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Bakinho's short story     They left him in the village entrance. The large group had lost its youngest member. And in the end, it was his own choice.
    Bakinho said good-bye and took a look over the place - A light rain falling constantly. An old man, sitting in a cabbin's door, watched into the boy's eyes: "Life is rough - they seemed to express - but you don't know about that yet".
    He didn't enter and went ahead with his lonely trip, seeking for a water source and getting into the unknown. It was not until he found a tiny lake, that the rain stopped. A new page in his life's book was up to be written, this new chapter living by his own.

    His first days were so hard. He knew plenty skills, in their mind and body, but his soul seemed to have sleept away: that burning flame in it was almost extinguished. He couldn't build a fire, fall a tree, get food. He had forgotten everything...


-Hi, my name is Bakinho. I am starving - I said with a tear rolling down my cheek. And a tiny, streched stomach.
-Hello, Stranger, we don't know who you are - Answered the old man.
-I need something to eat - I begged.
-Pick up whatever you want, but pay for everything you pick - He stared at me.

I went out the village. What were they doing, taking care of their own beloved ones and property or beeing pitiless?


Those days were even roughers. But Bakinho managed to fish and fullfill his stomach by himself. Never getting enough food, although he could get over the starvation and its issues. He realized that those tiny wild 'fruits' were edible, that those tree leaves were a great wall to get away the weather elements so then sleep better. His spiritual flame was growing. And he was thankful to the Great Spirits for that.


I am alone, I need to talk with someone. Is this what i think it is? And the village's people shown me their backs. Yeah, this is a fresh track! Some child, they are purer, they are more gentle. So you are going to the north, huh? It seems like a big creature. A child or maybe a good friend to be with me, to share even silence. I have to be very... careful... it saw me! Run!


Tomorrow will be a better hunting day. Luckely i have fish for breakfast.


Bakinho climbed up to the top of a hill, and watched the peaceful horizon. Two human shapes into the far. He went for the encounter, that was a great sign of providence, claiming that finally some fraternal warmth was near.


-Hello, my name is Bakinho. I am hunting - I said with a smile in my face, to the tallest man there.
-Hi, friend o'mine. You seem like a great hunter! Just look at you! - He replied with a perfect smile.
-Well, i do what i can. I am improving, though. 'Cause i am young. Now i became a lonely man - I said, my chest got bigger and wider.
-You are! Look that staff, such a masterpiece. You'd fight three bears back in a row - His vivid eyes had a hidden secret. I heard two human laughing behind me.
-I... c-can te-teach you how to make one fo-for yourself - I began to fear.
-Don't lose your time, just handle me that spear and knife, then if i feel mercyful i'll let you go with your legs still sticked in your body.
I am screwed, i thought. The last thing i felt was a hard hit in my head.


I woke up. The forest was strange, my inner, desolated. I was all broken and slowly i managed to recover. I understood i couldn't feed myself with those great fruits. I couldn't fish nor hunt.
I didn't find my way back either. After several days I found my shelter, and entered in the village, some hundred of meters away.


-Hi, i am Bakinho. I really need your help, I...-
-Hello Stranger. What do you want? - She asked.
-I need to recover myself, i am not well - I was clearly bleeding.
-I am really sorry, i cannot help you -

Fury. Anger. Awoke a demon within. I hitted her in the head, she ran away screaming in pain. I catched her again and hitting, i knocked her down.

He stayed in front of the unconcious body, breathing heavily, his mind drifting away. Some loud screaming were getting closer.

-There he is. I saw him, he is trying to kill her. Come everybody. He is trying to kill her!-

The old man hitted Bakinho's head with a club. Wasn't until there that he went back into reality. Bakinho fighted back, and really quickly understood he had failed. A second man arrived, with a knife. The two men were stabbing and hitting him. Bakinho just got lost into a dark new place, a new world.

At the end this was a short trip. That thorax stab was deep! huh! And i just have to say... those hits in my head are crushing my skull... to the Great Spirit, how regreted i am.
Another stab...


The coward young boy learnt from this life, and the soul's trip goes on. Now in another place, no more in this world. He learnt from mistakes and suffering, now he awaits a new oportunity to go beyond understanding.

(Migrated post. This section were quite blank. This was the first experience i had with the game some several months ago. I loved it. Regards)

May 23, 2017, 05:18:20 PM
Re: My first bear. Ahh one's first bear. Your character seems to be out in the frosty snow. A trusted companion Reindeer with you. The vast wilds.

What was everyone else's most memorable bear?

Well mine comes from the tale of Beodrin.

His story began with the tragic death of his father on a hunting trip. The random generated creature.... a bear!!  :o

It gets better. We were on an island! The man killing bear, dead dad and me.

At his point in my gaming and modding I thought you could only use leather to make rope. Rope to make a raft. To get off the island. To escape the man killer bear.

Now where could I get leather?
Oh oh.
There is only one source.
The bear that killed my dad!

For weeks I lived on the southern part of the island. The bear ruled the north. On one daring dash I recovered dad's gear.

I learned to sleep surrounded by traps. Fences, too, later learning man and bear alike could easily kick them down.

When a night's sleep was interrupted with "you think you hear something nearby" oh spirits was I worried!

There was only so many berry bushes on the island. Both me and the bear were eating them.

Finally I had enough leather from small game to make one, not three, ropes. So I made a the three tree trunk bear killer.

Coming back later indeed the bear had gotten into the trap. Alive. Angry. Roaring.

I tossed my three javelins for minor wounds. I tossed rocks and stones. I tossed many things. Where I could I went close to toss them again. Again and again I tossed things at the father killer. All the while the risk of it escaping the trap growing.

Perhaps my father's spirit was there. Holding the trap down on the bear.

After an arc of the sun the bear fell unconscious from dozens of minor wounds and blood loss. Most of bleeding wounds had even stopped bleeding.

Cautiously creeping forward the death stabs to the neck were made.

The bear died soon.

I had, I thought, to turn the bear into leather. So Beodrin lived a few weeks more on Bear Island to dehair the hide. Finally the raft was made and he sailed onto greater adventures. Before his death becoming known as Beodrin Two Bears, who killed two bears and wore them both. Yes he wore his father's killer. As leather armor. Ah, but those are stories for another day.

May 26, 2017, 03:35:59 AM
Modding Tutorial and Help this is a compilation I created of the games mod tutorial, others modding help, and my own edits. this is how I learned how to mod unreal world and make some custom content and hope it can help someone else. figured I should post it and also set up a section in the new forums for modding help and discussion, I wont be giving help (because I am less experienced than most) but I can try, and I'm sure many others will help if you post your wip mods or problems you run into.
June 18, 2017, 05:47:04 AM
Add "wetness" penalty to clothes You are in the coldest days of winter. The "cold bar" is empty. You should stay indoor like the many game guides say, treasuring your firewood, but you don't care: you are fully clothed in deer with woollen footrags, mittens and cowl. You could dip into a frozen river and come back up, and instead of freezing to death you'd warm back to optimal.

Why? Because the warm system of clothes (which is simple but works very well, usually!) fails to take "wetness" into account.


  • Every wearable piece must have two additional fields: wetness and wet-warmth. When wetness is full, the effective warmth is equal to the wet-warmth. When wetness is empty, the effective warmth is the usual "warmth" field for this item. If willing to go the extra mile, effective warmth decreases linearly with wetness, with minimum being the "wet-warmth" and maximum the base warmth.
  • Dipping increases the wetness very rapidly for some materials, and less for others. Linen/nettle/wool should go instantaneously to maximum wetness. Fur would only be half-wet if you go out immediately. Leather and, special case, seal fur, go 25% wet at every turn: so getting in water and coming out immediately only makes you 25% wet. I would also make the wet-warmth closer to the effective warmth for seal fur and leather (as well as iron/mail/lamellar, for all the good it'd do).
  • Rain and snow make you wet little by little, proportionally to the rain/snow strength and the material of the cloth, like above.
  • Ambient temperatures reduces the wetness with time, proportionally. Changing clothes to dry your wet ones by the fire/in your smokehouse becomes a thing.

This would make seal fur great again (as well as leather), excluding the coldest months of winter, because of its reliability under wet conditions. Your nice reindeer suite is still great but you need to keep covered, as one supposed ancient Finns did.

Extra happiness if the first to get wet is the outer layer (the last worn) for each body part, so that having a seal overcoat over your bear/stag suite makes a lot of sense.

August 31, 2017, 03:33:08 PM
More kinds of structures I was reading the thread about bridge-building, and it brought to bear for me the fact that the world of the game would be a lot more interesting if there were kinds of structures other than just villages.

For example,
- Primitive bridges
- Hill forts
- Burial grounds
- Giant's churches
- Various forms of cairns
- Ceremonial/sacrificial sites
- Quarries, iron foundries

As far as hill forts go, I was also reading about the Old Castle at Lieto, and about how there would have been a watchtower, and it also made me think back to the issue of multi-story buildings.

Something that's currently not listed on the long term development plans, but I would certainly like to see as a player, is a revamp of the game system for creating interior spaces. So for example, on houses, this would mean that when you see a house from the outside, you see the building height, the roof on top and smoke from the chimney. You go inside, and you see the floor you go in on, and then can go up and down floors if its multi-story. You could even go down into cellar basements. Sort of how old isometric games like Ultima VII handled it. This would also lead to a better game system for caves, because they could actually be inside mountains and hills rather than inside a group of stones.

While I'm guessing this is definitely require major work compared to other game features, I think it would be something worth seeing.

Also, I don't know if any evidence of this exists for Iron Age Finland, but I know that in other areas, there were stone buildings in forts.

In general, I think the more that there's variety in structures, the more there will be a feeling that you're in a world with a history, and that would also tie into quests and things like that.

September 27, 2017, 04:22:49 AM
Don't Go to Stumpmire So, you whipper-snappers think you've worked sixteen winters, and know all the rituals, and heard all me stories, and think you're ready to head out alone, eh? 'Alf you kids will starve in two weeks and the other 'alf o' ye will drown in a damn puddle, come the wet ice! But jist a rare few of ye might end up wishin' ye died natural-like, if'n you think THIS is just another story.

Must a been nigh sixty winters past, when I was greener than you lads, some o' the men that was comin' and goin' tradin' back then took to talkin' about how they was gettin' heaps o' treasure fer workin' up north in Stumpmire. Always somethin' about a new settler, with piles o' loot, givin' it away if'n you was willin' to come to 'is 'ouse 'n chop his trees fer 'im. He'd even feed ye, and give ye an axe, and let ye keep it, if'n you promised to come back. Well, after a while o' this, the men that 'ad left town jist stopped comin' back from Stumpmire, and the ones that was still in town took to stayin' there more permanent-like. Wouldn't say why, they was all quiet about it, and we let them be, seein' as now we was the only place they would trade the pay they was still holdin' onto.

After a couple weeks o' that, the new settler came to see us. He was near seven foot I'd say, and looked like he carried a lot o' weight on his bones, but 'adn't eaten in a few days. Was wonderin' why no one was comin' up to 'is place, still 'ad work needed doin' and still 'ad plenty of goods to pay. The men that 'ad been workin' for 'im before kinda looked down, gave back their axes, and made excuses why'n they couldn' go back with 'im. He got real mad, and offered up a sword fer the man that would go with 'im.

Well, my old cousin Jaqqa visiting from the next town over 'appenned to need himself a sword, and thought he might go with back to Stumpmire. Old Jaqqa was always slow on the uptake, like most of you kids these days... The men that 'ad worked for the settler all sat down to talkin' real hushed like once he and Jaqqa left, and got their things together, and followed after 'em. Yours truly figgered followin' the men who left would be the best way to see what was really goin' on, but now I figger it's best not findin' out some things too direct.

Stumpmire's just north, goes on for miles. Felt like hours walkin' it, but I was bein' careful o' makin' too much noise, and lettin' on to the men that they was bein' followed in turn. They finally got close up enough to the settler's buildsite that I could see it from where I was hidin', but then I heard Jaqqa screamin'. Not no regular screamin' like when you babies see squirrel guts, but real screamin'. I ain't never heard anything like it before or since, and then it just stopped real sudden.

The men was runnin' up to the house then, and I started hearin' shoutin' and noises like a big fight was startin', but then those stopped too. I got as close as I could, hidin' in the trees that was left, and what I saw was worse than all Jaqqa's screamin'. 'Is eyes was put out, and 'is legs was broke, and 'is 'ead was smashed open, and 'is arms was still twitchin'. The new settler 'ad killed the men who followed 'im too, and was cuttin' em up fer meat with 'is back to me. I cracked a twig backin' away and he turned right around and looked at me with these hollow eyes, and what he did was smile. Smile, and hold up a cut of meat from one of the men, and set it on the ground, and when I ran away like anyone with 'alf a brain woulda done, I 'eard 'im recitin' our ritual for sacrificin' an animal, like those men was sheep.

And that's why whatever you boys do on yer way to some bear's belly, don't you go trustin' strangers, and don't you go to Stumpmire.

September 27, 2017, 04:25:51 PM
Disease, pests, and the joy of cats Yesterday, my cat returned with the 5th gift this week. This time, he had actually bothered killing it, making it much easier for me to rid him of his triumph.

As I did, he just lay down on the sofa, unbothered by his prey being removed. His diligence is surprising, but not uncommon for cats. This time though, it made me think.
"Go to hell, you feline bastard." I thought.

It also made me think of nature, which led to Unrealworld eventually.

Now, what did this long and pointless story about my cat have to do with the suggestion?

Nothing at all. Or at least very little...

Dogs are so far the only pet you can own in Unrealworld, and it is more or less only good for hunting game and njerpez.
Since diseases/illnesses are planned, I think it would be fitting to also add another pet.

Illnesses could be caught through human interaction, or be spread via some kind of pathogen. This would mean you could get bitten by rats in your sleep, and that would have a chance of making you ill. Rats could also chew on your smoked njerpez reindeer as well, of course.

These ilnesses would be connected to herblore (understanding which herbs help which symptoms), that would help you find possible cures/ailments that might help.
Shamans can help, but you shouldn't place all your eggs in one basket, so shamans might fail in treating you, making herblore a more viable skill to focus on.

(Herblore might need some kind of name change if this happens, though.)

Cats would be the way to prevent pests from pestering you. They would be a low-maintinence (no need to feed), but very expensive/rare to buy. Possible only avaliable from foreign merchants or something along those lines. Cats would be a luxury for sure, and nothing a poor hermit usualy can afford. But there's always murdering and stealing.

To avoid slowing down the game too much/ crowding the world beyond capacity, pests might not need to be actual animals, just a state of a tile. Much like snow, it can have different levels of pests around it:

Pest-free (need several cats)
Bugs (lowest you can get with one cat)
Rodents and bugs (the normal state)
A lot of pests (unusually high)
Pests everywhere (dangerously high)

The more people-the more pests.

Note: I might be WAY off historically. Please correct me if I am.

October 02, 2017, 10:58:13 PM
Re: Bridge Building I had a thread about it on the old forum

Once I made a house in the middle of a lake but i dont have a screenshot of it and the character is long dead.

October 03, 2017, 12:02:40 PM
Sleep deficit I, personally, have gone five days without sleep (although around day three I started having waking dreams, where I'd see dream imagery projected on surfaces), and I think most people can go at least two days without collapsing unconscious.  I'd like to see the need to sleep work the way hunger does right now, where hunger kind of ramps up if you go too long without eating and can only be cured by overeating for a few days.  Sleep deficits work the same way in the real world, where you can keep going for weeks on short rations of sleep, but you begin accumulating a sleep deficit and eventually have to pay it back over a lengthy period.  Pre-industrial agrarian society was indeed much like this, where you'd have long periods of inactivity interspersed with sleepless periods of frantic activity for planting and harvesting.

(On a related note, I think hunger is too fast.  I can overeat for weeks, but if I spend 9 hours straight erecting a cabin wall without snacking, I become instantly emaciated.  If only it was that easy to lose weight in the real world...)

Edit: A "second wind" ritual would be useful too.

October 15, 2017, 04:10:47 PM
Tracks being covered by snow One of those little things --- I've got a bunch of old forest reindeer tracks nearby my cabin from mid-autumn.  Seems very odd that months later, when everything's covered with a foot of snow, I can still see them fine.

Making snow cover tracks (and maybe rain decaying tracks?) would also make the weatherlore skill a little more useful.  Hunting during intermittent snow would be very difficult, since you couldn't keep a track on as the snow covered things up.  Hunting after the snow fell on a clear day would be your goal.

October 22, 2017, 12:38:37 AM