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Re: Armor - Maximum Protection Diminishing returns in the way of more armor adding more encumbrance penalty. Sure, you can wear all the armor you can and barely be able to move, but the penalty will make most of your skills - including combat skills - useless.

Generally you'll want to keep your penalties to a minimum, because they directly affect most skills. So only wear heavy armor when you're heading for combat.

As far as I know, each body part's protection is calculated by the items covering it. Wearing a woollen veil or cowl will give the same amount of protection for skull and neck (double if both are worn).

(Linen undergarment actually protects the elbows, forearms, knees and calves in addition to those protected by a linen tunic. The wiki should be correct about this. It's not too long since I checked these.)

Not sure about the quality thing though. It might be that it only affects how durable the armor is, i.e. how many hits it can take before breaking.

May 26, 2017, 10:53:56 PM
Re: Armor - Maximum Protection
Second question, I read somewhere that armor quality doesn't change protection value, is that definitively correct?

I haven't found a single instance of difference of armour between poor and masterwork quality items. Assuming they have the same condition, they will set the total protection for a given body part to the same value. Whether their quality will play role in the combat - I don't know.

May 31, 2017, 07:22:49 PM
Re: Settlement generation created basically nothing Yeah, PALU is right. This is something reported at the old forums, found and fixed already, persists in 3.40.

Code: [Select]
- fixed: "crater" villages ie. village generation failures when the surrounding terrain was of much higher elevation
Fixed - persists in 3.40

June 02, 2017, 11:09:34 AM
Re: Armor - Maximum Protection I think durability loss may cause items to protect you less.  I remember comparing the amount of protection that my armor provided before and after I took cord from it, and found the protection being weaker afterwards in some areas.  I'll have to double-check and get back to you on that though to be sure I'm not imagining it though, or accidentally comparing the wrong armor.
June 04, 2017, 04:44:06 AM
Confirmation before eating unknown items! I would really love to see the game ask for confirmation before I eat that "quaint mushroom" that I've been carrying around to boost my Herblore skill. It asks for confirmation before I try to climb something, and eating unfamiliar herbs or mushrooms is *way* more dangerous!

I managed to survive the Deadly Poisoning this time, but next time I might not be so lucky  :-\

June 05, 2017, 06:49:26 PM
Re: Interacting with Foreign Traders Unless my character is a big bruiser, I bring a cow of burden when fetching goods for trade with traders. I then pull everything off the cow (which takes no time) and stands immobile while trading with the first trader (or several, if they happen to be in range). When done, I drop the inventory on the ground and push it back onto the cow, and then continue on to the next trader.
To keep track of them, I tend to ask them their name only in direct conjunction to trading, or, if I've encountered them while out and return with goods, I talk only to the ones who have interesting goods, so only the ones with names are of trade interest.
In the former scenario, the ones with names have already been "processed".
I agree, however, that it's a pain to keep track of them, in particular in spruce infested forests.

One might think that the traders would flock around you to peddle their wares, though... But, as mentioned, it would require a change to initiate/finish trade, as well as handling the case where the ungrateful customer just runs away in the middle of the session.

June 06, 2017, 10:01:02 PM
Re: Dude, where's my car? look for a file msglog.txt in your character directory. search it from the bottom up for "njerpez" to find the last one you encountered. You'll see a line like this:

(000000):h1hl:[@@]{025E00AC}     | the Njerpez warrior sighs once, then stays laying dead still.

025E means how far east you are from the left of the map. bigger numbers are more east, smaller are less east.
00AC means how far south you are from the north of the map. So this character of mine is in Seal tribe territory, very far north and fairly west.

Go to near where you think it was, doesn't matter if it's exact or not. Then drop something or pick something up or drink something so that it generates a message in the logs, and reopen the file and look at the last line. something like:

(3C5A98):j1hc:[:]{026200A0}      | You drop the branch.

So you horizontally you are at 262  and need to get to 25E so you need to go four squares west.
vertically you are at A0 and you need to get to AC so you need to go 12 squares south.

If you lose count or if you get it confused which one is horizontal and which is vertical (I'm only 80% sure i remembered the order right), just drop another branch and compare with your target.

you can find a calculator online that does hexadecimal with a search engine.

June 09, 2017, 10:28:19 PM
Re: Orja Reemailainen Some of the slower warriors held bows as they chased me.  I knew I would be killed if they could hit me, so I tried to keep other raiders in-between them and me as I ran.  Eventually, I stumbled through a grove and into a field planted with barley and peas.  By this time, only 4 breathless raiders had kept up with me.  I slowed my flight but had to stay far enough away that they wouldn't try to shoot me with their arrows.  I led them right into a Reemi village that rallied to my defense and killed the filthy Njerpez.  Unfortunately, a village sage was killed in the fight, but my revenge was started...

I sorted through the Raider's weapons and gear to find a scimitar and roundshield.  Leaving all their heavy armor, I crept back through the field, grove, and hid in a spruce mire next to the Njerpez camp.  When I saw Kaipia the idiot through the trees, I threw a rock at him and ran back through the forest.  Rather than call the rest of the raiders, Kaipia followed me alone into the forest.  He chased me through the trees and grove until he was breathless.  I then hid and crept until I was behind him and killed him with a blow to the back of the head...

He died loudly and I could hear the rest of the party crashing through the trees to find me.  I hid a short space away when they found his body.  I then followed them through the forest and drew them into another chase.  One-by-one, I wore them down until they were breathless and killed them.  Thankfully, Rautia was the last Njerpez left.  He saw my sword dripping with blood and he tried to run away like the coward he was.  I ran the weakling down and killed him with a slash to the back of his head...

As I ate and recovered from the fight, I gathered their equipment into the cabin that was my home.  As I sorted through their things, I saw my mother's comb and cried bitter tears...

Rautia must have brought the comb with him in his pride.  This comb is my most prized possession and I will always carry it as a talisman as I seek vengeance.  I believe my family's spirits were sending me a message.  I thought killing these demon raiders would ease my pain and satisfy my revenge.  But I was wrong.  I am still hollow with my grief and loss.  I cannot stay in the shell of my family's homestead.  The memories won't let me sleep in peace.  So I have moved into one of the cabins in the nearby village.  I will try to repay them for their sage's sacrifice for me.  Then the Njerpez will pay for all the wrongs they have done to me.  I will eradicate them, root and branch, so no other innocent children are taken into slavery. 

September 07, 2017, 09:24:45 PM
Re: Mik He spends a great deal of time finishing the bear fur, beating and stretching it until he is exhausted, but
the best he can do looks pretty rough. He turns in for the night... at least the fur is very warm to sleep  on.

The next day he skins the arctic fox and actually does a fine job of it... he's optimistic about this potentially very valuable prize.
Mik checks 3 breams he has been drying and finds they are ready to put in the cellar.

While the fox fur is tanning, he looks over his clothing and armor. His lamellar cuirass needs to be repaired, and he has enough lamellar pieces salvaged from Njerpezit enemies to do the job. But his elbow is still bothering him and is a distraction so he will wait for it to feel better.

In the meantime, he makes arrows for practice shooting, even though he seldom makes a nice arrow.

Finally, the finished arctic fox fur is high-quality!

October 21, 2017, 12:13:08 AM
"The Challenge" "The Challenge" is simple:

Survive one winter!


...under rules and terms listed below:

1) Character creation
-Random culture
-Do not re-roll your stats, go with first generated ones
-Improve any skills you like

2) Map generation
-You are lost, do not look where you start, it has to be random. Best you can do is close your eyes and press "r" for random starting location and then "e" for start.

3) Scenario and game course
-Hurt, helpless, and afraid (and naked, explained later)
-The UnReal World

4) Start
-As I said, you are naked, take all clothes off ("T" then "+" then press space)
-You have nothing with you, drop all items on ground ("d" then "+" then press space)
-Destroy all ("D" and keep confirming discard with Enter button until all is gone)
-Yes, you are naked and have nothing apart of will to survive (and few wounds to heal)

5) Rules
-Do not zoom out with Enter, do not even peek, you are lost, remember? Travel only on zoomed in map
-Do not use big map "F6"
-You can peek on a peak (you can use Enter to take a look around only when standing on top of the mountain but you cannot walk on zoomed out map), you can ignore this rule, but personally I think it's fair to take a look from top of mountain.
-If you get to village by any luck, you can start to travel on zoomed out map
-Survive whole winter
-Have fun!

"The Challenge" is doable, I've done well few times but died of my stupidity in half way through like:
-chased big game and get drown under broken ice
-frozen to death as were not enough lucky to get fire started, should have think about fire earlier
-attacked sleeping Njerpez and get killed - what a nightmare!! ;)

Now I've got new char but it's carving for water and I cannot fine any.
I could give you few tips but I don't want to spoil your experience.

Please post below your stories if you ever dare to try "The Challenge".

- do not use mods, you can have them, just don't use them during first winter.

(also edited point4.2 to clearly state that you start with nothing at all)

November 02, 2017, 12:40:47 PM