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Advanced Combat Hello , this post i want to make so we can talk about combat , not killing a few lonely njerps or robbers but im talking about full blown war.
My first characters were evil, as i didn't know the ritual system or what was good or evil , i used to take out whole civilisations no matther who they were.
Now that i've become a little more experienced , my characters live good lives , which means not killing fellow woodmans for easy supplys , never murdering a companion and so on. Even though i admit killing a few foreign traders , which in my opinion is fair play because they can defend themselves more than any other group or culture.

That being said , i now have only 1 ennemie , the njerps.
I've been leading the great war agaisnt them for 2 winters now.
I took about half thei're civilizations with my remi brothers.
I am a owl tribe bow-men that is also handy with the ango.

What i want to talk about is strategy. I used to recruit 10-12 adventurers , woodmans and hunters to help me fight. I wasted alot of villages as the loses we're great and i was greedy on loot. I would say for each remi village i lost  i probably took out 2 njperp villages. Which is not that bad.
Until one day i was in my car thinking about it and i came accross a genius idea! Saving my companions. lol.
As dumb as it may sounds , it made all the difference. I now equip my fellow wariors with full fur gear , a cuirass and a helm.
What bothers me is that sometimes they dont wear it all , or they deny the cuirass for an overcoat. I wish i could handle thei're equipement myself but that's just a pipe dream. I give them battle axes if they're axe men and fine spears for spear dudes. But i avoid recruiting bow men , as they often friendly fire. Bow men companions must have killed atleast 7 of my dogs , shot me in the head multiple times (thank god for my masterwork iron spectacle helm) and often shoot other wariors.
My last 2 raids we're incredebly succesfull after doing this , i have'nt lost a single friend , but i stop after average 2 njerp village , and i send the grieviously wounded home. Also , i became a combat medic. As soon as one of my guys is bleeding i hit shift+r and run to save his life with golden rod that i keep handy at all times.

I am about to hit my third raid in hopes to keep evryone alive once again. But you never know who is gona get almost chopped in half.
Maybe even me. But Akku as proven himself a great warior. I also like to attack at night in the summer so we don't get to fight all the njerps at the same time and sometimes i even get to stab 1 or 2 while they are sleeping. As cruel as it may sound , i do not feel unreal world remorse for them , as they would do me dirty without even thinking about it. And the swearing does'nt help i admit.

So yeah , if you guys don't do big fights already i hope this help you , if you do i would like to know what you guys do in such situations and what gear you give to your companions.

Cheers , purplemate

PS: I am very excited for the new update coming up. I have not donated yet because i am a bit short on funds at the moment.(yes i feel bad about it) But unreal world is one of my favorite games and i won't forget to do so. I've made a suggestion post before without realizing it was selfish to ask for things without giving back and for that i apologize. And forgive my spelling english is my second language even if it's not an excuse.

Good day to you all

August 10, 2019, 10:08:40 PM
Re: Advanced Combat You reminded of the start of Beodrin Two-Bears

Starting with the bad hunting trip is dad was killed by a bear. The starting location turned out to be an island of only a few tiles. At the time the only way to rope I knew of was with leather... for which I would have to kill said bear. LOL. This was like my second play through long before the BAC modding skills you see today. I spent weeks on the small island with the bear noticing that the two of us were running out of berries and the only other thing for him to eat was me...

August 28, 2019, 04:59:58 PM
Micromanaging Rope lengths problem Why are entire lengths of ropes wasted when you only need 5 feet of a 30 foot rope for a single arrow?
I'd like to use a really long piece of cord for when I'm crafting arrows in large batches. It should be assumed that my character is clever enough to separate the rope into pieces automatically during the craft time. Instead of having to manually cut 5 foot sections of cord for every single arrow I want.
This goes for every other recipe with rope lengths. I was confused as well when I tried drying 50 pieces of meat at once with a long rope and saw afterwards that the remaining 15 feet disappeared.

October 29, 2019, 08:36:57 PM
Re: Rope used up
Further question, i remember it was clever to smoke 19 pieces of meat at a time with a tying equipment.

After the update with the length of the tying equipment, is it Still adviced?

Sorry, but no. each foot of rope holds 2 pieces of meat now. A full 15ft cord or rope will hold 30. I like to make 5 cords and cut 2 of them into 10 and 5 ft pieces, then join them into 3 cords of 25ft. This lets you do the maximum of the recipe - 50 pieces - with each cord.

   - Shane

January 24, 2020, 05:45:30 AM
Re: Roleplaying I like giving gifts to Sages and make sure I greet each of the craftspeople as well as a way to earn the right to trade.

I have rituals for the non-ritual items:
Reindeer antlers have to be scattered in a grove.
Seal skulls have to placed on a rock in the sea or river.
Elk antlers have to placed in a cave.

The first cut of a kill goes to the Spirits, the next goes to the dogs who brought it down.


June 26, 2020, 09:03:09 PM
More usefulness for curing Ok ok I know I've been spamming suggestions, but I still have to speak on the other part of hide-ousness: curing  ;D

The first part was about tanning terminology:

I don't cure skins in this game. Curing makes skins stuck in place and tanning is far quicker overall anyway. And you still have to clean the skin which isn't required for drying IRL. Fleshing is easier on dry skin anyway. (The membranes break off more easily on dry skin.) Doesn't really work when travelling, either. Really curing should be the thing to do when travelling and little time. The skins will continue drying hanging from the rucksack anyway, once they've initially become a bit dry.

I'd like to see curing as the default procedure for storage just like IRL. Tanning is a lot of work. Not every skinned hide will be tanned, only those that need to be. Also I don't think the fur trappers of old IRL tanned the hides themselves. The woodsman would definitely bring cured hides home first, maybe tan them then. Tanning is primarily concern of the craftsperson who gets their skins from hunters/herders, because only they know what qualities (how thoroughly tanned (hard), for instance) they want from the tanning for the work they are planning to use it for. Of course on commercial scale is different - I don't know how foreign traders would have wanted their furs.

Also, not every hide in use is tanned. Nowadays snowmobile-sled-hides aren't and old-days kota covers most likely neither. The skin is relatively cheap to replace in kota cover if its only dried (cured). A valuable-in-working-time tanned hide wouldn't have been wasted for something so trivial.

So, getting finally to my suggestion:

1) Curing should be immediately available for fresh skins
2) shorten curing times to max overnight or allow picking up of skins with curing still continuing

3) accept cured hides for kota covers and "sleeping in furs"
3) complicate tanning to make it more realistic and to encourage curing to be used more
4) make cured skins available in villages and for trade - preferably much more commonly than tanned hides. I understand this would affect game balance significantly and prices would need to be adjusted accordingly, with tanning lifting the cost especially of big hides - not so much of the valuable small furs.

EDIT: reordered priorities and added '1' from the terminology thread linked above

October 24, 2020, 06:16:17 PM