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Drawings of my travels in UnReal. HI,

I didn't know where or how to post this, so it's going here.

Last Inktober 2016 I did a series of drawings, and from the 16th October to the 23rd they are inspired by UnReal World and a few characters I was playing with then.

Please feel free to comment and discuss.



June 08, 2017, 05:23:09 PM
Re: Bow accuracy
  the game takes place in the late iron age "considered by many to fall between around 1200 BC and 600 BC" 

Iron Age in Finland is roughly 500 BC - 1200 AD, and the game world draws its inspiration from latter Iron Age, around 1000 - 1200 AD. The thing is, while the most of Europe was living Middle Ages, culture in Finland wasn't dominated by Catholic Church. In Finland we had anything like Middle Age only after 1200 AD, when Viking kings had converted to Christianity and launched crusades into pagan Finland to spread the dominance of Catholic Church. Oh well. But I'd guess 1200 AD pagan hunter bows were about as skilfully crafted as 1200 AD English bows.

What comes to the actual subject of this thread, one main factor which I don't see mentioned is if the target is moving or not. While you could hit an immobile target size of a playing card, it becomes consiredably harder to hit a target of same size if its moving at irregular speed. So if you want to hit birds at max range, try picking the stationary ones - but then, if they are standing on ground, they are so low that other factories (like the gravity pull) are more likely to make it so that your arrow hits the ground before reaching the target.

October 29, 2017, 02:10:08 PM
"The Challenge" "The Challenge" is simple:

Survive one winter!


...under rules and terms listed below:

1) Character creation
-Random culture
-Do not re-roll your stats, go with first generated ones
-Improve any skills you like

2) Map generation
-You are lost, do not look where you start, it has to be random. Best you can do is close your eyes and press "r" for random starting location and then "e" for start.

3) Scenario and game course
-Hurt, helpless, and afraid (and naked, explained later)
-The UnReal World

4) Start
-As I said, you are naked, take all clothes off ("T" then "+" then press space)
-You have nothing with you, drop all items on ground ("d" then "+" then press space)
-Destroy all ("D" and keep confirming discard with Enter button until all is gone)
-Yes, you are naked and have nothing apart of will to survive (and few wounds to heal)

5) Rules
-Do not zoom out with Enter, do not even peek, you are lost, remember? Travel only on zoomed in map
-Do not use big map "F6"
-You can peek on a peak (you can use Enter to take a look around only when standing on top of the mountain but you cannot walk on zoomed out map), you can ignore this rule, but personally I think it's fair to take a look from top of mountain.
-If you get to village by any luck, you can start to travel on zoomed out map
-Survive whole winter
-Have fun!

"The Challenge" is doable, I've done well few times but died of my stupidity in half way through like:
-chased big game and get drown under broken ice
-frozen to death as were not enough lucky to get fire started, should have think about fire earlier
-attacked sleeping Njerpez and get killed - what a nightmare!! ;)

Now I've got new char but it's carving for water and I cannot fine any.
I could give you few tips but I don't want to spoil your experience.

Please post below your stories if you ever dare to try "The Challenge".

- do not use mods, you can have them, just don't use them during first winter.

(also edited point4.2 to clearly state that you start with nothing at all)

November 02, 2017, 12:40:47 PM
"Spirit of the forest, I presume" Now that sort of a phrase may actually slip from your lips in the next version of the game as the Spirit of the Forest gets added to our small cast of otherworldly creatures.
Reworked spells and many kind of spirit world additions has a major part in the galore of upcoming features, and manifestation and actual appearance of spirit of the forest is now featured and off my to-do list. Implementing a related quest (or two) is still required, but step by step the planned spirit world additions do gets wrapped up.

As a necessary spin-off feature we also had to expand possible sacrifices to include not only foodstuff, but also valuables. See, offering silver has been traditionally very much linked to pleasing the certain spirits. And as the spells in the game now are actual collected old spells we had to add silver sacrifices if we wanted to add proper spells for "summoning" the spirit of the forest. (You may want to see post about the used "spellbooks" at old forums).

You know, with this version it feels like our to-do things are proceeding really slow compared to the amount of work and energy put in. Seems like we're dealing with complex entities rather than simple isolated features. But there's the spirit of the forest now. He brought in so much more code and features than first assumed, but it all just had to be done.

Let's not spoil too much about what the spirit of the forest can actually do for you, but we know he's an important spirit, watching over the forest and the animals. According to the folklore the spirit of the forest may sometimes tell you where the game is, if he's pleased with you. That, at least, is an actual feature now. And as a tidbit of our desired in-game perfection I gotta mention that these spirits often concentrate on only culturally important animals. Thus, the spirit of the forest can prioritize his observations differently for members of northern tribes than those of the western tribes.
But now look at this fellow of one of the eastern tribes...
He must have something right to hear this from..well...from the spirit of the forest, I presume.

November 04, 2017, 05:28:15 PM
Re: Endgame economics - Money sink ideas Give your possessions away to all of the villagers you meet.
They will love you and you will have gotten rid of all your excess stuff.
Win-win situation, eh?

November 07, 2017, 12:48:10 AM
Re: Short Questions/Quick Answers So I've finally lasted long enough in a Njerp conquest to have now had this happen twice: Villages near the edge of the Njerpez cultural area converting to Vagabond villages when a larger, nearby village is eliminated. They were marked on the map as Njerpez villages, and had the full little town graphic, but once the slaughtered town converts in name to Vagabond village, they did as well. Visiting them reveals a bizarre field of many boulders, no cleared trees, and a single kota, as well as a small family of Vagabonds. The first one had a large 3x3 interor kota and kept the town graphic for its six residents, but the second was just a single open tile kota, and appeared on the overworld map as just the kota. It's also marked as one of My Settlements on the F6 map, but has four resident NPCs, including a sage. In neither village were the NPCs particularly poor in their personal inventories, but there are no trade goods.

Is this a bug, or are you able to Liberate the People? Cause I'm reading the situation as they are slaves who took my example and rose up against their oppressors.

November 09, 2017, 10:26:55 PM
Re: Roads
Can someone post a link about historical fact of this.

I don't know if there are any online sources about this. It is just common folklore in Finland, passed down from a generation to another. Sleeping on a path, or camping on a road spells bad luck. Don't know where it comes from, to me it seems like an obvious part of 'cultural subconsciousnes' - folks just know it to be like that, but can't say how they know it  :)

Also, I'd guess this is not strictly spesific to Finnish folklore. Something similar seems to be going on with crossroads.

EDIT: fixed the link

November 20, 2017, 12:02:09 PM
Re: Psychic enemies As has been said many times, there are many ways to approach playing this game.
The open-endedness and freedom to choose how to play it are part of what makes it great.

I recall on the old forum, Sami replying to threads on this & similar topics along the lines
(and I'm not quoting so please forgive me) that the game is intended primarily to be a survival
game, not a combat simulator. Even so, it does very well as a combat simulator. While it can
and is played by some to have the character single-handedly wipe out the Njerpezit tribe
(or other tribe if unscrupulous), this was not the design intent of the game.

I think this is why Sami chooses to focus on game development that does not attempt to make
the game into yet another "hero kills everyone" game... there are plenty of those out there.

Let's be realistic, folks... nobody, let alone a 16 year old can single-handedly kill an entire armed
village using pre-gunpowder weaponry in real-life. Why should they be able to do it in this game?
Yes, there are some exploits that can allow this to happen, and if anything needs changing, it is
removal of these exploits.

Let me climb down from my soapbox and apologize to PoisonPen, because I just realized I'm
helping to further veer this topic off it's original post's course.

December 05, 2017, 03:42:49 AM
Re: Item disappear bug The first thing happening is that tracks start to disappear prematurely, since they are among the least important things. I believe I've seen that.
Later you're supposed to get a warning, but I've never seen that one. Eventually things start to disappear, starting, I think, with the "least important" ones.
I think the stack limit for item disappearance is 3000, but I'm not certain.

Based on how homesteads seem to interact with villages and villages with each other, I suspect one "area" in the world tile you're in and a ring of probably one, but possibly two tiles outside of that. This is guesswork, though.

Avoiding it is easy, as it's hard to get it in the first place:
- Place your farm plots a little bit away from your homestead (900 tiles is at least 900 items when crops grow).
- Stack things that are stackable (within reason: there is no reason to be obsessed with it, as a few dozen "extra" stacks aren't much). If killing a lot of Njerps, recycle their clothing into bandages (or other things you're probably using regularly). Clothing rarely stack because they're in varying state of wear, while bandages do. Weapons likewise don't stack, again due to wear. If using a metal crafting mod I'd recommend recycling weapons into iron, otherwise selling those (if villagers have anything to offer) is a good idea. If nothing else, weapons can be sold for fur that can be sold to traders for trinkets.
If you're an obsessive hoarder, consider setting up multiple stashes. You should, e.g. be able to dump stuff into one stash until you get a warning, at which time you'd start to fill up the next one.
- Excessive construction can presumably get you into trouble as each wall is one or two stacks of logs, floor/ceiling tiles contribute, fence tiles are made up of one or a few stacks, etc. I haven't had any problem with surrounding my homestead completely with bear trap arrays, though.

December 06, 2017, 12:10:18 PM
Re: Battleaxe or Battlesword? I think the answer to the question could also be; should you use edge or point attack against your opponent, judged by their clothes and armor? The battleaxe delivers a great amount of edge damage, but the point damage from the sword can make it useful against certain types of armor, for example mail, where the sword probably would be better.

You can use shield with both of them, however both the battleaxe and twohanded-sword will get a penalty from not using both hands.

December 10, 2017, 05:24:16 PM