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Villager exploit fixes Some suggestions after finding a couple of quite nasty exploits involving villagers:

  • Villagers should be able to put out fires. It is possible now to trap a whole fortified village by setting a fire on the entrance tile and shooting the villagers down one by one through the fire. I've also been able to burn down village houses without the villagers doing anything but shout at me. (It would also be neat if the player could put out fires, but I'd say villagers being able to do so is more important balance-wise at the moment.)
  • Villagers should react to violence even if it doesn't involve the (current) village members. After hiring someone from the village you are able to kill them instantly in the village right in front of the villagers. This contradicts a bit with the villagers not letting you hire them before the first companion has returned.

March 08, 2023, 01:07:26 PM
Re: Version 3.80 released
When arrows break we get broken arrows.

It seems it would be good to have the different head types such as "broken broadhead arrow" to facilitate recovering the high quality ones and not have the low quality ones bumped up to average.

I'd make it so that if the arrow breaks the head might remain useful and recoverable, so we would get arrowhead + broken arrow shaft. The shafts are unsable anyway if they are broken, and can be basically used only as firewood.

June 01, 2023, 08:26:25 PM