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Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority I went with the second from the top because I would like to see an overhaul of AI behavior before marriage, for example that NPCs can do almost everything you can with commands. Like giving orders to make food, build something, go hunting or fishing. And the need for them to eat every single day like the player, etc, etc.  ;D ;D
December 18, 2017, 10:21:40 PM
Re: [Suggestion] Metric measurements The kilometres used on the world map can't be the same as a modern kilometre though:

"There is a cave in the north east, it is 10 kilometres away, about an hour's walk"

10 km/h through unmanaged forest and up a mountain?  I don't think so!   ;D

January 22, 2020, 05:33:59 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority Sami- I'm already 70 years of age, so, if you do add marriage eventually but I've died of old age, it's a comfort to know that Steam will automatically update my game for me. On the downside...(hehehe)
February 02, 2020, 10:13:20 PM
Re: Adding marriage - poll about how you find its priority I think it's possible to add this feature without it becoming political. I'd like to second for the notion of more complex "bonding relationships" between characters as suggested by Dr. Hossa above. If the relationship isn't directly spelled out, then there's no need to be overly concerned with being PC, as people can fill in the gaps as they like with RP (isn't that what we do anyway?).

I also like the idea of PC's relationships with NPCs going beyond just the "marriage" definition. Maybe an old man comes to live with me and I roleplay it's my aging father. Or a child is an adopted orphan. Or a fellow woman is my sister or my cousin or my weaving get the idea.

Perhaps a feature could be added where if a young man and young woman (either one being the PC) live together for at least one game year, there's some percent chance a baby appears. If some players feel strongly against this, it could even be a toggle on/off option.

To be honest, for me personally it's less important to have the game be a marriage simulator than it is just to have some kind of more complex social interaction so my world feels less empty and lonely. Just the addition of villagers remembering and greeting me made a huge difference, having a complex companion option would be icing on the cake. Even before adding a marriage feature, I would adore it if we occasionally ran into village events like harvest festivals, solstice ceremonies, the weddings of the villagers themselves, etc. Or if the replies to "How's it going" gave more answers than "Fine" - perhaps things like "It's great, we just had a baby born" or "What terrible weather, the crops might fail!" (which could prompt extra gratitude if the PC gifts food) or "Where did you get your fancy axe (shirt/shoes/etc)?" or "I'm fine but you're looking hungry, have some bread!" if the PC is a tribesman/woman with a good relationship with the village and is starving.

March 26, 2020, 09:47:05 AM
NPCs to use exactly same movement rules as player character. Be it walking or running in snow or swimming, paddling on raft, enable exactly same movement for NPCs as character deals with.

No more skiless robbers running in waist deep snow to catch up to grandmaster skier.
No more character peppering Njerpez from watercraft without chance of the hostile to swim over and climb or capsize the vessel.
No more NPCs waltzing through traps. Have them at least kick the trap 1st to trigger them.

December 31, 2020, 05:58:18 AM
Adding Custom Music? I've been wondering if it'd be possible to add custom music to play in-game? I see that the audio files are pretty self-explanatory, but I don't know if it's possible to add more music (as opposed to replacing existing music) without getting into coding, or how difficult it'd be to code that in? I noticed there is an 'audio.txt' file in the game folder, but all it says is 'start'...So not sure that's what I'm looking for. Any pointers?
January 01, 2021, 07:08:19 PM
Re: Dynamic character sprites This would be nice to have. See if that Njerpez is carrying bow. Or if Woodsman is carrying an axe. Of course, it’d still be limited to see what NPC are wearing and carrying.

@Night has released Character Designer. For custom character sprite.
But it’s only for PC, not NPCs. And needs to be manually updated for equipment changes and for additional characters.

January 06, 2021, 03:36:33 AM
Romance/Husband/Wife Quest Mod Idea Hello,

Inspired by Privateer's quest idea, I wanted to float the concept of a multi-stage "quest" mod in which you would woo, or otherwise prove yourself worthy of, a wife (or husband; if interest was sufficient there'd be one version for each).

The "quest" would essentially be a story told through the F1 key, where each stage of it would be a single menu item, and the entire mod would be contained within one menu. There's be certain things you'd have to accomplish before reaching the next stage, though a lot of that would be left to player enforcement.

For example, the start item on the menu would give you a token, which when examined with F1 would describe the woman you were trying to woo, with a picture. Some of her traits. Probably some warrior maiden would be the most apropos? It would then describe the first task needed to win her affections. Such as, "fell a squirrel with thrown rocks near a village".

When you accomplished this, you would activate the next menu item, which would give you a new token with a new F1 entry. This one would describe how she witnessed you felling the squirrel, and was impressed by your aim, and how you spoke for a while, etc. The entry could then describe you and her having a throwing competition, which you barely won.

The next task might be something like "Come to town wearing a full set of fur clothing, to show that you are self-sufficient." Then you'd trigger the next step in the story/quest, which would describe (via the F1 key) her noticing your styling wardrobe, and further conversation with her, now becoming somewhat flirtatious.

It would go on like that. one of the final steps would be to build a house nearby the village for the two of you to live in. The mod could not actually create a new NPC, unfortunately, so this would be the closest it could achieve. The player could, if they wished, imagine one of the "Maiden" NPCs in the village corresponded to the one talked about in the story.

So basically I want to start by seeing if there is actual interest in this idea, because it's not something I would create solely for my own use. Thoughts/feedback/ideas are welcome, too.

January 13, 2021, 12:23:00 AM
Re: Does killing dogs have consequences?
They don't seem to care that their dogs are dead because they never come looking for them.

I have only had one experience with this but it was fairly enlightening so I'm gonna share it.  I saw a human shaped figure a few tiles away from my homestead on the wilderness map, so I figured I'd go investigate and see if if was someone who needed their ass kicked (a robber).  It was just Olli, a fellow Kaumo hunter, and his dog.  I left Olli and his dog to their own devices and returned to my homestead.  That night, I awoke to "strange noises", and discovered that a dog had found its way into my medium deadfall trap that I keep baited right outside my cabin and got itself a little banged up.  Assuming it belonged to Olli, I released it and went back to bed.  The same exact thing happened the next night, and again I released the dog and went back to bed.  After getting woken up for the third night in a row, I realized the dog didn't really want to live after all, as it had gotten itself injured three times in a row in the same trap over the same piece of spoiled meat.  I decided that my fine battleaxe would be a more humane end to his suffering than his chosen method of repeated blunt injury, and I also needed a set of dog fur mittens as they help when fighting bears, so it was a win/win really.

A few days later I left on a trip to another region to look for some seeds to help expand my farm.  When I returned two weeks later, a swarm of foreign traders had descended on my homestead.  They had nothing I was interested in purchasing, yet they insisted on hanging out for a few days and taking a good look around my place, taking special interest in my sauna which I was able to determine by hearing the door open and close about a hundred times over those few days.  During one of these evenings I was attempting to get some blacksmithing done amid the clamor of nonstop sauna door action when outside my window appeared a lone Kaumo hunter.  It was Olli, and Olli was pissed.

Being severely fatigued due to my smithing I was in no shape to fight, so I pulled out my axe and shield and backed into a corner, waiting for Olli to walk around to the front of the house and come in through the front door.  Instead, I heard sounds of fighting to the West.  Assuming Olli was out for blood and picked a fight with the first humans he laid eyes on, I thanked the gods for the chance to rest my fatigue away.  By the time I had finished resting, the sounds of fighting had quieted down.  It was pitch black outside, so rather than wandering around in the dark and feeling somewhat safe due to the sudden lack of activity, I went to bed, determined to scout around the next day and see if I could find Olli's body.  I was awoken by an uninjured Olli planting his axe in my hip.  Unable to stand, I managed to get a good enough swing at him from my bed to knock him on the ground, and then to finish him off with a solid hit to the neck.  Thoroughly confused by the situation, I crawled my crippled ass all around my cabin to the west where I had heard sounds of fighting, but never found a trace of the foreign traders.  Months later in the same save, I still have no idea what went down that night, but it damn sure made a hilarious memory.

April 08, 2021, 11:03:56 PM
Making sleeping more safe. I have read a few stories about people getting attacked in their sleep, and I don't think it's very realistic.
Wild animals have very light sleep. Even my dog wakes up pretty much always when I just try to just get up from a chair while she is sleeping.
People back then were probably quite a bit more similar to animals, and they probably knew something could possibly kill them in their sleep if they didn't wake up, so I bet they would wake up if they heard something suspicious.
Even I myself wake up every time someone enters my room when I sleep, and I know why I woke up, so I think if something opens door to your cabin in the middle of forest, or gets really close to you it should be 100% chance you wake up (unless you have very poor hearing). Especially if you have seen e.g. a njerpez warrior, or a bear, the day before (or, a few days).
Also I think you should be also able to bar the door. It's not that hard to make something that allows you to prevent door from being opened from outside.
And for now the wake up messages are very general "You think you heard some rustle" or "You think you saw something move in the distance".
Considering, that I myself often know what I am woken up by, I think our character should also know it. Not always, but the closer the sound source is, and the more dangerous it feels to character, the highest chance there should be he knows.
So if you hear another human is close to you, and approaching you in your sleep, you should wake up and get message "You think you hear footsteps". If it's a bear, "You think you hear walking big animal". But if it's either far away, or just a squirrel/some bird, then it would make sense to not know what woke you up, because your mind doesn't put much attention to it.

April 09, 2021, 09:10:57 PM