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Traditional Roguelikes Bundle and Daily Deal on Steam For a short period of time a pathway has opened to get into the realms of certain traditional roguelikes for discounted price. Steam offers Awesome Traditional Roguelikes bundle - with UnReal World naturally included - until 13th of August. We, and all the games included, also offer individual Daily Deals so you can decide whether you wish to pick a good fistful roguelikes, or just a selected one.

You can take a look at the bundle here:

And UnReal World store page is here:

August 11, 2020, 07:33:17 PM
[Short story] Faster. Eikka the Vagabond hunter, a hermit I encountered earlier in the wilderness, a trustworthy bear-hunting companion of mine.
Died. Not far outside the village we decided to make a temporarily stop.
I ran, blood was still scattered on ground. Then became a trail too long that lead to his still warm corpse.
Throat got torn wide open, eyes staring forward, hands won't let go his handaxe. 
I wish I could run faster.

August 22, 2020, 03:57:18 AM
Re: [Short story] Faster. Oskari the child, curiously ask why I made the big deadfall trap. "To outsmart, not outrun" I said.
Screams, swears and growls exploded behind me, from the center of the village, all of sudden.
I ran, unleashed my hounds, hands on my bow and arrows. Only to find it is too far, no windows to shoot.
Men and women were slaughtered by the beasts, boys and dogs tried hard to save them, only to be overran. 
In split of seconds, chaos became silent bloodshed.

I wish I could run faster.

August 22, 2020, 03:57:43 AM
Never have I seen so much ? A wounded adventurer barely managed to crawl into town. I wandered into town shortly thereafter. One of the town shamans, Eidar, I think it was, said the adventurer needed help. Of course that was irresistable bait for my curiousity. The poor soul, was out gathering fire wood in the morning when he startled a bear, his limb looked like roughly ground meat. And all he wanted now was the northern spear handed down to him from father to son for generations. He said it was in a coniferous forest bordering a large body of water. And, he marked my map - over there somewhere. What could be easier? And, I could use bear meat to try smoking, now that I had built a fireplace in a cave and walled off the area with a door.

The whole north side of this large lake was "coniferous forest"! I looked but found no bear tracks. Then, I found bloodscape! At least I was in the right area. Hopefully. But, where was his camp? I found more bloodscape to the east. But, no camp. Then, finally, I found his camp... and his spear... and two roasted grouse breast and a wooden mug? That's all?! Well, I was not doing this for the other items left behind at his camp. Honestly, I wasn't! Who needs a masterwork longbow anyways?!! Certainly not this Owl tribe master archer.

So, I returned his heirloom northern spear to him. And he told me of a treasure buried in a cave in the far south-west Owl-tribe lands, even further away than his spear had been. Narutrally. I'd heard from others about tales of treasures like these: rarely something YOU would want, like a huge masterwork battleaxe and masterwork shield, only you are an archer. Yes, I'd heard about treasures like these before. But, I could go, look, take the items to someone / everyone, else and trade whatever I found for jewelry and arctic fox furs - portable wealth. OK, that would keep me busy, really busy, for a long time... I checked to see I still had a wooden shovel I made a while back: yes. So, off I went.

I looked for the cave in the area he marked on my map.. And practically fell in a cave while I was looking the other way! I went back out to get some branches to make a fire and make a torch. How would I find this "buried treaure" in a cave? Was this even the same cave that adventurer was reffering too? There was something over there, looked like an oddly colored ant nest, This treasure was not even buried! It was just a pile against the wall of the cave.

I need a travois! I need a sled.. pulled by solar=powered dogs!!

How far away are Driik and Reemi from here? Why oh why do the two biggest malls have to be at opposite ends of the earth?

September 14, 2020, 01:24:21 AM
Re: Bushcraft youtubers Amazing videos by koteko and Brygun. Let me add some aspects:

Fresh water

As I see there was enough rain. If not, in this vidoe the person knows what to do to get fresh water:

Also very interesting is, that small wounds can turn into something, what would have been dangerous without a modern medical kit.
Also in another report I saw - it was an expedition of some scientists in the Amazonas related region, when they got infections unde the toe nails walking uncovered.
Related to the game some little birch bark shoes can have a function. We also see that a pot does not necessarily need to be from iron.

Birch tar

Something else:

This was used to build stone weapons but also later i.e. to mount the arrowhead to the shaft.

War archery

This video of Lars Andersen shows what war archery looked like and how fast it could be used:

September 14, 2020, 11:23:11 PM
Disengage command & Shouting function for human companion I know currently companion already have several functions, but what I would like to suggest is adding some commands that distinguish them as intellectual human beings from simple-minded hunting hounds.

One of the commands I want to suggest is to ask companion to disengage from enemies. Dogs, although no disengage command available, leash can make them at least stick around you and even stop them from being aggressive by unleash & leash them spontaneously. However human companions cannot be leashed (of course) and more importantly, cannot communicate during the fight, which doesn’t really make senses to me. I already have two companions died from stupidly charge to large pack of beasts without my command/ help and that’s frustrating. Their deaths are really unnecessary if we could just retreat from those animals since most of them are not willing to fight us to death and will flee if injured.

One more thing about the command to companion is the shouting function. We can command dogs out of our sight but can’t command human companions out of sight? This really make no senses to me and I really hope this function get added into game soon.

September 15, 2020, 05:01:37 AM
Swedish archaeologists uncover remains of 8,400-year-old dog "The remains of a dog dating back several millennia have been uncovered at a pre-Viking era burial site in Sweden, making it the oldest such find in the country.

The dog was discovered at an Iron Age burial site in Blekinge, southern Sweden, along with what archaeologists believe are grave goods – valuable or sentimental possessions buried with the dead.

"This is the oldest burial find of a dog in the country. The dog is well-preserved, and the fact that it lies buried in the middle of a stone age building is unique," said osteologist Ola Magnell."

September 24, 2020, 03:37:23 AM
Re: Why I carry a rock in real life I cheat. I carry a knife. Usually a small folding knife (3” or 7-8cm blade)
Sometimes just a tiny 1.5-2” 3.5-5cm folding knife.
Other times it’s a small fixed blade knife and other times medium sized knife (4” 10cm blade)

And for backwoods camping and large game hunting, I also carry an axe.

October 10, 2020, 04:56:20 PM
The first snow and back from holidays Hey, it's been a good two months without a word here at dev. news section, so it's about time to break the silence,  although you may have spotted my slowly increasing presence at the forums bugs section already.
We had the first snow few days ago, so the summer season is evidently ceasing.
See, I went on summer holidays quite late this year, in august, and thought "it's likely autumn, or early winter, before I get back to development chambers again."
Looks like that the time is at hand now.
Hunting bugs has always been a good way to get oriented back into coding, and I guess focus on that will continue for a good while. But yeah, the endless to-do lists also awaiting for us. So let's continue from here, and see where we get by the end of the year.

October 23, 2020, 09:16:19 AM
Re: Why I carry a rock in real life I used to carry rocks for self-defense as a kid and started bushcraft with knapping rocks. I would like to see how you start a fire with 2 rocks though.
October 23, 2020, 11:24:48 AM