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Armor Quality I see that Armor quality is on the development list and am very happy about this!

My suggestion would be to have Fine and Masterwork armor get double the durability so that it lasts longer and for Masterwork items to weigh 10% less.

My reasons for not advocating an increase in protection value - even a small one- is that so many times you have layers. If you have an Undershirt, Shirt, Tunic and Hauberk all of Masterwork quality that small bonus, lets say it's just a +1, becomes quadrupled, to in this case +4. This is a little too much. Just think about the hips!

My other suggestion would be to add in the ability for craftsmen to repair damaged metal armor.

Stuff's expensive, I'd want to keep it in good nick.  ;)
   - Shane

January 27, 2018, 05:40:55 AM