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Re: Greetings! Sami's old flint and steel video still somewhere? It's so nice to read testimonies like this one. ;) For me it's very rewarding to hear about the game actually leading people outdoors, exploring and trying things.
That's our ultimate development goal. Thanks for posting.

I guess I have the firemaking video still on CD-ROM somewhere. We could think about putting it available at Enormous Elk YouTube. I'll try to remember to browse the archives at some point.

June 16, 2021, 03:55:13 PM
Re: Can it be done? YES IT CAN!!! so i did some googling on computer games on cromebook turns out new cromebooks come loaded with linux just had to turn it on and download linux 64 version from enormous elk.
June 30, 2021, 05:09:08 AM
3.70 beta-3 released on Steam, and for lifetimers 3.70 beta-3 update to fix a few bugs has been released for Windows, Linux and OSX on Steam, Itch.Io and for lifetimers at the designated forum section.

On Windows version the listed bugs have been remedied already, but now all the supported platforms are in sync.
With this patch there should be no critical beta bugs anymore, and polishing the lesser annoyances continues.


Version: 3.70 (beta 3)

** Saved characters from version 3.50-> are compatible with this version. **


This is a beta release. There are likely bugs, things are still somewhat under construction, and some of the listed improvements will be tweaked and polished further in patches to follow.

- fixed: weather for migrated characters getting corrupted

Migrated characters now experience reset of the weather upon loading them in 3.70 beta3. So the weather of migrated characters isn't exactly same as when they were saved, but as the reset is based on time of the year the change is most often quite unnoticeable.

- fixed: laggy movement on some map areas

This was related to how seeing through saplings was handled, and on some occasions data checks endedup in slow loop.

- fixed: domestic animals triggering your traps

- fixed: small weight units (g, oz) shown in carried load statistics together with false basic unit (kg, lb)

Now carried load is shown in basic units - either kg or lbs.

- fixed: character creation modes "easy" and "too easy" unexpectedly quit due to option points miscalculations

- typo: "kgs" abbreviation used in metric system units.

It's now always singular "kg", as it should be.



July 13, 2021, 10:25:46 PM