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Micromanaging Rope lengths problem Why are entire lengths of ropes wasted when you only need 5 feet of a 30 foot rope for a single arrow?
I'd like to use a really long piece of cord for when I'm crafting arrows in large batches. It should be assumed that my character is clever enough to separate the rope into pieces automatically during the craft time. Instead of having to manually cut 5 foot sections of cord for every single arrow I want.
This goes for every other recipe with rope lengths. I was confused as well when I tried drying 50 pieces of meat at once with a long rope and saw afterwards that the remaining 15 feet disappeared.

October 29, 2019, 08:36:57 PM
Re: Micromanaging Rope lengths problem yea, that of course would make things more convenient.
i just offered a workaround for the current system. what i do, is precutting a big number of tying stuff, so i end up with some straight, and some uneven numbers of cord. So i dont have to cut all of them down to 1ft. It is a method of moderate effort, yet it has the downside having many different lenthgs of tying stuff, and if theres different qualities, it can get somewhat messy...

but perhaps there is another option, although it would turn over the whole system again:

treat it just like repairing or crafting clothes. e.g. when you repair a coat which is missing 1,2 lmbs and you choose the cloth for repair, the game system automatically cuts off 1,2 lmbs of that, and does not waste the rest.
It is actually just a realistic thing that if you got a 15 ft cord and you craft a bow, for which you need a cutting tool anyway, the character cuts of that needed 5 ft for the bow, as part of the crafting process – and saves the spare 10 ft. i mean, where should that spare cord go anyway...?

March 11, 2020, 12:28:00 PM