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Re: Tracking a Cow That quest is probably the worst region one, as you need luck to find the tracks and have no clue as to where the blasted critter is (some quests at least gives you a terrain border).

Anyway, I go back and forth over the region one line at a time, zooming in to each tile, look forward, look backward, zoom out turn 180 degrees, move one tile, zoom in ... Once I cross the area I move one tile in the other direction. Scanning a complete area using that method takes 3-5 days. I've tried using tracking from the world map, but it adds a lot of time (probably close to doubles it), and it seems to be very unreliable.
Obviously, searching will have to be performed when there's sufficient light to see tracks, although that's not very far, with makes the quest even harder. So far I've been lucky, though, and have completed them.

If you do find the tracks, they may be called bull tracks rather than cow tracks. If that's the case Sami would like to examine a save where he can take a look at the misnamed tracks (I've made a post in the bug section about this).

March 25, 2018, 11:12:40 PM