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Wounded or starving dogs refusing to attack on command Let's announce just one small but significant upcoming addition....

 - added: wounded or starving dogs may refuse to attack on command

        If your dog is seriously wounded or starving it may refuse to attack on command. Even the suffering dogs still defend
        their masters and themselves from charging predators and enemies, but are just reluctant to act as war dogs who always
        run after a given target completely despite of their own condition. This addition may encourage you to keep your dogs
        more safe and better fed from now on.

This is an upcoming feature, not functional in the current version 3.40.

October 04, 2017, 02:21:40 PM
Re: Version 3.60 beta [for Windows] released on Steam, and for Lifetime members UPDATE: Sep-23-2019 | 19:50 UTC+2.
3.60 (beta) hotfix 3 released. If you're on beta-branch on Steam your game will auto-update. For lifetimers the hotfix is also available.

Following issues were fixed:
- changed: birch-bark strip "usage" bar display removed from the inventory

As the strip length is always visble this was redundant.

- changed: when using tying equipment as raw material the selected item is always used in full length

There's a notification displayed if length to be used is far more than required, so that you can cancel the task and shorten the tying equipment to desired lengths at will.

- fixed: tying equipment selections that were supposed to return after usage (eg. cookery, trap constructions) was broken in many ways

You didn't get back what you actually used, but sometimes more and sometimes less.

- fixed: shortening tying equipment didn't modify their weight

- fixed: tying equipment stacking issues

- fixed: joining tying equipment to exceed length of 255 feet

Maximum tying equipment length is 255 feet. Joining operations that exceed the maximum length are now forbidden.


September 23, 2019, 08:06:56 PM
I love this game I love this game and here is the proof  :)

The Steam counter obviously doesn't show older non-Steam hours, I expect the actual total to be at least 3 times what's shown.
Huge number for the last two weeks have a reason; I've got Covid-19, oxygen levels was pretty bad for a while but OK now and this game came to the hospital with me on my laptop.
It turns out when you're Hurt, Helpless and Afraid in iron age Finland, it helps with modern age recovery...

On a side note, I can't wait for the new version beta to be out.

June 17, 2021, 07:33:14 PM
Re: Most effective weapon to pair with a shield? Njerpez scimitar or broadsword, and have mace ready for njerps in lamelar. I think you underestimate one handed penalty. And saying it goes from 15% to 5% with MW quality is misleading. It stays at 15%. But you get 10% bonus, which you can still utilize with proper 1h weapons.
October 03, 2022, 09:41:04 PM
Re: Friendly Fire Friendly fire adjustments are currently on the coding table so this is a good time to reply to this thread.
What will be done with the friendly fire is that the NPCs will be able to reason whether there's a chance to hit a friend/companion on the missile flight path, and then refuse to take a shot if the risk is high. The friendly fire problem mostly persists with companions, although all the NPCs can suffer from it at times. The planned additions will bring a lots of new variables to the missile combat, and there will be proper dev. news post about it soon enough.

When it comes to the mentions about hitting your own dog in front of you, eg. when shooting at a bear in the distance. Well, that's something that can happen, but on the contrary to common beliefs here the creature height are being considered in the missile hit calculations. And it goes without saying that terrain elevation is also considered. And the final outcome is naturally a combination of these. So, shortly, you should be able to shoot over your dog, especially if the target creature's height is greater.
Assuming you're on the same elevation there should be zero problems with this - also assuming that target creature isn't prone, which also matters.

So, the dog-hitting cases reported here would need a screenshots as a background information so that we could actually see what factors might interfere there.
If you feel like having made an unjust accidental hit eg. to your dog feel free to follow-up with a report and screenshot and we'll investigate.
See, even though there is math in place already everything can be always made more precise.

To see if things work as intended I did a little tests with a dog in the shooting line, and a bear as a target.
Here come the screenshots. Things worked as expected and intended for this character.

The bear is 3 paces, 6 meters away in the south. Shot over the dog with no problem.

The bear is 16 paces, 32 meters away in the south. Shot over the dog with no problem.

The bear is 11 paces, 22 meters away in the north, and at slightly lower elevation than the character and his dog. Shot over the dog with no problem.

The bear is 16 paces, 32 meters away in the north, at lower elevation and prone. Only now the shooting angle is the kind that the dog gets hit.

Well, it's true that if you imagine that you've got a dog right in front of you, very close, its body maybe touching your leg, and it's sitting still, not moving at all.
Then, surely you could shoot over it even in the latest scenario. You could lean over and hold the bow over it's head.
But in the game one tile is 2 meters, and we can assume there's possibility of free move. The dog isn't necessarily sitting against your leg.
It can move about and even leap. If it's even a meter away and suddenly raises it's head on the moment you take a slightly blown shot to a target between 70-150 cm in height (withers height of a bear) at 32 meters away and at lower than your elevation... well, it shouldn't be an accidental hit everytime, but occasionally, for sure.
If you take a shot at around 50 cm height, eg. the chest of a prone bear, 32 meters away... the propablity of an accident increases quite a bit.

All in all, feel free to report the related cases you may find odd, and rest assured that the NPC missile AI will be soon adjusted for quite a lot better.

November 07, 2022, 11:56:11 AM
Re: Technical question
What's the keyboard keys combination to
Pick up a tool/weapon and wield it, altogheter?

I used to do it, but I can't recall now. Tried in-game f1-help pannel but couldn't either.

It's rarely used option, but it's there, so your memory serves you right...

From news.txt:

Code: [Select]
- added: key commands to wield picked up items automatically - [CTRL]+[,] and [CTRL]+[;]

        Press [CTRL] together with pick up commands [,] or [;] to automatically wield picked up items.
        Notice that when picking up multiple items this way the first selected items on the list will
        be wielded.

November 07, 2022, 05:19:19 PM
NPC archery AI tuning As you may know, NPC archers in the game have been quite careless about accidentally shooting to their own party members.
This has been especially problematic, sometimes even frightening, when having eager archers as companions.
Now NPC archery checks to avoid hitting unintended friendly targets has been adjusted as follows.

          Before shooting an arrow NPCs can now consider the risk and possibilities of hitting an unintended friendly target, ie. members of their own party. Depending on their risk assesment the shooting NPCs may then choose to take or not to take a shot. The higher the risk, the less often you'll see the NPCs using their bows.
          These improvements will change NPCs archery behaviour to quite an extent, especially if there are several NPCs being engaged in a fight or hunt, and moving within the risky zone. In general you will see NPCs being more careful with archery than before.
          Now you can also feel more relieved about your own archer companion's behaviour. They won't be taking seriously foolhardy shots which might put you, your dogs or anyone else in your party at risk of being wounded by an unintended arrow hit. This will also sometimes make hunting with companions to proceed differently than before. See, if there's is a pack of dogs, or melee armed companions, running in front of capable archers it might be that they have difficulties to find a spot to make a safe shots to the target. Many new scenarios may arise, and occasionally you may need to build new tactics based on the new NPC behaviour.
          Lastly, in the heat of the archery combat accidents can still happen. That possibility hasn't been excluded, but now these things should happen way, way more rarely than before.

These are future features - not yet functional yet in the current stable 3.71 or beta 3.72

November 20, 2022, 07:14:33 PM
Academic interest towards UnReal World - in Finnish and in French Every now and then the many unique elements of UnReal World do arise academic interest.
Folklore, mythology, historical ambition, recreation of traditions, long history or the mere depth of it all.
Now we're highlighting a fresh book in Finnish and shortly upcoming conference in Paris for you to have a closer look at will. Both can be witnessed also online.

The Finnish connection ...

Back in 2019 mr. Kyyrö, PhD from University of Turku School of History, Culture and Arts Studies first interviewed me, and then Erkka separately, for his studies and projects regarding computer games and religion.
There's a forum post (with a picture) about it here.

Now mr. Kyyrö has written a chapter about UnReal World and its approach and relation to the field of new spiritualities in recently published compilation work titled "Uushenkisyys" (in Finnish).
The title of the book translates as "New spiritualities" in english, and quoting the english abstract:
"The book shows the multiple ways in which new spiritualities intertwine with different sectors of the society and blur spirituality’s boundary with religion, health care, art, and popular culture, for example. The book is the first book-length presentation in Finnish of the field of new spiritualities."

In his research mr. Kyyrö analyzes both the game and the interviews of me and Erkka. The chapter is titled "Dare to hear your voice, dare to follow your spirit" - which is a line you may have spotted from the game end screen. For me, quoting this very line means a lot. I don't exactly remember if it appeared into the game 20, or even 25 years ago - but it's been there for a long time and the underlying attitude behind it still stands strong even though it was first made up by a far less experienced coder and a human being.
The book is freely available online, in finnish. So take a look, you finnish speaking players.

The French connection...

Earlier this month I had a pleasure of receiving contact and talking online with monsieur Efrati, a doctorate student at EHESS (School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences) in France, where he works on the representations of Prehistory in video games. We had a great and interesting talks which may lead into further research or co-operation, but he already gathered some UnReal Worldish background material to be utilized at the following event.

Tomorrow,  28th of november,  he's organizing a conference at the French national library dedicated to a 1986 survival/proto-open-world game called Sapiens. The subject may be interesting to many of you on its own, but now also the UnReal World is going to be mentioned in the context as well. To what extent, I don't really know, so you have to witness it by yourself. Luckily the conference can be watched online too: Monday, 28th of nov., 18:00 - 20:00.

Unfortunately, it will be in French only but our french speaking player base is not a small at all - so go check it out.
Here's the conference web page, and at the bottom you'll find  a link to watch it live (and afterwards) on YouTube.

Screenshot from Sapiens game

November 27, 2022, 01:50:16 PM