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Re: Injured adventurer clarification If it says "at border location of spruce mire area right next to pine mire in the west", it means: There is a spruce mire with a shelter in it, and 1 tile directly west of the spruce mire is a pine mire.

It's not necessarily near the border between the spruce mire and pine mire tile. it can be anywhere in the spruce mire tile.

November 13, 2017, 03:47:28 PM
Rid of the crash related creature and item losses We're clearing bugs away from the path of a stable tag, which is shining in the horizon and to be attached to 3.50beta version soon enough.  Lately I've tried to find ways to improve crash security to overcome creature and item losses when travelling with companions and watercrafts. Not a frequent issue, but a real annoyance if it might happen to you.
And now I think a reliable and fast way to get rid of this legacy issue has been found, and will be put to effect in the next patch.

There's now extra data save added upon each map load to provide crash security and to minimize certain creature and item loss potential. Previously it was quite often the case that the pets and companions you were travelling with would disappear upon a crash. The same sort of crash related disappearence might also happen to the items you were transporting with a watercraft - including the watercraft. This sort of losses should be history now. Crashes may naturally lose some progress in the game world, but all the creatures and items should stay intact and be available upon returning to post-crash UnReal World.

This is a future feature, not yet functional in 3.50 beta version.

January 23, 2018, 06:37:14 PM
Re: The song of robbers "Loot and mayhem makes my day,
Robbing strangers is the way!
When we are done with our toils,
Home to Kaumo with the spoils."  :P

November 06, 2018, 09:13:52 PM
Re: Craftable birch-bark items and associated ponderings Good points here and there, and we try keep things covered.
as we can see with combat related wearing out it's so that clothes and armour do not come down in their quality upon wear. 
So masterwork boots will appear as masterwork boots, even if they are seriously worn out masterwork boots. The same principle applies to footwear wearing out in use.
With weapons and tools it's already so that higher quality items are more durable. Now quality based durability will be extended to cover armours and clothes as well.
As a result your fine boots will last longer than the rough ones. 
And while I'm at it, the quality of armours and clothes will be extended to cover their protective values as well. Finer furs are warmer furs, and so on.

When it comes to repairing clothes, it really should be made so that you shouldn't be able to repair things infinitely.
This could be easily achieved by lowering the quality on each repair, finally forbidding rough clothing to be repaired at all.
Just pondering for now, though, as there are these other things in line first.

June 19, 2019, 12:17:16 PM
Summer Sale, Summer opportunities I'm a bit late to announce this but it is live now: Steam Summer Sale, and you can get UnReal World  for discounted price until 9th of July.

I want to bring this to your attention because it is likely that when next version is released the interval between Steam version and standalone (donation-based, free-of-charge) installers will be significantly longer. This is because the donation-based distribution has been receiving very marginal and insufficient support for years already, and I have to reason things out how to balance with the current distribution models. I'll be happy to answer possibly puzzled questions of relatively recent of near-future intending donors but that will have to await until next week - but don't hesitate to even e-mail if you feel like it.

Why this announcement is late then, is because while the sale was launching I was busy attending to 'science-art-forest' themed seminar and workshops at Koli in eastern Finland - a location famous of its hills and cliffs which are well-known national sceneries of Finland. 
In addition to presentation about working with the game I also performed an archery demonstration in the most awesome location I have ever shot a bow.
Summer is full of opportunities. Let's not hesitate. Cheers!

Archery demonstration, shooting with Japanese bow.

Giving a presentation about UnReal World and the related stuff..

The highest summit of Koli; "Ukko-Koli"

June 29, 2019, 07:39:39 PM
Re: Start-of-the-year post
I'm really enjoying target shooting in my barn, which is a 17 yard distance, and I manage to average 60-70% hits on a letter-size paper, shooting 48 arrows 2-4 times per week.

Remember you can only gain 3 skill points per day :D

 Seriously though, that's awesome. To bad it can't be used against the dreaded plant.

January 28, 2020, 02:24:45 AM
The situation and stuff These are challenging times. I hope you are doing okay and healthy.
And I believe the game may serve as a breath of fresh air during the times of isolation.
Also, it's fine to express our thoughts and feelings and experiences about the pandemic on the forums too, if you feel like it.

Finland is locked down too, but things haven't changed all that much for me or Erkka as it's remote countryside life anyway.
The virus affects the daily life nevertheless, and these days portion of my time and energy also goes to assist close elderly people who need help.

The development is being kept on, but I tend to get swamped under feedback simply because people have more time to play the game and I have less time play the developer role. ;) I maybe delayed with replies and reactions, but nevermind - still doing my best to cope with the life and the game.

There is fistful of bugs pending to be fixed, and I've started writing reply marathon to suggestions from the past six months or so. I guess it will be the first reply marathon at the new forums, but it's still several evenings away before I'm done with it. From my own endless to-do pool I've started work on improvements regarding the fire mechanics. There are many little things to adjust and add, but you'll hear more about it when it all starts to shape up.

Take care!

April 11, 2020, 01:13:35 PM
Auto-cutting and other tying equipment additions Bunch of tying equipment related additions are being worked on. It's a sector of code where meandering from one feature to another is quite easy, and sometimes required, but these main blocks are on the table right now:

* Auto-cutting tying equipment to required lengths in crafting/building.

For example: If you'd need say 5 feet of cordage and select a 15 feet rope for the job it's auto cut to required length and the remaining portion (10 feet) stays in your inventory.
With this new condition in effect the cordage minimum lengths however will come into play. So with the above example you need to select 5 feet long cordage minimum, and would need to join the cordage manually first if only shorter pieces are available. In any case it makes more sense, and is less of micro-management, than the current system.

* Few cordage classifications as crafting requirements

Currently the actual tying equipment properties aren't that much checked in crafting processes. Almost any tying equipment works for any job. Now we'll see about adding a few requirement classifications such as "strong cordage", "thin cordage" or "thread". These would work so that for example "strong cordage" requirement accepts ropes and spruce withes - which are the strongest type of withe. Crafting for example a raft would required "strong cordage" for tying, and now you could use ropes and spruce withes that, but not the other kind of cordage outside the classification.
Arrow making would require "thread" type cordage. Loop snares could be only made from "thin cordage". And so on.

Classification is still under construction so different wordings can be suggested, and ideas posted here. It's can be quite tricky to find terms that would open up easily, and not to end up with too many categories. Naturally the game will also display messages about this-and-that requirement accepting this-and-that items.
Strong cordage - ropes, spruce withes
Thin cordage - strings, cords
Thread - yarns (or sinew threads, whenever we get there)

* Nettle processing

We'll add the steps to be able to make nettle yarn, and then see where it goes after it's working ok.
In addition to retting and beating the fibres out of the stems, there would be preferably also the easy early summer method where you can extract the fibres by hand and make primitive yarn fast - eg. for survival fishing rod line.

February 15, 2021, 01:29:40 PM
Re: Auto-cutting and other tying equipment additions
Leather and fur cut cord would go under strong, or under thin? Both?

They would probably go into mediocre/average category, somewhere between the strong and thin..  to the existing universal "tying equipment" category with no specific term of it's own. But we're still pondering, as the categorization is tricky. Because there's possibility to craft leather ropes the leather cords wouldn't quite fit in the strongest section.

And worn out clothing would be cut, or unraveled, into thread?

Yes, that's something you should be able to do, and I'd like to add it. The threads obtained this way wouldn't always be too long, but still usable for some things.

If nettle processing will be added, will hemp processing be also included for the strongest ropes?

That would be reasonable. I'm hoping hemp processing comes along with these additions as "easy" by-product, but we'll start with nettles. You should be able to make strong ropes from nettle too. The best system would be to allow processing any harvestable fibres into threads, and any threads into yarns/strings, cords or ropes.

February 15, 2021, 05:25:21 PM