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Re: No f*cking way i would play.

There's so little details in your post that it's impossible to say anything. Screenshots showing the actual situation, and penalties, and distance would help to analyze.
(And they're not buckler though, but roundshields.)
Sorry, this time i didn't make a backup.

But before death i tried to cheat all skills=100 and dexterity at 18, then 36 and then 80. And didn''t evade enemy arrows.
Something strange?

Evade from what distance, with what penalties, how many battle rounds were inspected, what were the game messages?
No, with this little details I can't say if there's anything strange there. Except that putting dexterity (or any attribute) above it's natural level may have game math go wonky with unimaginable results.

People often mistakenly think that in UnReal World 100% skill level and 18 attribute level means success everytime within every deed you may try.
This isn't the case. An ultimate never failing warrior kind of thinking isn't our cup of tea.

I'm happy to investigate many cases like this in more detail IF the details are given. Savegame is often enough, as there are the logs and the situation to be seen.

May 07, 2019, 10:37:26 AM