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Re: Homeland Robbers (Spoiler) "Forest Robber" should mean their "tribe" is vagabond (rather than one of the neighboring "real" tribes). It's very useful to keep track of what kind of robbers you're looking for, as it's not at all uncommon in this version for multiple robber gangs to be present in the same area, so if you've e.g. found a group of Kuikka Tribe robbers you know that's not the ones you're looking for (a bug in the current version causes too many robber gangs to spawn, especially if you decline to take up such quests).

The only way to find robbers that I know of is to search each and every tile in the rather large target area, and they're very rarely visible on the overland map. I think they tend to have a shelter in their "home" tile, though.
The way I go about looking for robbers is to pass back and forth over the target area like weaving a tapestry, one line at a time. I enter each tile, look forward, turn 180 degrees, look backwards, exit out, turn 180 degrees, walk one tile, zoom in, ... This takes something like 2-5 days to cover the area (stopping when it gets dark: I tend to use markers to indicate where I stopped), but it's still possible to miss the robbers. When looking for the robbers I typically use the beggar tactic, i.e. my character isn't equipped with my top gear, but rather junk I'm prepared to surrender to the robbers if they catch me. When I've found them (robbed or escaped) I typically mark the location, round up a bunch of companions, and return to participate in a sorry spectacle of death, friendly fire, and companions that refuse to help while their companions are fighting for their lives (some of this fixed in the next version).

If you're unlucky the robbers are in spruce infested forest, in which case you probably need luck to find them. In other terrain the visibility is good enough that you probably have to be unlucky to miss them (provided you're moving slightly to see past big obstacles).

September 20, 2017, 09:02:13 AM
Re: Which one is the best flour? I'm the one who just went and updated the flour page on the wiki.  I did some testing with an object inspector to look at nutrition and such.  Grinding flour from grains, seeds, or roots keeps the same nutrition values as the original, as well as the same weight.  The carb, fat, and protein values given are percentages of the weight that is each nutrient (i.e., grams of nutrient per 100g weight). 

Barley gives the most nutritious flour, at ~1370 calories per pound.  Rye, clayweed, and lake reed flours are all above 1,000 calories per pound, while hemp (seed), marsh calla, and bogbean flours are all just below 1,000 calories per pound.  You can make flour from nettle, turnip, sorrel, and yarrow seeds, but it's much much less nutritious than the other kinds of flour. 

If you want to figure out what to plant for the most calories, then you need to account for the number of plants that can grow in each tile and the total number of calories produced by each plant.  Note too that you've got it backwards:  rye produces three fistfuls of grains, and barley produces two, not the other way around.  On a per-plant basis:

  • Rye produces 412 calories per plant (~1/3 pound of grains)
  • Broad beans produce 378 calories per plant (~3/4 pound of beans)
  • Barley produces 302 calories per plant (~1/5 pound of grains)
  • Hemp produces 218 calories per plant (~1/5 pound of seeds, ~1/7 pound of leaves)
  • Clayweed produces 143 calories per plant (~1/7 pound of seeds, ~1/13 pound of leaves)
  • Turnips produce 97 calories per plant (~2/3 pound root, negligible size seeds)
  • Peas produce 57 calories per plant (~1/7 pound of peas)
  • Nettle produces 23 calories per plant (~1/10 pound of leaves, negligible size seeds)
  • Sorrel and yarrow produce negligible calories per plant

But for planting, this ordering gets shifted again because you can plant many more turnips and grains in a single tile than beans:

  • Rye produces at most 10,288 calories per tile
  • Barley 7,560
  • Hemp 2,529
  • Turnip 1,944
  • Broad bean 1,892
  • Clayweed 711
  • Pea 284
  • Nettle 227
  • Sorrel and yarrow negligible

So:  grow barley if you want the best flour (most nutritious breads, porridges, and stews).  Grow rye if you want the most total calories of flour. 

February 07, 2018, 06:09:06 PM
Ski archery in traditional, northern and asiatic fashion video Today's clip (from my archery channel) is so UrWish that it needs to be here:

Archery on skis in northern fashion:

Skiing archer can be quite effective, and Sami people even had ski-taff bows with rim and head attached to lower part of the bow so no separate ski staff was needed at all.
The video also makes you think that the the game [w]ielding rules could be adjusted a bit. :)

March 06, 2018, 07:58:56 PM
quality of life For new players:

Since the UI can be a bit unwieldy at times, here's some things I learned:

The combination of using NUMPAD+ and the TAB key is really useful to drop, equip, dress/undress/haul certain items without having to scroll through your stuff.
NUMPAD+ = select everything
SPACE = confirm
TAB = activate filter


TAB+'f' selects all food, so it is very useful to dump all the food into the cellar. TAB+'f', NUMPAD+ and SPACE do a great job here.

If I want to cook those 259 elk cuts, what I do is
press 'd' (to drop)
press NUMPAD+ (to select everything)
press TAB 'f'
press NUMPAD- (to unselect everything)
press SPACE (Now I will drop everything that is not food)
When roasting my cuts I can now use 'r' to repeat, and if I am only carrying raw meat, the process is really fast.

I do the same for tanning stuff, drop everything except hides, press 'g' to get my knife (and some fat) from the pile at my feet, and I am ready to go with 0 penalties

I do the same when trading in a village sometimes, when I drop everything I don't want to sell. I undress all clothing via SHIFT+T, TAB 'a', NUMPAD+, SPACE. Now I can let the villagers choose "which items they actually want", and I can also carry more.


The game takes materials from the ground. When crafting it is useful to first drop everything (NUMPAD+, SPACE), and then pick up some critical materials that cannot be used from the ground (like food or cords).


When cooking (or drying food) it is useful to build the cellar right next to the shelter. This way I can make a fire next to the cellar and cook while standing on the cellar. The food is prepared "inside" the cellar. If the fire is really small, the food won't burn and will be stored in the cellar without the need to move it there.


About drying food: On my first couple of games I didn't know that clothing can be used to make cords. Linen, wool, leather, and fur clothing can be transformed into cords. One cord can take 19 cuts.


Food preservation: Food on companions spoils more slowly. Shift+'g' can be used in the overland map, so whenever I am hungry, I can take some meat from my companion instead of carrying the food myself. (Also useful for trading.)


June 03, 2018, 09:29:00 PM
Mini Zoo in Unreal World Finally after spending soo many winter, manage to capture a few animal in unreal world.

The ultimate animal in unreal world. It can destroy the puny fence easily.

Next challange, capturing a nperjez...

June 17, 2018, 11:05:26 AM
Re: Mini Zoo in Unreal World
This is awesome! How'd you do it? Feel like sharing?

For the bear part, he spawn just spawn beside my newly built cabin tiles.

Just simply throw  stone/rock to the bear to get him to follow you into the house.
Club him until unconscious while he in the house.
Deconstruct the door.
Kick his skull again.
Start to build the wall with windows.
Stop building every 30 minutes to 1 hour to kick/punch the bear skull to make sure he dont wake up.
Voila, you now have a bear in the house.

But sadly, the bear will be despawn/dissppear after some times when his timer expired.
Strangely, the bird never get despawn, maybe its located in the village instead of the wilderness settlement.

I even got lucky enough to capture a Npez Maiden in her village. She seem to be ok. Never get despawn.

June 18, 2018, 12:12:40 PM
Re: Mini Zoo in Unreal World
you don't plan to breed that njerp do you?

wouls seriously consider that to prevent extinction. she the last njerp alive in the village.
once she is dead there will be no more njerp on the map except those randomly spawn warrior wandering on the map.

June 23, 2018, 07:43:30 PM
Re: Mini Zoo in Unreal World Mini zoo Improvement

This is how I "capture" those animal.

June 27, 2018, 05:01:07 PM
Re: Modding in valuable metals (Gold, Silver, Copper) for trade. There videos on youtube from "Thegn Thrand" for sure on testing bronze weapons. There may also be some from Schollagladitoria and Shadiversity.

Bronze can get a sharp edge yet the edge on the softer metal is more frail. Since it doesn't need to be heated as high to smith bronze weapons also tend to bend during the impact levels of combat.

UrW deals with weapon breakage by reducing quality factors of weapons.

We dont have a way of, afaik, to tell the game to accelerate the rate of decay of the weapon. For example parrying with a bronze sword vs an iron Nerjpez scimitar is going to wear out the bronze faster.

I would therefore suggest considering giving bronze weapons either or both:
- a penalty to crafting so they tend to come out "rough" and thus closer to broken
- reduced weapon impact stats,  1 -2 points off to estimate the average reduced state


There was overlaps of iron and bronze. At that time the availability and skills in iron were rare. In UrW the iron availability is very much there.


In terms of making the bronze with its lower heating points you may consider leaving out the bloomery. You could check on bronze making to see if they needed charcoal with its higher burns or if they could use just wood. Likewie with a bellows.

Copper smelting may have been discovered from large and long lasting hearth fires (cooking and heating a home) being able to melt the green copper out of malachite rocks.


Remember that Bronze needs copper and tin. So you should source in tin somehow.

January 22, 2019, 10:10:02 PM
Re: course reward I always choose attributes, though sometimes I make an archive save before finishing to be able to choose spells, for testing. But for continued play it's attributes.

Attributes generally are most important when creating the character (they govern how much initial skill will be), but some affect it all the time or during special events:

Endurance decreases penalty for encumbrance (and thus indirectly increases Mobility, and most if not all skills), it is also tested for shock (when you lose consciousness from heavy injuries). It's probably tested during swimming trouble (for drowning), though admittedly if this happens you're almost certain dead anyway.

Dexterity is tested with fumble tests (when you fight and drop your weapon it was a failed DEX test, in addition to failure in an attack/defence skill)

Agility is tested with stumble test (when you fight and trip over you failed AGL test)

Speed you mentioned, it increases Mobility directly

Touch is tested when eating for some reason (maybe how long it will take), it's also tested when performing crafting, at the start. It is actually tested when performing item related functions like shootin from bow or felling a tree, but I don't know it this is only to determine if you gain a skill point, or maybe if you don't drop a weapon or axe (something similar to fumble test but not in fight, but that's my speculation).

Eyesight is tested when on overland map, to notice animals and people (it is actually tested more if there are more tiles seen), maybe also when noticing tracks without explicitly involving tracking skill, but I'm not sure on this one.

Hearing is tested when on zoomed in map, for example when tracking unseen animal.

Smell probably too, though I'm not sure how important it is, I SUPPOSE you may detect the readiness of food from further distance with higher smell, but I'm not sure at all.

Also some attributes (probably Endurance, but maybe combination) are tested under certain conditions when deciding sickness or sickness level: for example flu or nausea. When I got influenza TWICE during my first summer, despite being decently clothed and warm, I'm sure it was a failed attribute test, END most probably.

Attributes also govern skill affinity (the asterisks to the right of skill), the higher affinity the easier it is to gain a skill after performing a task. I haven't noticed that affinity changes  when attributes increase though, so maybe it is set only in the beginning. The "resolution" of affinity is too small to be certain.

January 29, 2019, 07:53:58 PM