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Traditional Roguelikes Bundle and Daily Deal on Steam For a short period of time a pathway has opened to get into the realms of certain traditional roguelikes for discounted price. Steam offers Awesome Traditional Roguelikes bundle - with UnReal World naturally included - until 13th of August. We, and all the games included, also offer individual Daily Deals so you can decide whether you wish to pick a good fistful roguelikes, or just a selected one.

You can take a look at the bundle here:

And UnReal World store page is here:

August 11, 2020, 07:33:17 PM
Seasonal sales and Kekri customs Harvest festival sales are on at Steam and -- and in the Far North we do celbrate Kekri.
So let the new adventurers be respected with the discount, and the ancestral spirits with our special Kekri costumes and customs...

During this festivity period you can grab the game for decent discount on Steam, or from

It's Kekri, not halloween, in the Far North.

Kekri is an ancient Finnish harvest festival celebrated in the fall when the annual agricultural activities were all accomplished and the harvest collected. Kekri meant the end of the crop year, which was a big turning point. It was the time when the souls and spirits of the dead wandered around and visited the living. The ancestors were respected and welcomed. Sauna was heated up for them, and meal prepared too. The living celebrated accordingly, and so do we.

Kekri Goat

Kekri time included tradition of Kekripukki (Kekri goat) figure. People would dress up as horned creatures, wearing furs or coats upside down, and went around in their disguises and were offered food and drink.
So, what does a decent developer of tradition rich game do to follow the tradition?
Yes. He dresses up as Kekripukki.

We wish you happy and haunting Kekri time, or Halloween - if that suits you better.
Celebrate and participate!

October 30, 2020, 11:53:03 AM
Configurable system of measurement with more precision The game currently uses imperial units - pound, feet etc. Or more precisely mostly imperial units as there are few confusing metric system units (meters, kilometers) in the mix. We'll be sorting it all up now and will allow system of measurement to be chosen from two configuration options - metric or imperial. In addition you can also configure the precision of units displayed eg. how many decimals fractions to use. Two decimal fractions will probably be the maximum, for the sake of sanity and readability.
We'll probably also add some smaller units eg. grams and ounces, which aren't currently seen at all. So all in all it's gonna be less rounding with numbers and more precise measurements displayed - if you prefer precision. I'd also like to add option for quite vague unit display which emphasize more on common sense, roleplaying and old finnish units - but might be that it's gonna be a future addition somewhere along the way. After the global unit display in the game is reworked it will be quite easy to add new systems of measurements anyway.

These are future additions - not yet functional in current version 3.63.

December 05, 2020, 12:57:26 PM
Re: Lots of angling improvements on their way

Fishing is OP, and you didn't mention making it harder to survive on it.

Not to wh... I mean worry all that much. Rod fishing becomes more challenging as the type of fish caught becomes more dependant on the bait used. For example catching big predatory fish with empty hooks will be practically impossible. Aaand for more elaborate fishing worries the suggestions section is open.

I'm not even sure what word you tried to use. Anyway, you have a roadmap, don't you? Can't one be diappointed in reworking a mechanic when the roadmap isn't finished?

Yes, we've got the list of dev.plans, although it's constantly under construction and barely suits as a roadmap that leads to a finished game as this is more of a constantly evolving sort of a project. And there's not much about fishing related stuff on that dev.plans list anyway.
One can be naturally disappointed for ever so many reasons. Just wanted give you hope that fishing actually becomes a little harder with these additions.

January 28, 2021, 10:47:34 PM
Re: Widescreen Resolution increase and reworking the outlook to some needs to be taken care at some point in the future.
It's a big thing and needs to be planned carefully and will likely start new era of the game... UnReal World IV or something ;)
This has been talked and suggested many times, with many different viewpoint to what's preferred by each individual.
Resolution increase has been on my mind for many years already but taking the actual step needs to be considered carefully
as it's going to take a lot of time and effort and stop the usual rolling releases for quite a long period of time.

March 08, 2021, 04:52:41 PM
...and snow penalties for all Back at snow code. A good while ago we added the snow crust to weatherengine. Its' working game mechanics in character's life are still pending to be added, and so are the skiing NPCs. Both are coming up, but before that these improvements were first in line.

 - improved: moving in the snow mobility and fatigue penalties

        Previously there was one overall reduction to character's mobility when moving in the snow without skis, but now the actual snow depth affects to how much the mobility is actually reduced. The same goes for fatigue as it now accumulates slower or faster depending on the snow depth. Shortly, the deeper the snow the harder and slower it is to trudge through it without skis.
 - added: snow penalties for animals and NPCs

        NPCs and animals now suffer from the snow penalties similarly to player character. All the snow penalty mechanics now work the same for player character, other human beings and animals.
        The actual snow depth that starts to hinder the animals is naturally relative to their size. A human knee deep snow is a little extra strain for an adult elk, but for example a wild boar or dog would suffer from it more significantly. The new snow depth mechanics bring in many new factors to animal movement and hunting scenarios. For example, it now becomes actually possible to practice traditional hunting tactics to more easily chase elks on skis during the deep snow period.
        It should be noted that there also several animals that are adapted to moving in the snow without much difficulties at all. There are for example hare, lynx, glutton, weasel, ermine, squirrel and so on. For animals like these the snow penalties appear far lesser, and they have their species specific snow movement adjustments in action.

These are future additions - not yet functional in current version 3.63.

May 21, 2021, 02:19:58 PM
Raiders of the lost ark Attacked a Njerpez village and killed one of their guys. Took the body and the spoils across the lake. This is what I found when I came back. Reminded me of the Raiders of the lost ark scene. Beautiful, just beautiful...

July 08, 2021, 10:26:48 PM