and fixed based on crash reports.

General Discussion / Re: [Lore Question] Cultural differences?
« on: December 29, 2019, 02:00:14 PM »
I would appreciate a book recommendation or two for a beginner :)

In English you could try find "Finnish Folk Culture" by Ilmar Talve. It cover many, many, many aspects of...well...Finnish folk culture, and even though it's not about iron-age per se you'll get a picture of archaic and age-old traditions.

General Discussion / Re: [Lore Question] Cultural differences?
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:57:45 PM »
It's huge topic in detail, but there's something put down in game encyclopedia for each in-game culture.
But if you're looking for historical details and research then some web searches for "iron age finland" may get you going, or I can recommend a book or two.

Opportunity for Amazon store with your recommendations for XX % return if you are going to recommend them anyway.

;D Hehe. I believe the book (I shall soon mention) is there as well, but I'll I encourage people to find it elsewhere.

Bug reports / Re: Game Crash - raft and dogs gone, rope still in inventory
« on: December 29, 2019, 01:46:59 PM »
Finding out the actual cause of crashes is often hard work, especially if they're rare random occurrences.

What would have helped the most is that if you would have made backup your character folder right after the crash, before restarting the game and re-loading the character.
Then we could have investigated the character's situation as close to the issue as possible. In cases like that I can also do marvelous things for character's troublesome situations, probably restoring the pets as well.

Also, I wonder what did Windows say when the game crashed? Was there any kind of application has stopped working or debug dialog?

The game autosaves the character upon every map load, and that's oughta preserve all the gear and pets too if there are crashes/power losses, but in this case - since the pets were gone - the crash has apparently happened in critical point in-between map loads.

Development News / Winter greetings, sales and releases
« on: December 21, 2019, 07:32:50 PM »
The time has come to enter the holidays.
Thank you for 2019 fellow adventures, and we'll be seeing you again after yet another winter solstice.
The fresh version 3.61 seems to be running smoothly ...aaaand Winter Sale on Steam has begun, in case you want to give it a shot.
We will release 3.61 also on the homepage at the turn of the year.

With this picture we wish best of the season to all of you!
Cheers, and happy holidays!

Sami (creator) and Erkka (co-designer) prepared to chase away the darkness and welcome the nearing winter solstice :)

Bug reports / Re: [3.61] GFX Bug on skill encyclopedia
« on: December 19, 2019, 03:22:00 PM »
I reported this last version for the increasing skill point glitch, but I think you may have overlooked it. Just a minor bug: - Regular - After 3 "-" keys - After 6 "-" keys

Yeah, the encylopedia hotspot entry still gets darker and darker if you keep pressing and pressing.
I took a note of that also earlier, but other priorities came along and this was lost in the pile of to-dos. Will take care of it at some point.

Development News / Version 3.61 released on Steam, and for Lifetimers
« on: December 17, 2019, 07:27:05 PM »
The last update of the year is 2019 is out now as version 3.61 is released.
It's available on Steam, and Lifetimers will find the release at the designated forum section.
In addition to fistful of bugfixes this update also features a small bag of new features of which some are long-awaited and suggested improvements.

3.61 changelog

** Saved characters from version 3.40-> are compatible with this version.  **

 - added: companions can help you with hauling and pushing items

          Unoccupied companions spontaneously help you when pushing or hauling heavy loads is
          being proceeded.

 - added: fence gate

          Gates can be opened and closed just like doors. They can be also built by player character
          from Make menu under Building options.

 - added: when [C]ommanding animals the animal name is displayed in the menu title

          For example, if you would command a dog called Rekku the menu title appear as:
          This helps owners of multiple animals to be sure they chose to command the desired one.

 - added: target selection if multiple creatures occupy the same location where an action is to be done

          If there are multiple creatures at the location where you proceed to execute certain actions
          you will be asked to select the target creature. This applies to following actions:

          - melee attack
          - packing and unpacking animals
          - looking at the location

 - added: limping and animal size tracking information

          When examining tracks now you can also see if the creature is limping. This requires
          character's TRACKING skill to be 25% or more. Severity of the actual leg injury can't
          be interpreted so crippled animals also leave limping tracks.
               Animal size, big or small, can be also seen from their tracks now. This is so
          obvious that only absolutely untrained trackers will fail to notice it.
          Moreover, the actual track graphics are also shown smaller or larger depending on
          the creature size. Notice that as the young animals smaller in size their tracks pretty
          much always appear as small ones.
               The new information is displayed in tracking messages for example like this:
          "You see here fresh limping tracks of small elk..."

 - added: tree in front of the character automatically selected when cutting branches

          You don't have to specify a direction for cutting and peeling actions if there's a tree in
          front the character you. That tree is always automatically selected for these actions.

 - added: chat option to ask for a sage in the village

          When chatting with NPCs there's now a way to find out ask if there's a sage in the village.
          "Is there a sage around?" chat line can be found from "Ask for help/company" chat options.
          If there's a sage you will be told his whereabouts in the village.

 - changed: need for heated room, fireplace or fire are checked first in cookery recipes

          It's more convenient that way as you aren't bothered with meaningless ingredient selections
          if these requirements aren't met.

 - fixed: failed hideworking with "somebody else got the skin" message diplayed and no skin obtained

          This rare occurrence might happen if the hideworking got cancelled at the very last minute
          of the hideworking process.           

 - fixed: agriculture graphics representing a planted tile disappearing soon after planting certain crops
          This was a result of crops mistakenly entering wintering state if the planting was done early
          enough, and thus the planted graphics was removed. They still sprouted properly though.

 - fixed: wrong inventory weight with certain startup scenarios

          When starting a new character the inventory weight was displayed wrong until you made your
          first move.

 - fixed: gaining skill options during character creation by hovering over encyclopedia hotspot

 - fixed: wrong tying equipment requirements when making patches of items

          This was noted eg. when making arrows. Crafting multiple arrows mistakenly increased both
          tying equipment length and amount requirements.

 - fixed: pushing duplicates items

          The issue was related to ice breaking messing up item data while pushing action was proceeded.

 - typo corrected: "coffing" -> "coughing" in herb effects dialog

Who can have it?

You can have it, but you gotta get it from Steam. There's still one seasonal sale coming up there, so stay tuned if you happen to be looking for discounted price.
Standalone versions of 3.6* are being released at turn of the year, though. The release interval between paid and "donation-based" releases have grown significantly longer than what we have gotten used to in the past. This is because during past years donations have dried out disallowing solely donation-based development to thrive. Donations are still an option, people do it for a reason or another, but your generosity isn't any longer linked to the great perk of most up-to-date version being freely available for everyone. I'll be happy to answer possibly puzzled questions of relatively recent of near-future intending donors, so don't hesitate to eg. e-mail me if you feel like it.



Hi there!

It's true that save wouldn't help much here. Cases like these are always unfortunately tricky to solve, but let's try.

You mentioned that this has never happened before, so I'm assuming you've been playing the game on the same computer/system for a good while earlier.
Can you recall any big changes to your system, be it Windows updates or anything at all,  that might mark a border between previously working and now freezing state of the game?

Development News / Re: Limping and animal size tracking information
« on: December 13, 2019, 06:28:55 PM »
Damn... And why would you go and fracture your own humerus? I know you got two of them, but still... Come on man, you should know better!

Heh, looks like its been a nasty year for you too, eh? I am still recovering from a compound fracture in my wrist. My right bloody wrist! I mean, who would've thought that ice can be so damn slippery and smashing my 81 kilos on top of a single wrist into the road can wreck it so badly? Oh well, sh!t happens, at least it wasnt my head and now I got some really fancy metalwork embedded into me :)

Get better man! And do take care of the undamaged parts you got :)

Oo..falling on slippery surface is a mother of many fractures. :)
I'm all good now, it's been a full year since the incident, and mine was a result of horseback archery.
Not the first fall of the horse, but the hardest one. Here's the about it:

In order to keep dev.posts tidy and readable let's restrict the personal stuff here, and talk more elsewhere, even e-mails if feel like that.

Development News / Find a sage, build a gate
« on: December 13, 2019, 05:43:41 PM »
These two awaited features are coming up for the next release.

 - added: chat option to ask for a sage in the village
          When chatting with NPCs there's now a way to find out ask if there's a sage in the village.
          "Is there a sage around?" chat line can be found from "Ask for help/company" chat options.
          If there's a sage you will be told his whereabouts in the village.

NOTE: Yes it would be great if the villagers would direct you to the nearest sage in surrounding villages if they don't have one of their own. This is to be likely added in the future, but now (to stay in schedule with the release) we were out of time to start working on it.

 - added: fence gate

          Gates can be opened and closed just like doors. They can be also built by player character
          from Make menu under Building options.

These are future additions, not yet functional in the current version 3.60.
The update featuring these additions - and more - is to be released still in 2019.

General Discussion / Re: [Lore Question] Cultural differences?
« on: December 13, 2019, 05:33:55 PM »
It's huge topic in detail, but there's something put down in game encyclopedia for each in-game culture.
But if you're looking for historical details and research then some web searches for "iron age finland" may get you going, or I can recommend a book or two.

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