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This looks great, Sami!  I certainly like to see the emphasis on quality over quantity for the new features too.

Has your shoulder healed to the point of using your arm normally now?

See for yourself: :D

Fortunately it's healed very good. They say it takes a full year to see the final outcome, but I can use it pretty much normally already.
Few restrictions and lack of strength remain, but there's 7 months left to workout until the year of recovery is up.

Things have been cooking and development has evolved up to such an extent where a sneak peek of what to expect in the future is in place. We don't have a deadline for the upcoming release, it's a work in progress, but we do know what the core content will be about.

The core content of the next release will focus on NPCs. The most important additions will concern the wandering woodsmen you may meet in the wild and the companions you can hire for yourself. They'll be given a bit more wits, tasks, and meaning for their existence in the game world as follows.

Actively hunting wandering NPCs

NPCs who roam the woods can now actively hunt animals. They seek the game based on their cultural preferences, and within their hunting possibilities. The very act of NPCs hunting, or running after a game, is probably rarely witnessed by the player character but bones and remains found in the woods can now tell a story of another human hunter at the area.
   As we know, the hunts can end in unimaginable ways, so many different scenarios may arise from the NPCs now taking their chances with the wildlife - and occasionally maybe even the very same wildlife that you were after.

Witnessing an NPC hunting scene. Seal-tribe woodsman has been met in the wild, and he's busy trying to shoot down a squirrel.

New companions commands

Companion usefulness gets boosted with some new tasks they will be able to do on demand. Currently it's been added:

* butcher and skin a carcass
* make logs
* make boards

...and the list is likely to grow with a few more crucial tasks. There's a great level of complexity to make companions proceed these tasks with similar detail than the player character so tasks to be added are prioritized with the quality over quantity.

The list of companion commands so far:

As companion skills naturally affect to outcome of the tasks their expertise can be sometimes used to obtain higher quality goods than what the player characters could produce by themselves. We also need to add an chat option to ask NPCs about their general skills and expertise so you know what kind of craftsman you've hired.

The companion was commanded to butcher and skin one of the reindeers we managed to hunt down. We got meat now, and a fine reindeer skin, which is way better hideworking result than what Jurks could have done in his current condition.

Exciting times ahead.
The work continues, more is to follow.

These are future additions - not yet functional in current version 3.52.

When you try to hang a seal skull on a tree which already has a bear skull, the seal skull is hanged, and the info that "You gracefully hang the bear skull in the pine." is displayed. I don't know if it causes the "spell" to fire, or just produces a wrong message, but it's not right.

Indeed, that's wrong, and it seem to activate the spell as well. The multipurpose function used to deal with bear skull placements seem to be a bit stupid one, some fixings to be done.

:) :) :) I look forward to seeing how you model the pain of the venom.
Quite simply. There's poisoning condition already in the game, so we can use that. And penalty from wounds & injuries reflect the restriction and pain.

And whether it's effects are greater for dogs. Dreams of snake leather boots

This is something that could be paid attention. The smaller the target, the worse the poisoning, so in case of dogs the fatality rate could be made significantly higher.

Bug reports / Re: [not a bug] Villager asks for items quest bug
« on: April 14, 2019, 03:50:24 PM »
He did say something like "i want THOSE arrows" and I didn't have them so that's why i was confused. thanks anyway guys

Yes, I see, and that's understandable. I agree the wording could be changed, it's intended to represent present situation which is the desired case.

Bug reports / Re: Villager asks for items quest bug
« on: April 13, 2019, 08:26:36 PM »
Villager asked for my superior arrows which he needed but I didn't have any in my inventory actually, so I am assuming this is not intented and it's a bug.I am now running around looking for superior arrows to buy haha :D

edit; I had had some btw but i sold them maybe 2 days before this.

Not a bug really, this can happen. It's pretty much like PALU explained. The quest NPC had seen you carrying the arrows earlier, and thought "Oh, he's got exactly the arrows I need.". If you can provide him with the superior arrows the quest is okay and solved.
Villagers aren't necessarily interested to sell back items they have just bought, but you could try to see if they restock them back in the building at some point. Then you can try buy them back.

For quite a long time there's been a gutsy fistful of legacy issues related to snakes which are now fixed and balanced as follows:

- snakes now cause point type wounds. (Currently they cause tear wounds, which isn't quite right.)
- snakes now hibernate during the winter as they should. (Currently they are active all year around, which isn't quite right.)

- snakes are now slightly more common than previously

- snakes are now venomous, as they should be

 The snakes in the game are vipers. They are venomous species but the bites are usually not highly dangerous.
 If the venom is discharged upon a bite it will take several days for the snake to refill its venom glands.
 However, the snakes can naturally bite without venom too.

These are future additions - not yet functional in current version 3.52

Bug reports / Re: The Snakes of Winter!
« on: April 13, 2019, 08:15:51 PM »
This legacy issue with snakes has been fixed now, with some additional love for snakes which I'll post at in a few minutes.

(And at the same time, bears have been given proper hibernation as well.)

Fixed - persists in 3.52

All in all, it's kinda hard for a new player to join, unless you got alot of free time to burn.

That's an unfortunate fact with the game itself, I have heard. ;)
But at least you don't have to burn the money first.

But you have done a few of the things I mentioned, or maybe your co-dev or maybe it was on your list anyway.

Yay, one player made happy with a few things, now who out of some tens of thousands I'd concentrate next. ;)
The thing just is that in the midst of dev.things happening - for a reason or another - some will sometimes get the features they want, and some will never get theirs.
And that goes for every single massively evolving game out there.

Development News / Re: Colorful domestic animal summary
« on: April 11, 2019, 09:59:08 AM »
If a wandering adventurer were to die, say from a bear attack, and his dog survives will we a find it alone and could we leash it? Also color variation is great. Will it be subtle shades of brown or will other colors be added red cow, black dog, for example.

Naturally wandering dogs can found if their masters die. Leashing them works the same as with dogs in villager where the people don't exist anymore. You can try, and you may even succeed.
For colors, see the reply above.

Development News / Re: Colorful domestic animal summary
« on: April 11, 2019, 09:56:24 AM »
And a natural follow on question is: Can I select an animal based on its color when I buy one so I can be sure it has a different color from the one I already have (an image of the animal in the menu, for instance)?

Nice addition regardless, though.

No, the color can't be selected. The game tints the original tiles with a logic of its own, so the colors would be quite hard to define in any case.. They aren't basic colors but appear kind of "somewhat reddish but with a hint of brown" and "close to pink red but not quite" ;) - if needed to be verbalised.

Development News / Colorful domestic animal summary
« on: April 10, 2019, 03:22:55 PM »
A little summary of the latest future additions with screenshots.

We'll be seeing wandering NPC woodsmen and adventurers occasionally having dog companions with them in the wild.

And we'll be seeing village dogs released out of their pens, to roam freely at the village area - in this fashion:

You may ask, is it just me or are the two dogs of different color?
Nothing wrong with your eyes, they are different color, and so are the cows in the pen also - if you look closely.

See, as another new addition all the domestic animals may have subtle varieties in their coat colors now. This adds some flavour to the game world, but also makes it easier to distinguish different colored pets from each others just by their looks.

Lets end the briefing with some pigs showing off their new varying coat colors.

These are future features, not yet functional in current version 3.52.

Saiko Kila, PALU, there's a separate thread for villagers dying in wells again. So it's known, and you can continue there:

I'm curious about the mechanics of the original bug report, how it did happen for player character.

Eh, I know there's no actual trading, but that would be the story-wise explanation :)


I don't want to create another thread with not-bug, so I ask it here, because it is somewhat similar. Last time I created an owl-tribe woman, she started with the kaumo spear in inventory. So member of one tribe started with cultural stuff of other tribe. Is this intended? The starting place was her own tribe, and the starting  scenario was fishing (because I wanted to get nets quickly).

I bet it's the fishing scenario having given her any spear at all. I guess scenario equipment can provide starting characters with non-cultural items.
This can be considered either a food for imagination, or a thing to adjust. But on the other hand, even having a fishing net for owl-tribe member is a bit off culturally - if we wanted to be super strict.

Suggestions / Re: Time for some new paint on these walls...
« on: April 10, 2019, 11:47:42 AM »
It's touched now.

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